Record of Youth Episode 6 Ratings Dip to 6.995% as Hye Joon’s Acting Dreams Get Dose of Reality While Romance Dreams Take Step Forward

The good news for Park Bo Gum in Record of Youth is that he’s no longer the only actor hard carrying this drama, his noona Shin Dong Mi who plays his agent just destroyed her scenes in this episode and validated all the earlier inklings that she’s really nailing her role. Too bad this drama isn’t a noona-dongsaeng/agent-actor romance because Park Bo Gum has so much more chemistry with her than with Park So Dam, and it’s not romantic chemistry but just an onscreen sympatico with Shin Dong Mi when they act but with Park So Dam it’s like…..blank screen trying so hard to convince me there is a hidden image there. Park Bo Gum can only do so much one-handed carrying and his two other leads are just not hacking it 6-episodes in, Byun Woo Seok is so flat as the second male lead he needs to be demoted for more acting lessons in the future, and scenes with him and Park So Dam are so lacking in intangible connection I can replace them with mannequins. With that said, RoY continues to deliver a mildly interesting upstairs/downstairs class look at rich v. poor Seoulites dealing with same issues but it doesn’t feel enriched when the central focus just lacks any oomph.

I find the cinematography very lovely in RoY and don’t have any problems with a slower pace and slow burn sweet romance. The problem is the leads have no romantic chemistry whatsoever, it’s like watching two classmates awkwardly try to date. For slow burn sweet romance Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo just hit it out of the park in Encounter (Boyfriend) and that drama also did a long deep look at the divide between the uber rich and the common poor. I mention Encounter because those same type of scenes with the leads in RoY just walking, talking, doing something artistic, or the scene of Park Bo Gum ugly crying in that truck, that’s exactly the same pace and set up so it’s hard not to remember back to how much more emotionally rich Encounter was thanks to the leads really connecting onscreen.


Record of Youth Episode 6 Ratings Dip to 6.995% as Hye Joon’s Acting Dreams Get Dose of Reality While Romance Dreams Take Step Forward — 57 Comments

  1. Im not sign for this drama for love triangle, especially if some of their acting is so flat and no chemistry. Park bogum star power got waste in this drama. PSD and BWS got an easy ride from him. Next time I hope PBG can act with dependable co-star or someone who can carry the drama with him. Im not suprised the rating is drop. There’s like 3 drama air at the same time, its normal if the viewers move to other drama. I will back watch this drama if the rating up again.

    Btw Im so disappoint with the Oscar girl. How could she cant nailed a simple character like ahn jungha

    • She’s just not charming that’s the problem, throw in flat acting and the ultimate bland is made. I can actually see Chae Soo Bin with her sweet, tough as nails underdog charm hitting this role out of the park or even Kim So Hyun despite the age difference. Sadly they went for clout and chose PSD for Parasite’s international fame and completely ignoring her dismal track record when it comes to kdramas. What a lot of people don’t realise is that it is so much harder to carry a kdrama than it is a 90 min movie. 4 months on set almost every day vs a 27 -30 day out of sequence shooting schedule. It takes energy to keep up, a dogged determination to “charm” all your costars daily to build chemistry, versatility to adapt to changes in character development as most scripts are delivered to the stars a week to two prior without them knowing what’s going to happen next. Experience counts and usually its the movie actresses who predominantly suffer when crossing over TV rather than drama actresses crossing over to movies.

