Flower of Evil Blooms to 5.715% Ratings in Final Episode 16 With Satisfying Conclusion

I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth and quibble about the little things that were less than perfect about tvN Wed-Thurs drama Flower of Evil, because this flower was as beautiful and fragrant to behold and getting up and personal to look for imperfection defeats the central theme. The final episode hit a new ratings high of 5.715% as the loose ends are all tied up with a satisfactory bow. It probably would have been more emotionally meaningful had this drama not encounter a COVID filming pause and had to air only one episode during a week, leaving last week’s pulse pounding cliff showdown at the end of 15 for a whole week before we saw the aftermath in 16. Hyun Soo got to live as himself and relive his whole journey to Ji Won through his own returning memory and others view of them, and Ji Won took the backseat to wait for her man to return and wish that he would be happy no matter what. Thank goodness little Eun Ha wasn’t left the child of a single parent and got her perfect parents back, this episode was the good triumph over evil (dark and banal types) catharsis I needed.


Flower of Evil Blooms to 5.715% Ratings in Final Episode 16 With Satisfying Conclusion — 15 Comments

  1. This drama is amazing..I was a little late to the party but ended up binge-watching so many episodes..
    The acting, storyline, directing was so so good..
    As of now , it is the best drama from the second half of 2020 for me .
    Lee Jun ki..My first time watching him in a drama..He was amazingggggg…
    Omg..I literally cried when he was in pain..Even his sweet moments with Eun ha would bring me to tears..
    He was so good in in his portrayal of a person incapable of having empathy..
    They really gave a strong message especially related to people having ASPD.

    I can already smell a Baeksang nomination for Lee Jun ki.. Can’t say that he will definitely win cause many dramas are there to air before Baeksang 2021.
    I will try to check out his other dramas as wekk…Moon Chae Won also played her role so well. And I was impressed…I will miss Eun Ha and her egg tart..
    God if only the slot timings were different it could have pulled in higher ratings.. But still the rise in its ratings is phenomenal…

    • You should watch all of his movies before. I follow him for 10 years… most of his movies are very dramatic and requires lots of acting skills. Some good one: legend of ultimate, the time between dog and wolf, etc. You will love those 🙂

    • Emotions… Well done dear actors… U guys touched the soul.. The male and female lead were awesome… The acting was superb.. The storyline was great. Lots of love ❤

  2. ENCORE! I’m seriously going to struggle with major withdrawals.
    It almost feels as if these are fictional characters that live in physical form somewhere across the globe…thank you to the writer for the riveting script, the production for doing their due diligence in acquiring the right cast members for the roles. As for the main leads…JOON KI your best work to date, you’ve truly reached the summit as an actor,I cannot wait for what the future has installed for you. Moon chae wonnie…you have played possibly the best & most balanced female korean lead to date. Ji won, is everything I want and hope to see as a solid characterization of a female lead. There are no losers in this production; the supporting cast (incl. Villians) should be proud of themselves

  3. LOVED this drama! At first I wasn’t interested when I saw the posters and trailers, but when during a lull in my schedule, I decided to check it out, I was pleasantly surprised that it is awesomely written, directed and acted. Got hooked and had to catch up since at that point, there were already 4 episodes. LJK and MCW had the best chemistry as a couple. Both leads’ acting was also spot on. LJK and MCW were consistently great in all their scenes. So happy for them for having this body of work that they can be truly proud of. Definitely one of my all-time favorites.

  4. I think the writer decided to experiment with this ending. Acceptable to me though could have been more refined. I like some back story that he experienced PTSD and therefore those memories are there but they are blocked by trauma. Actually I do think he already had the memories but the emotions are lacking as he doesn’t trust himself due to the trauma. That said I’m still happy with it. I rather like this than a tragic one (because it’s entirely possible to go that angle) or a simple straightforward happy one. Overall still an A for the series, could have been A+ if the finale was stronger but not much Impact on how much I enjoyed watching it.

  5. I envy those who havent watched the show yet but wish to watch depending on reviews. They willget the joy of binge watching it.I can imagine the thrill and emotional coaster ride of watching all the episodes in one go as a fresh vier. Talking about the production, Flower of Evil bloomed and blossomed so beautifully. The uptick in ratings speak for itself. It really relied on the quality of its script, cast, director and a few choice songs(no lavish OST). Plus the power of word of mouth especially for internationalaudience with no netflix. It aired so late at 11pm on midweek. Most people aged 20-45 (tvN audience target audience) would not stay up at that time during the weekday.They have school, business, jobs and families to tend to. They also did reruns in Korea so people caught up later.

    Dramas that had higher ratings and bizz which aired at 11pm like sky castle and world of the married aired on weekends.So this is no small achievement.I bet you if this show aired on Sat/Sun or Fri/Sat.It would have been in the 6% – 7% range. We can say it has been a success because it resonated with both domestic and international viewers

  6. As for the team, The writer is probably the biggest star of this production.Her dtoryline was carefully planned. The script was excellent (albeit some small loopholes but not so glaring that it disturb your enjoyment of the drama). The mystery was not dragging. The romance was just as solid from start to finish. The cliffhangers and plot twists were well placed. The director and editor were good too. There was good balance between the romance and suspence/thriller scenes. It flowed almost seamlessly.The cinematography and locations were not spectacular but I liked their colour palettes when they seitch from romance to thriller. As for the acting, I am happy to sat this drama was an acting master class. From the child actors, to the main leads to the supporting cast to the villains.No acting flaw anywhere.I think wnough has been said about LJK & MCW’s chemistry. It was great.

    So if you would like to watch a quality mature meloromance that grips your heart and a thriller that engages your brain.This is the drama for you.

  7. The best work of Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won to date . Lee Jun KI gives always a good performance but i was amazed by the acting of Moon Chae Won, until now she never impressed me much but she made such a great work with her role . The all cast of this drama is one of the best of 2020 with Hospital ship and Stove league . Congrats !

  8. Amazing Drama! However, i wish they didn’t make him lose his memories…I didn’t like that…i wanted him to get rewarded for what he did, kill evil Baek! Now he has to try and remember all that shit? yeah…I just wanted him to remember all of it and feel free because in some ways now, the ending made him have to relive this horrible experience again when he gets his memories back…otherwise, solid drama!

  9. Overall, a solid drama. Only complaint is…wish they didn’t go with the amnesia route. I wanted him to remember everything…to feel proud of what he did and clear his name with some good words because he deserved it. Now he has to get his memories back and relive the horror of evil Baek. I think it was a bit cliche they chose the amnesia route.

  10. I seriously love this drama. This was perfect! The cast, the plot, the acting. It was indeed a flower that bloomed so beautifully til the end. No boring episodes.

  11. Love this drama too, he is a great actor..I know him for the first in flower of evil..and then I watched moon lovers ..his acting in drama so great ..he can interpret hiss kill how to be a bad guy or good guy..❤️

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