Jang Ki Yong, Hyeri, and Kang Hana Sign Up for Gumiho Romance K-drama Falling Cohabitation

Looks like the gumiho is back in the spotlight for the current drama cycle. Another gumiho themed K-drama has finished casting and will be on deck in early 2021 hopefully. Falling Cohabitation (Terrifying Cohabitation) is adapted from the same name webtoon and talks about a girl who swallows a male gumiho’s magical orb and they have to live together. Jang Ki Yong and Hyeri will play the leads with Kang Hana as the second female lead who is also a female gumiho. I’m not sure if this drama will work with acting or chemistry but Jang Ki Yong really needs a hit lol and I’m so rooting for him.


Jang Ki Yong, Hyeri, and Kang Hana Sign Up for Gumiho Romance K-drama Falling Cohabitation — 16 Comments

  1. Oh dear…Hyeri – why does she still get cast? Smh.. She’s lovely In varieties but she cannot act. I hope she’s been taking lessons.

  2. So, great, let’s take a good young actor and AGAIN saddle him with one of the worst actresses in the biz. Ugh. When will he catch another break? At least he had WWW and Kill It.

    • To be fair HE was average in both those dramas. Frankly he’s not been the best actor lately and his female leads aren’t to blame.

  3. Having ZERO interest in Reply 1988, the only Drama I’ve seen Hyeri in was the aptly named Miss Lee, and, imo, she didn’t suck in it. I avoid all fantasy/supernatural stories, so this Drama’s already a hard pass, but I’m going to keep n eye out and see if Miss Lee can find another Drama that suits her the way “Miss Lee” seemed to.

  4. Poor guy!
    Jang Ki Young is very unfortunate when it comes to his leading lady.
    Look like his next project is no better.
    Maybe his luck will change after he has done his military service.

  5. Kang Hana deserves first lead role now. She’s good. Hyeri is still bad at acting…

    I don’t really trust Jang Ki Yong’s choices of dramas… WWW was good but thanks to the female characters, his was boring, Kill It and Born Again were bad, Come and Hug Me was good but the brother had the best arc.

  6. I agree with you, he is somewhat the same with JCW in his drama choices, just one bad drama after another.
    Though he is probably getting worse luck cause on top of bad dramas choices, he is saddled with bad leading ladies (except in WWW, go back couple and my mistet)

  7. I have nothing against Hyeri but until now she didn’t show any skills of acting ! She’s good at another things but not in dramas . Some idols or rookie actors have already acting in their skin when they debut but it’s not the case for everyone . Good looks, popularity are not enough anymore . I’m more angry against producers who still continue to give roles to people who can’t act.

  8. What I dont understand is, why is Kang Hana playing second lead to girls like Suzy(Start Up) and Hyeri?. I would rather she be in an acting ensemble with A-list actors who are not overly popular than this

  9. WHEN will Kang Hanna finally catch a break?! Seeing her as a second lead to two of the most mediocre idol actresses is giving me a migraine. She’s has the visual and acting chops of a main lead role.

    • Also, Jang Ki Yong has been disappointing lately. A couple years back, I would have named him as one of if not the biggest up-and-coming rookie actor in terms of acting potential. However, his performance in his last few works have been so average.. and I’m being generous haha.

      This drama is a hard pass for me.

  10. I suspect this actor isn’t necessarily getting a lot of A-lister scripts so all the criticism of him picking bad scripts could just be him taking what is offered because he’s got bills to pay. I think this kind of happened to Ji Soo (from Angry Mom if I have the guys name right) who got some buzz and then it’s been kind of meh. Sometimes you just need that luck to strike again.

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