      • She need to try more harder, put more effort and trying to understand her character. Thats the problem with her. I still remember this one scene when her friend asked her “so you met sa hyejun?” And she’s like “Yes, I met him” with ignorant look. I mean whut? How about put more effort with your reaction, little giggle or a big smile because we know ahn jungha is a big fan of sa hyejun. Show the viewers that you are happy.
        Ahn jungha character is lovely but PSD make it flat and boring.
        I saw the interview of record of youth, and I will say PSD not do justice to her character at all. How she potrayed her character is the same like how He behave in real life. She’s not acting, she’s just being herself.
        Yes, change her with other actress is so much better, I will put Kim Ji-won in the list too. But Its impossible because this is pre-produce drama. Just make sure that she is not the female lead in your next bias drama

      • I remember when people on this site thought encounter ratings were a flop which is ridicules btw. As for roy i dont know something is not just clicking and it doesn’t seem popular internationally like other kdrama on netflix like cloy PBIO itaewon class i thought it would .i am still watching for bogum

      • ROY doing well in Netflix. Of course the popularity is not in the same level like Cloy and PBIO, but their score already half of Itaewon class’s score (I think they will beat it). But Im not sure about your standar of int popularity.

      • I beg to differ..IC was also massively popular in Netflix..People shouldn’t be comparing scores of dramas like IC and CLOY with other dramas thay were released in later months..I will emphasize it for the nth time..
        Check Flixpatrol..they have their top 10 data which eventually were converted to scores, starting from the month of April only..You can check if u want..
        If Flixpatrol had data when both CLOY and IC were airing, then it would have been a fair comparision.
        It is still amazing that CLOY has still got so many points even when Flixpatrol started counting its score after the show ended more than two months ago .

        Let us just wait for the official data by Netflix which will be out on December.

  2. The amount of viewers tuning in has actually increased for episode 6,but due to the competition in the timeslot the ratings percentage has dropped.
    So it’s hardly a dip, as more people in SK get interested in the drama that many international fans find woke to hate on.

  3. I agree with the chemistry. It is flat. No spark. Also her appearance. Her blond her make her look so washed up and not matching PBG character’s youthful look. Sometimes, visual chemistry can make a difference. Same as LMH’s TKEM. He was playing a tall, handsome king, and they paired him with a much shorter, totally different looking female lead. Suzy, setting aside their history, would have been perfect for that role. And Suzy’s acting would not be an issue. Afterall, the female lead’s acting in that drama was hard to watch.

    So yah, so important to find the right leads. Agreed with Encounter. It was a slow burn love. They were believable.

    • I agree with you about the visual chemistry part.. You can still look handsome or beautiful separately but the OTPs faces as a pair needs to be compatible..
      LMH-KGE is an example..
      I personally find KGE to be beautiful..But if you look at her visual chemistry, JHI steals the show.. Their pair is actually an eye candy and pleasant to look at. However LMH and KGE look better individually than together.

      On the other hand, if we talk about CLOY, apart from their awesome acting as well as fabulous chemi, HB and SYJ faces compliment each other and match well. It is one of the major reasons why their strong chemistry could be felt.
      I think same goes for SYJ and KSH, they visually match each other.

      Ofcourse these are just my opinion.

      • I totally agree. Especially with the comparison with Encounter.
        I watched just 1 episode of ROY and couldn’t get into the second episode.
        Encounter was slow paced and built up gradually. I loved it. PBG had chemistry with SHK, we could feel it.
        ROY is just flat. The female lead isn’t bringing the heat. The second male lead is just bleh.

    • Do you realize that that female actor that was in that drama is one of the top female actors in Korea. I understand a lot of you don’t think that she was a good fit for LMH. For the love of God quit bashing her acting. She is what atrue natural Korean woman looks like with no plastic. People are doing it on the same level with this trauma record of youth bashing the girl on here yeah she’s also another phenomenal actress. Are you guys that superficial that you can’t see people for acting and they may not be gorgeous in your opinion but you’re not paying attention to their acting you’re paying attention to what you feel like they look like and that’s wrong.Are you guys that superficial that you can’t see people for acting and they may not be gorgeous in your opinion but you’re not paying attention to their acting you’re paying attention to what you feel like they look like and that’s wrong

      • aint no one in here said park sodam is not pretty…..she just wasnt compatible with bogum….her acting is superb in parasite but honestly she is not suitable for romance kdrama…..the chemistry betweer her and bogum like close to none

  4. while streaming ROY i cant believe that the female lead is an internationally acclaimed actress. Shes so bland and stiff in this drama.
    also she fails to create chemistry with Park Bo Gum. (PBG had great chemstry with his Fl in his previous dramas) the casting director failed to effectively do her/his job. they should have chosen another actress as FL.
    i will still watch this drama for Park Bo Gum. I love this guy.

