Queen of Makjang Screenwriter Im Sung Han of New Tales of Gisaeng and Princess Aurora Returns 2021 to TV Chosun Drama with Male Lead Sung Hoon

Dang, I thought she retired or something but nope, guess she was just taking a break before staging a high profile comeback. Queen of super makjang K-dramas Im Sung Han will be returning to dramaland in early 2021 with a new format work. It will be a seasonal TV Chosun drama split into two 12-episode seasons, think US show style. Of course everyone is already assuming it will be makjang on top of more makjang as Im Sung Han wrote such wild gems as Princess Aurora, New Tales of the Gisaeng, Miss Mermaid, and Apgujeong Midnight Sun. The male lead is already confirmed as Sung Hoon so this will be a reunion since he was the Gisaeng male lead and actually shot to stardom because of that role and drama.


Queen of Makjang Screenwriter Im Sung Han of New Tales of Gisaeng and Princess Aurora Returns 2021 to TV Chosun Drama with Male Lead Sung Hoon — 9 Comments

  1. Lmaoooo my poor baby LSH probably felt obligated since she gave him a breakthrough. Hopefully she the female lead is a new face or the second female lead from new tales of gisaeng.
    Also hoping this time she spares us her niece from the drama.

  2. Color me surprised! I am genuinely baffled she has another chance after the train wreck Aurora, but maybe there’s no such thing such as bad publicity. I certainly hope Sung Hoon won’t be killed. Two 12 episode seasons don’t sound that bad.. maybe.

    @Lolol: good memory on her niece, I’ve almost forgotten about her.

  3. Woah she is coming back. For real? I remember she strongly with vivid colors swore writing dramas off her life, and she stated that she will be retiring for good. I guess forever in entertainment time is around 5 years.

    I mean, she did pen some makjang craziness that was addicting. i stil looovve and rewatch New Tales of a Gisaeng. Also love miss mermaid. But she really did go batshit crazy toward the ebd of her drama as well as her personal life. Wonder how crazy this will get, but if its only 24 episode total drama, I dont think she can go THAT crazy. Unless she saved up all her crazy narrative plots during her retirement years and will drop it like nuclear makjang bomb in this new drama.

  4. My main recall of New Tales of the Gisaeng was the little dog that had a name that I thought was hilarious. Now it is gonna drive me nuts.

    • @Kat I think that the name of the dog was André ? That President was so crazy about his dog ha ha
      I really like New Tales of Gisaeng (even though the last 10 episodes with the ghost were too much), I’ve watched it at least 3 times.

  5. The fact that none of the drama titles sound familiar to me means that I probably wouldn’t keep keeping this new one on my radar….

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