Dispatch New Year’s Day Dating News Continues with 2021 Couple Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Who Have Been Dating 8 Months

There have been so many shocking (as in never thought of those two together) Dispatch dating news breaks on New Year’s Day though the last two years have felt rather meh in big names. I still remember RainKim Tae Hee as I was running through the airport to catch a early morning New Year’s Day flight out of Hokkaido, and then the following year it was Lee Seung GiYoona. Ah, good times good times. This year the Dispatch New Year’s Day couple reveal is simultaneously squee and meh, allow me to explain and start with the exciting stuff. The tabloid news agency broke the squeeworthy news that top stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are dating! For the past 8 months! Since March 2020! So it’s after their drama Crash Landing on You finished filming, which makes sense.

Dispatch says they started missing each other after the drama finished and realized their feelings, and often date at the golf course as they both love to play. With the squee part out of the way, the meh part comes from these two having multiple rumors of dating already including before CLOY after they filmed thriller movie Negotiation and were snapped in Los Angele grocery shopping together. They denied the rumors then and it died away until being revived with CLOY fan shipping. I honestly think they look great together onscreen, have undeniable and lovely chemistry, and in paper (career, personality, background) would make a great couple. If they really are dating for realz this time, and not trolling us for the umpteenth time, then yay and congrats and thanks for starting of 2021 on a positive note!

Update: both agencies have confirmed so *fireworks*!


Dispatch New Year’s Day Dating News Continues with 2021 Couple Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Who Have Been Dating 8 Months — 41 Comments

  1. I literally screamed when I got the Twitter notif for this ? Aside from the 8-month timeline being absolute bullshit (they’ve so clearly been together since post-movie promos in 2018) I am so, so, so happy with a Dispatch couple reveal in a way that I haven’t been in a long time. They still haven’t officially confirmed it yet so they might end up trolling us all still but I’ll never forget the absolute joy I felt when I first heard the news. Please just get drop the engagement notice and let us start 2021 off right you two ?

  2. Please also cover teasers of Kim So Hyun and Kim Yoo King upcoming dramas.

    Anyways, hope that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin couple is true. Fighting, CLOY ship!

  3. I 100% think they have been dating for years, either on and off or continuously and just don’t want to announce the news. I’m sure if they decide to marry they will finally announce it at that time.

  4. Great news !
    They both looks really compatible. Likely very good friends who might be just dating casually and enjoying each other’s company without pressure from themselves or the outside world. Let’s respect them and don’t pressure them. Still, a major *squeee* from me.

  5. I’ve read somewhere that their agencies already confirmed it. I’m so happy. May they live a happily ever after. I hope I won’t be hearing any news like SongSong Couple when they split. It was heartbreaking.
    BinJin Ship fighting ❤️

  6. They are considerably veteran stars and of marrying age, I believe they are seriously considering a long term commitment, thus keeping their romance as low key as psb.

    I love love love CLOY and I think they made a great OTP, though I enjoyed the secondary OTP more, but then I share the happiness of all BinJin shippers out there.

    I hope the media, fans and shippers will leave them alone from now on and let them date peacefully. We just need to hope for the best to come out of this.

    Anyway, congrats BinJin shippers and congrats to both of them for finding love in each other.

  7. Congratulations … Finally…the news most people were waiting for..They CONFIRMED..
    Although I would have preferred if their privacy was not outed by Dispatch.. Anyways i hope all the best for their future..

    On a side note…Can we not compare them with Songsong..Both couples are different..and it is a sensitive topic for SS fans..
    I don’t think anyone believes that 8 month thing.??
    HB and YJ story is different cause their story didn’t start with on-screen romance as their movie was a crime thriller.. That’s why their case is a bit exception amongst other Kdrama couples where love usually blossoms after the drama..

  8. Yes, like all of y’all, a major squeee when I saw this. Such joyful news to ring in 2021. As much as they are celebs, they are still human. Now that the news is confirmed, I hope that fans and Korean paparazzi give them respect/space to grow their relationship. Let’s hope that we’ll get the best ending, as them being happily married like Rain-Kim Tae Hee.

  9. Regardless of the 8 month long, I screamed when both agency confirmed the news. We all know that this is a first for SYJ’s career ever so it only means they are in a realllly stable relationship. I hope they continue to have a good time and enjoy each others company. No pressure. Way to start our 2021, yay.

