SBS Drama Alice Shuffles Off This Mortal Coil as Episode 16 Ends with Zero Narrative Logic or Emotional Resonance

Yeah, I freaking hate SBS drama Alice and definitely regret spending 16 episodes with it. The upside is learning to love male lead Joo Won, re-energizing my love for Kwak Si Yang, and meeting fresh face Lee Da In as a rising actress I was to see more of. Kim Hee Sun was passable but ended up saddled with annoying characters in both the Mom and the Professor Tae Yi. Future old Jin Gyeom being the Teacher neither shocked nor upset because the drama had gone off the rails by the reveal, but even in the end his end game wasn’t clear – if he can’t prevent his own birth then his last attempt was to kill 2010 Tae Yi/Sun Young out of punishment for her being a selfish woman? Because at 2010 Jin Gyeon was a healthy strapping 18 year old and the same time travel portal was in existence. And then 2020 Jin Gyeom killed his old self and then Alice collapsed on itself and time travel was no more and everyone reset to 2020. So nonsensical even within the logic built in this drama. Worst part was no Min Hyuk, the best character in the show, and a wasted Do Yeon for the entire run. Fare thee well Alice, may you never pop up in my memory forevermore.

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Episode 13 of Alice Turns into Ouroboros and Fails to Deliver Clarity or Catharsis With Lots of Talking But Lack of Important Information Shared

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SBS Fri-Sat Drama Alice with Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun Premieres to Increasing Ratings and Excellent Narrative and Emotional World Building

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