      • I think that’s the problem. The reason she was cast here is that she’s popular these days because of the movie.
        I’ve found her boring in other dramas I watched (Cinderella and the four knights) and to be honest, I don’t think she’s a visual match for Bogummie…so I haven’t watched this yet, even if I am a fan of Park Bo Gum. So sad since now he’s gone to the military and I have to wait a lot to see him in my screen again 🙁

  5. Maybe it would be better if they just focused more on PBG’s uphill battle to become an actor.

    The romance isn’t bringing in the feels that’s for sure.

  6. Park So Dam is so flat. Zero onscreen charm. Flat like staring at a blank paper. I’m so frustrated because I tend to focus more on female lead when I watch a drama and she’s just objectively bad here. Charming your audience is an important skill for an actor too.

  7. I like the couple. With a male lead who had past relationships and is very confortable in his own body (as a model), I hoped seeing more skinships for a young couple like them. But they’re cute.

  8. Seriously no one can beat his chemistry with kim yoo jung lol seems like its all kim yoo jung’s that’s power why love in the moonlight is a super hit lmao

    • Errr…. that chemistry was off too. She looks 14 in that drama and he had the awestruck expression on his face over and over again. I think he had best chemistry with Jang Nara. Theie scenes together were short but electrifying. No wonder the love rumours dogged them for over a long time

      • She said “lOOkS I4” lol Just say you hate and insecure of kim yoo jung cuz your actress is way below her lmfao its a hit because of her end of discussion lol

    • no hate my friend but i hope kyj can surpass the 46 majors awards of jang nara.. she is in the top 5 korean actresses who has won many major awards…peace everyone

    • no hate my friend..jang nara won 46 major awards under her belt..she is in the top 5 korean actresses who won many major awards..and she is a very humble person.. peace and good day.

  9. This was a painful episode to watch. Every scene with the trio seemed like 3 strangers pretending to be a in an adult bickering play date dynamic. So Dam has 0 chemistry, Hye Joon grated my nerve to its last strand this episode. How could he not take into account that he is encouraging his haraboji to push himself physically in ways he can’t take anymore. I get wanting to encourage him but its utterly irresponsible to encourage madness that can lead to you collapsing. I don’t like his dad nor his brother all that much but he really did earn that slap. Him not going for university is not him sacrificing, he took a calculate risk. God, every single one of these characters are insufferable and I am only rooting for the manager noona. She deserves her company to thrive. That’s it.

  10. Reading all the comments about Record of Youth makes me sad. It’s just unfortunate they cannot amend or reshoot because Park Bo Gum is in the military now. Still I will be watching RoY because of Park Bo Gum, I’m a big fan!

    • Not all of us watching would like to comment here. Its like a lynching party here on ockoala these days.

      The 2nd male CAN’T act. But everyone else is ok to really good.

  11. Oh thank goodness! I thought I was the only one who thought the chemistry was off. It’s honestly getting kinda boring watching their love scenes. Im seriously only watching to see the grandpa and his mom. Everything else is falling kinda flat. The female lead has no personality. You are dating your idol!!!
    The person you have a pic of on your phone. The person you made a fan page of. The person you have tons of pictures and videos of on your computer. And you’re just like ok cool??!?!?!?!!?
    Omg! I just can’t. I skip all the boring love scenes between them now. If it doesn’t pick up, Ill probably stop watching.

