First Exciting Teasers are Out for 2021 Sageuks River Where the Moon Rises with Kim So Hyun and Ji Soo and Hong Chun Gi with Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seob

Okay, if anyone puts down one drama at the expense of the other just to troll shit up then imma yeet you right out of the comments section, m’kay? The production teams are good to drama fans to finish up 2020 as tons of teasers are dropping left and right. Two of the most anticipated sageuk dramas of 2021 both dropped 30 second previews and OMOMOMO I love and already want to tease each for different reasons. First off let’s get to SBS sageuk Hong Chun Gi, given the English title of Red Sky, starring Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seob based on the novel by the same writer as The Moon Embraces the Sun. The teaser is moody and melancholy and subdued, great visuals all around except for the hairstyle given to Ahn Hyo Seob.

He looks like a sageuk version of a vampire yangban going to the banging new gisaeng house, if you want to give him a mane of glory (rather than topknot) why have half of it combed back so he looks so cheesy especially coupled with the red eyes. Please change it up later in the drama pretty please he’s so handsome don’t make me want to constantly re-arrange his hair. For KBS drama River Where the Moon Rises, both leads Kim So Hyun and Ji Soo are in countryside mode so messy hair and outfits and soooo adorable with the met cute. It’s like if Hae Soo was a warrior princess and fell for 14. As cute as they are though, Kang Ha Neul totally steals the teaser with his 3 seconds, makes me wonder what the drama would have been like if he and Son Ye Jin didn’t pass on it and the production aged it down 10 years to cast the youngster leads. Over all low A- grade for both teasers.

Teaser for River Where the Moon Rises:

Teaser for Hong Chun Gi (Red Sky):


First Exciting Teasers are Out for 2021 Sageuks River Where the Moon Rises with Kim So Hyun and Ji Soo and Hong Chun Gi with Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seob — 58 Comments

  1. Beware and remember this username and avatar: JOANE(green), KES or recently PAMPAN or whatsoever (blue).

    I think these 2 usernames hates both kim yoojung and kim sohyun.

    JOANE pretended to be a fan of kyj and then mocked other actresses. it is so obvious that she’s a hater, not a fan.

    KES pretended to be ksh fan, but always seems criticized others. I always saw her comments criticized others in other articles. At 1st, i thought she is a real ksh fans, but the toxic one. but after encountering her again with the same blue avatar with different names, and reading her comments mocking sohyun and yoojung fans (refer previous articles), now i think and believe her to be a hater. because if u are a fan, u would not be saying that ksh fans are annoying! becoz u imply that yourself as annoying too! arghhh.. what a twist! i really believe her to be sohyun fan. but apparently she isn’t! and thank god she isn’t.

    i don’t know if they’re a same person, but if u encounter them criticizing other, just ignore them completely.

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    • @jijie

      Thanks for sharing. I’ve encountered that Dum-Dum PamPan/KES in two other articles already. That joane was supposed to have been blocked by Koala but I guess it didn’t take. Evil doesn’t really die, as they say. And unfortunately, I have a feeling these trolls will be coming out of their smelly caves and bridges a lot this year.

      • joane hates everyone who isn’t KYJ. But it’s been said she’s trolled even KYJ under another alias so really, she hates everyone. What a miserable person.

      • She hates all Kdrama actresses who is not KYJ. If she dislike one or two actresses, we will think she is normal. But, if she bash every single actresses who is not KYJ..then she is a pain or a pest

      • @leipeiyee
        She bashes others actress with joane username and bashes yoojung with other usernames

        So i dont know whose fan she is but she is definately a hater of yoo jung who did a god job of being an anti

  2. Ahh Hyo Seob looks gorgeous in these stills. Thanks for these previews and a Happy New Year to you Koala! Here’s hoping this new year is miles better than the last one for everyone!

