Episode 13 of Alice Turns into Ouroboros and Fails to Deliver Clarity or Catharsis With Lots of Talking But Lack of Important Information Shared

SBS Fri-Sat drama Alice would have benefited so much from airing on OCN and being a tight 12-episodes like Train. I’m making this conclusion even though it’s not finished yet because the last few episodes have felt like much ado about not a lot, dragging things out to fill screen time when it could be much tighter to maintain the tension. Now it’s like the air has been left out of the balloon and the entire time travel conceit is ouroboros the snake eating itself. It’s still not clear if there are multiple universes that split with each different action or what, but at least it’s confirmed Tae Yi present is also Tae Yi that is Jin Gyeom’s mom likely further along in her life. All that awkward fake rom-com cuteness is gone but so is my connection with Jin Gyeom’s mommy love. He still has it but Tae Yi (mom) is pissing me off by not telling both Jin Gyeom and Tae Yi (professor) all the facts. This episode had so much potential with the two Tae Yi’s meeting and Jin Gyeom also in the past again to try and stop his mom’s murder and all she says is “don’t worry it has to happen” without explaining WHY. Ugh, even grody evil Jin Gyeom with the time travel warts doesn’t make it better at the end even though it’s such a dun dun dun moment.


Episode 13 of Alice Turns into Ouroboros and Fails to Deliver Clarity or Catharsis With Lots of Talking But Lack of Important Information Shared — 22 Comments

  1. it’s getting on my nerve with this time-travelling and multi universes wtf, if u cant fix ur future by changing ur past why even bother to go to ur past life geez, u only create another timeline, ur past still has not changed…aish I even dunno if I’m making any sense? dropped!!! not gonna waste my time with this crap anymore. may evil jin gyeom win ???

    • I dropped out when the gross love line hints started being dropped, it’s a shame because it had so much potential but it looks like the show is an even bigger mess now.

  2. This drama has gone bad. Totally agree with the comment. Why did the people from the parallel world come back to the past, get greedy and kill themselves in this world, to take over the lives but the future is still no better. The whole drama has no point.

  3. Hahaha. Well, I had to drop it when they started the creepy loveline insinuations and even though they discarded it afterwards, I just didn’t feel the same excitement to watch the show anymore.

    Personally, the three time travel/parallel world dramas have been letdowns. Yes, that includes Train. Despite some good reviews that spurred me to try it, I wound up dropping it at Ep 3.

    Perhaps it’s a good idea for dramaland to let the genre rest for awhile.

  4. Dropped it when they came out with the butterfly effect theory, it was obviously going to be a train wreck. The writers doesn’t seem to know the plot direction, and just seem to be throwing out every possible plotlines to the two leads.

  5. This drama had a good start.I dropped it few episode back because I feel the insuation of romance between TH and JG is necessary.

    Having said that, I don’t thinkn it’s the lowest SBS drama, in fact it’s ratings are higher than TKEM and BSR.

    • The troll who wrote that comment is notorious for trying (and failing miserably) to drag any drama that doesn’t involve her bias just to elevate the said bias and cover up her not-so successful projects.

      • @Gins

        WTF is your problem? You appear to be the stupid one going off on things you haven’t the foggiest idea about. You’ve had too much gin to drink, go sober the f up. You swine.

  6. This turned out to be a hot mess with no logic whatsoever. The writer mixes concepts from parallel universes and time travel at his convenience, with no consistency or logic. At the beginning I continued watching because it was entertaining, but I’m getting tired of pulling my hair at every incongruity. Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun cannot keep me watching till the end, sorry…

  7. Placing the drama in OCN wouldn’t have saved this hot mess because it would have the same crappy writers. Writers Song Jae Jung (W, Nine) and Kim Eun Hee (Signal) are better at writing different timelines/universes dramas. Too bad. Alice started out strong. Sigh, what a waste of Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun & Kwak Si Yang. Dropping this mess.

  8. I haven’t gone back to watching it since the director/writer started going down the path of having cringe-inducing moments between mom-look-alike and son. Too bad because I really like the first few episodes. Lost potential, sigh.

  9. Too bad it had so much potential only to be wasted. If they didn’t screw up the storyline the ratings would have continued going up.

    They killed off the veteran cop for nothing. I could totally foresee the ending, Reset that’s the clue.

    • Yeah it really started out so strong, I hate when a promising show goes downhill because the writers didn’t bother thinking their story through.

      • This script/show was pre-produced and completed before the show aired. Not sure what happened, SBS maybe got in the way?! Usually for complex/sci-fi things, scripts are very important to make sure its right. Confused tbh.

  10. Episode 14 is just as messed up. I salute the actors who managed to deliver their lines with straight face. Great actors indeed, just bad story.

  11. The only drama that did the parallel worlds drama good is Yeo Jin Goo and Ha Suk Jin drama CIRCLE. I recommend that drama to everyone.

    • I think alternate universe/timeline dramas can actually be really good, but this one just lost me when they tried to start up that creepy love line between (possible) mother and son!

      Agreed about CIRCLE. I think W was also really interesting at first but the end got messy and confusing.

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