Flower of Evil Reveals Big Bad But Gives OTP Plenty of Tears and Lovin’ in Episode 11 with Ratings of 3.884%

This week there is only 1 episode of tvN drama Flower of Evil and by the drama gods was it a dooooooozy of a ride. So much happened and I was tensed up through nearly the entire hour, at least until Hyun Soo and Ji Won realized their love for each other is going to get them to confront all the bad stuff around them head on rather than running away from it. It was magically heady melodrama perfection, even the kiss after they take turns beating up the baddie to save each other. Of course they have time for a quick muah, right! The big reveal of the accomplice was teased and pretty easy to guess if you’ve watched plenty of dramas before, but it was still shocking and I was so worried my Lee Jun Ki would be playing a serial killer and now that’s not the case but then my Kim Ji Hoon is actually playing a serial killer! Ottoke? Nothing else to do but to sit back and keep watching this perfection.


Flower of Evil Reveals Big Bad But Gives OTP Plenty of Tears and Lovin’ in Episode 11 with Ratings of 3.884% — 25 Comments

  1. What? 8.884%, much like 3.884%. Must be a typo.

    8% on Wed/Thu very late night timeslot in Summer time? Free air tv stations struggle even to get 3% for dramas that are broadcasting on decent timeslot. ?

    • Having said that, FOE is the most engaging drama so far. It’s well-written and directed and the chemistry of the leads are amazing.

      Competition on Wed/Thur must be tough because as the other dramas airing on these schedules are good too, at least to my liking.

  2. I love the OTP and female lead is one of the best I have seen in drama land. This is a woman who stands by her man, no ifs no buts! The world may have done him an injustice and treated him with prejudice but he’s got one good hand that matters – his kickass wife and her love!!

  3. Love it, love it, …i can’t wait for next episode ! The best performance of Moon Chae Won , Lee Jung Ki , i love all his performances since i saw him in ” My girl” 2005 . Kim Ji hoon is perfect …no need to mention the others actors. What more can i ask for ? More of Kim Ji hoon in future projects ! Thanks god they put 2 veteran actors to play this wonderful couple . Thanks drama god !!!

    • Flower evil is good and very exciting drama from episode 1 until at present episode, I’m very hook with all the scenes. All actors are really great in their portraying their characters especially the lead actors their acting are so amazing, superb especially in episodes 11, Moon Chae Won and Lee Jun Ki they made me cry. Really Lee Jun Ki is a great and good actor, he’s one of my favourite Korean actors. Good luck and congratulations to casts of Flower Evil.

    • Speaking Kim Ji Hoon, I like him since Stars Falling From the Sky but seemed like he’s been away for too long. Other than cameo appearances, it’s been awhile since I saw him leading a primetime drama.

    • I really hope the writers won’t put all the blame to his character. That would be abit cheapening that’s already a good drama. And too easy way out.. The writers has been well balance so far for creating flawed character. hopefully, the writers make his arc as engaging as Hyun SOo.

  4. Love love love FOE especially EP11.. well, each EP gets better and better! I feel like there is no scene that drags or is senselessly long. I like that conflicts between the OTP are resolved within an episode and the drama does not kill their audience by making them wait another episode on this specific topic lol. Love how the relationship of the OTP is written, executed/directed/acted, such great acting from the leads. This drama is shaping up to be one of my faves, hopefully, the remaining episodes will just keep getting better. So happy for the lead actor/actress for choosing this project!

  5. The best drama I’ve seen since 2013. After 2013,I don’t feel like watching Korean dramas anymore. I just badly miss the old Korean style of dramas. I tried to watch many popular dramas for the past years but I easily get bored. I mean yeah, many good dramas had come out too but old dramas gives you different kind of feeling. This time it was different. Flower of evil let you experience both the charm of old and modern Korean dramas.

    No dull or boring moments. Every episode just get better and better. I get nervous, thrilled, laughed and cried with the characters. No actor/s were weak especially our leads. It just so amazing to see Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won together on screen. The acting, visuals and chemistry were topnotch. It’s like the best gift in kdrama land right now. Hands down the best drama I’ve watched in years. Also hands down to Cha Jiwon, one the best female lead character I’ve ever seen so far.

    • SAME!I thought it was the doctor, but I’m guessing since the sister was 18 when the dad died I’m guessing the son could have been like 20 or early twenties

  6. The most well-paced drama I’ve seen in 2020. No filler with well-rounded characters from the two leads to the reporter, sister etc. Also one of the best-written female characters I’ve seen in a long while.

  7. This is what happened when Innocent Man meet Two weeks… hehhee I really like the way writers explore CHa Ji Won, Something that I want in Seo Eun Gi In Innocent Man. Seriously well explored of the way someone like her went through in meeting someone who has dark past as Hyun Soo.

    • That is EXACTLY what I said (to myself)!
      All the excitement plus the tears and emotion.
      MCW is soo good in this. I feel like LJK is on another level that he hasn’t reached yet previously.

  8. I like this drama.. the cast is perfect for their role. Leejoon ki is a very good actor and have a very good chemistry with the woman lead.

  9. Episode 11 was amazing!!! The love story as well as the thriller and action parts. I read a comment that I agreed wholeheartedly with: typically romantic dramas like to take two unknown people and make them fall in love. Very rarely do we get an already married couple who are in love, and happily married; and make them choose to stay together despite all forces trying to pull them apart. That’s love right there and one of the reasons why I feel the emotional impact of the drama so much. LJK and MCW really slayed it in episode 11. I’m hooked!

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