  10. Congratulations to them both and here’s hoping they go the distance. That they’ve publicly confirmed it means they are comfortable enough to have the public aware of it, wishing them the best personally and professionally and a Happy New Year to everyone!

  11. So so happy with this news.. i think their relationship is serious and hopefully will end up in marriage..As she is an actress of 20 years w no scandal she finally go public w ths relationship so yeah..

    And 8 mths dating is bullshit they were together even before that..

  12. Wishing them the best of everything. Im not a shipper but im so just happy for them

    They’re both of marrying age so praying and hoping to hear wedding bells soon.

  13. Hahahahah it surprise not surprise for me, congratulation for both of them!!

    I hope paparazi let them enjoy their private time after this announcement 🙂 waiting for the marriage fufufufu

  14. 2021 is off to a great start ??? imsofreaking happy, and just so genuinely feel good your them. Here’s to longevity and ever lasting love

  15. Happy to hear that their agencies have confirmed that they are dating. They do seem to be compatible, I wish them the best. I am certainly not an expert on body language but I remember I got a weird vibe from watching how the SongSong couple interacts so I was kinda not surprised (but nevertheless, was sad) when they announced their split. I don’t get this from HB-SYJ so I do hope they’re both genuinely happy.

    • Oh my god, literally my thoughts exactly. Song Song always seemed off to me? Like they were simultaneously trying too hard and not hard enough? Plus SJK always seemed more into her while SHK was always like “whatever” about their relationship – not something you want to feel about a married couple. With these two, not only are they so sweet and adorable and so clearly into each other but I also really like how their relationship started as costars in an action thriller where they barely saw each other ? That’s how you know their feelings weren’t because of their characters.

    • Also I love the last picture you chose Koala, it’s perfect! now I feel like rewatching CLOY and it will be even sweeter this time!

  16. Omg I have never been so happy to read the confirmed news. I never shipped them but they are old enough for marriage.

    Please, please go all the way to a permanent commitment.

  17. KIM YOO JUNG Article please. That would be MORE interesting than this one. (these two will separaate after 8months of dating)

    • Your comment was so unnecessary. If you want a Kin Yoo Jung article do bad, write it yourself. How old are you? Read the room, respectfully see how much this moment means a lot to people and don’t rain on their parade.
      Your comment was so tasteless. I pray you mature this year

  18. I hope the 8 months are wrong because it’s not a lot of time together to resist to people curiosity. Hyun Bin wasn’t filming outside of Korea in 2020? SYJ has a american movie too…

  19. Oh just remembered back in July 2020, there were rumors of Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin dating again and their agencies immediately strongly denied the dating rumors. Little did the world knew that Hyun Bin was indeed dating, but this time it’s Son Ye Jin, awww.

  20. Im not surprised tho. I mean, we’ve known this coming.

    I wish dispatch will publish the TOP idols in Korea but TOP actors instead. Will wait for another big news.

    Congratulation Ri-Ri couple. Long last.

  21. Who cares if it’s 8 months or 8 years I’m just very happy that my first ever ship turned out to be real lol. Though I wish they revealed it themselves like yesterday, simply because Dispatch is trash.. Anyways they’re gorgeous, compatible and absolutely lovely together so I hope it lasts for a lifetime.
    Also did you see Yejin’s IG post?!? She sounds so cute and happy and excited it’s so endearing ❤️

  22. Huge congrats to both. I am genuinely happy for them. I am so glad all past rumours are put to rest by the couple themselves. Wish them both much happiness, success and good health. Now everybody should just give them privacy and space to grow their relationship. No paparazzi hounding or crazy fan wars please. tvN seems to be starting an adorable tradition of spawning real life couples from reel couples. Lee Hyeri with Ryu Jun Yeol and now HB and SYJ. YJ’s IG post is so cute too, no apologies for being in love and dating the most eligible actor in SK. Go girl. Set new a new trend, never ever apologize for being in a relationship.

  23. It’s the 1st time for SYJ dating openly so i suppose that’s serious . Not a great surprise . I was so into Covid that i forgot that every year Dispatch has ” the breaking news couple ” . Happy new year to everyone ! Hey 2021 , we are ready , so please bring great dramas to us .

  24. I have felt for a while that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Gin had wonderful chemistry both on and off screen. This announcement was such wonderful news. They grew a friendship into a solid relationship. Let’s all give them our support and privacy.

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