  12. I disagree with ALL of you. Everyone dragging the female lead again when Park So Dam is the only one attempting to lock eyes with Park Bo Gum. Now I love me some Park Bo Gum and he isn’t the problem in Record of Youth either. These are some of the real problems for me personally. First, the actress that plays Hae-Hyo’s mom, Shin Ae-Ra, CANNOT act and also has wayyyy too many lines. The writers need to dial her and her lines down. Second, we’re so sick and tired of the love triangle/second male lead trope…and what is this? They made a second male lead but tried to make it a brotherhood. We’re not buying it. Just get rid of love triangles in all future K-dramas. Save that for the big screen or something else. Third, the second lead playing Hae-Hyo, Byeon Woo-Sook, is boring or can’t act or…I can’t put my finger on it. Furthermore, I agree that Park So Dam’s hair color and styling is making her look washed and outdated next to Park Bo Gum. Even Park Bo Gum’s hair color looks like it changes a bit from episode-to-episode. And what year is it? In the beginning, the writers flashed a year on screen like it was a flashback but never brought us back to present year. Not to mention, after watching and reflecting on each and every episode, it feels like I just watched two friends walking up and down the street engaging in extremely long dialogue. There’s too much talking between the male and female lead. The writers and producers seem like amateurs and they need to do better. Additionally, Park Bo Gum’s model walk isn’t convincing enough for me. Especially in his granddad’s bedroom. It looked like he was looking for something his granddad hid in the room. Even on the catwalk. Something is missing in his walk or his look or his stance at the end of the catwalk or the camera angles are bad or something. There is too much dialogue, too many amateurish long pauses to try to force chemistry, etc. But I guess I’m the only one seeing Park So Dam’s eyes connect with Park Bo Gum beautifully. On a positive note, I do like the writer’s and Park So Dam’s/Park Bo Gum’s creativity with the chemistry scenes…the head butt, him subtly gliding his hand over hers in interest, The way Park So Dam gets, close with the make-up, the way Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam get close looking at photos on the computer…the two leads are executing what should be the greatest chemistry scenes right, but the scenes are coming off lukewarm. The directors need to chop some time from the pauses at the chemistry scenes. Those long pauses are making the chemistry scenes awkward and cheapening the drama.

    • Lol Everyone is wrong except your baby Park sodam. The rating can reach that high thanks to Park bogum, yet you still blaming him. Let me tell you this, there’s this model training in Korea and they using Park bogum’s video as their reference in learning courses. And here, you talk like you know better than them.

      • Nah, a lot agree with them on PBG’s “model walk”. It’s not charismatic at all. He seems super stiff and awkward.

  13. Honestly speaking i luv the drama. The casts too did a very good job. This is the first time i am watching Bo gum’s drama and So dam is also a new actress for me. I found their chemistry so good and natural. Thats wht i personally felt. Maybe thats how her character was meant to be. Jeong ha is not the typical fan who cries over at seeing her idol but is a person who thinks more logically and she is very clear of her goals in life . The casual conversations are mainly bcoz they are of the same age. I think so dam is doing a great job and so is everybody. I honestly feel annoyed at the rich mom actress actually. Tht character really didnt gain my attention. Also the editing wise also is pretty good i felt. Overall a thunbs up for this drama.

    • I agree @yuva!! The first 2 episode i find So Dam unable to connect but as the episodes keep coming, her personality was shown-hardworking and serious in her goal so I cant see her act so silly in fangirling coz its not her personality in RoY..I find them cute too..I am now sold out with the park-park!! I love even how slow the drama is! With family dynamics thrown in between who expects a high octane drama? Love this drama as well

  14. eee why are u blaming FL when the script was written her to act like that, she was just acting according to the script; timid, lack of confidence, low self-esteem. She is a very good actress otherwise, I have watched many of her movies so I know what I’m talking about. So far PSD is doing fine but the plots are annoying as hell and the parents are getting into my nerves, that’s why I am dropping this drama. The family subplots bored me to death.

    • On the contrary, I don’t find she act timid, lack of confidence or self esteem, I just see she is trying to act cool, too much confidence around the boys and even during the conversation with her friend. Come on, this is a fan girl who has been following her star since the early day, at least be a little bit more timid in front of her boy or shy and then so full of energy, exciting in private conversation with her friend when talking about him, but here, NOOOOO, she acts the same in all scenes. Epic failure.
      I like her a lot, love her in beautiful mind and so into her watching her cool, serious acting in Parasite.
      I think we should blame the director for this.

  15. Sorry, after episodes 5, I dropped this. It has never happened to me before throughout my experiences with Kdrama that once the leads starts confessions, I felt no interest nor emotional invest. ?. The chemistry is so forced and rushed. I see two cool friends that are forced to be in love by the director. I like Park So Dam and watch all her dramas but this one I have to say is the least impressive performance of her.
    After episode 5, there is nothing really significant as a wow factor for me to continue.

    This is my third drama with Park Bo Gum and 2nd I have to drop the middle.

  16. Rating wise, this is pretty doing good compared to IONTBO. And a lot of people are saying they are sticking to this drama because of PBG. Hmmm he must have a solid fan base.

  17. For a while I thought there will be night time romance between PBG and his manager when they were staying together at Milan hotel! Come on it’s Italy! You can romance with just about anyone you’re holed up with!!

  18. It takes a special kind of girl to have chemistry with Bogummie. I didn’t feel the chemistry of PBG with Lee Hyeri in Reply 1988. Instead I prefer the crackling chemistry between Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol. It was proven true as they started dating after Reply 88 ended. Sorry, am not feeling this pair of two Parks too here in ROY. The only girl who has chemistry with BG so far is KYJ. For PSD’s kind of personality, it’s very hard for her to do romantic roles. She excels more in darker roles in movies. It does not mean she is not a good actress. It is just a miscast of her in the wrong role. Just my 2 cents.

  19. Park so dam and park bogum has chemistry. If you have problemnwith their chemostry or acting, you should question the director. Ot means he’s satisfied with their acting.

  20. The storyline of ROY is good. But leaving PBG, the other actor as well lead actress are totally flop in their acting.Its totally flat. Feels sorry for PBG if this drama didnt work. Lets wait and see.

  21. I have gone through a lot of comments and most of them are against PSD, like seriously if there was anything off about how she portrayed her role she would have been corrected by the director, it’s obvious jeong ha isn’t the kind of fan girl who fawns over her idol after meeting him just because the character isn’t portrayed the way you feel it should doesn’t mean you should conclude that she’s bad at acting

    • Bingo!! That’s how I feel from the start but getting to know her character, she not the stereotype giggly fangirling!! It means that how she is suppose to portray as there is the writer and director to correct her if that’s not what they want!! So far, they are both delivery the goods!! Hope the rating go high or atleast steady after the premier of 2 competing dramas

    • You are the only one with whose comment Im totally satisfied. PSDs character is made up like that only …not a typical fangirl which every other kdrama shows . And I like every character of this show .

      • Not every couple have to act cute , shy , loving which kdrama shows ….if you guys know how mature couples act in real life thats the way it is portrayed in ROY . Though I agree that PSDs hair color and styling isn’t much appealing .

  22. The scenes between park Bo gum and his manager are very well portrayed. But I find it’s too fast for the leads to proceed as the female lead is his fan. I loved Park No Gum’s acting and characterization of the female lead must be still improved

  23. I love this drama. Park Bo Gum is a grear actir,though no chemistry with the girl but he can carry the scene. I like him so kind and handsome and indeed manly looking. I love also the story, i can relate the flow of the story. In our country this drama is rank number 3 in netflix,i love also competetion thats wjy I love this, competition where u can hurt others. Just be you and your talent. Fighting oppah Park Bo Gum. I love IU really, all oppas in Korea can be partnered with her. Please do scene/drama with IU. It looks you have chemistry.

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