  3. i love how baddas kim sohyun in the teaser, live up to my expectation, coz i really love a strong female protagonist. I’m super happy and excited with this, coz i think sso finally be able to show 100% of her strength acting ability in this drama. as for her chemistry with jisoo, i couldn’t feel it 100% yet. but when the drama is airing, i hope that they can surprise us, just how tale of nokdu couple surprises us with their chemistry. just like at 1st, I was quite sceptical with macaroon couple, but they proved me wrong. and i wish they would have a great ost to offer to us. I’m glad that it will be airing in Feb, so we can see them sooner ???. and i really want to avoid their rivalry with joseon exorcist.

    As for hong chungi, the teaser really surprised me. I’m not a fan of both leads in this drama, but i really love teaser to be honest. the music background really matches well with the teaser. and here, i think haram would be the centre of the drama, coz his character seems more interesting (i heard that he is also a demon king). this type of drama is really to my preference. or to be exact, i really like this type of male lead (haram seems like a black-bellied male lead). i think ahn hyosop is so hot and handsome here. what’s so funny is I wasn’t his fan before (i found him to be overrated and not that handsome), but after watching the teaser, i suddenly wanted to be his fan ?. he is so gorgeous ?. while kwak siyang, wow, his voice is soo deep which suits the royalty status. but i felt bad for the fans of the drama, coz they literally have to wait for a super loooong time for the drama to be airing. I don’t know how i will cope with that if I’m a fan ?.

  4. YES! Looking forward to both. Saw the teaser for Joseon Exorcist as well and it looks like a cross (hehe) between Kingdom and GOT. Can’t wait for that one too! Happy New Year, all!

  5. Kim So Hyun is giving me Mulan vibes. My queen is slaying again.? I’m super excited.
    As for HCG, the leads are flowing with visuals but I must agree to ms koala that Ahn Hyo Seop’s hair is kinda weird. And I’m also intrigued with his red eyes ooohhhh.
    Can’t wait for both dramas to be aired though I’m kind of a binge watcher haha.
    Happy New Year People ♥️

  6. For HCG, the actors looks like they’re acting in a sageuk when AHS is acting in a fantasy C-drama… It’s really weird. For me, he was already the weakest in acting, but if his haircut is bad, it will be hard to root for him… I’m surprised they released a teaser when the drama will air in Fall! But the teaser was pretty and mysterious.

    KHN and KSH look great! Why KHN is not the lead 🙁 I’m excited to see the fights. Fortunately, this drama will air in February!

    • From the snippets of the book i can say the drama is saguek fantasy romance action politics and comedy but dont know how it will be portrayed in the drama but from the teaser red eyes and historical costume) i can say it is sageuk fantasy

      Plz fall come sooner

    • @sayaris
      Red eyes is becoz of the evil spirit in him i guess
      Even i dont know the complete story so ill just wait and watch and will not assume anything based on the teaser
      I will just watch it and then decide but the first teaser is according to my liking so wont think much
      Will wait patiently for it to air

  7. River Where The Moon Rises teases us with the teaser. There’s so many questions. They didn’t let us see the royal outfits and the other casts tho I’m glad it’s female centric. I didn’t recognize Kim So Hyun with her high pony, I thought it was another actress. I see different facial expressions from her in those 44 seconds teaser, I was amazed. Also the instrumental background are intriguing.

    Seeing Hong Chun Gi my thoughts about Ahn Hyo Seob are changing he’s handsome. I’m still not sure about his acting yet coz his unpredictable. The painting in canvas was beautiful. The anguish of Gong Myung was showed. I just wonder what part would be female centric coz the male lead has the character highlight.

    Joseon Exorcist teaser was good. I hope Macaroon’s drama would not overlap. JE might get pushed since JDY has elbow injury. Everyone should be careful while shooting.

  8. HCG: I’m not sure what I was expecting but I wasn’t expecting this. Frankly, I don’t like the teaser. The only thing I like is my pretty girl. Once again I don’t like the styling and the outfits, it all looks ill-fitted on all the characters. The costume and the make-up team needs to be changed. I personally didn’t like it when I saw the stills but now seeing the teaser I definitely don’t like it. It’s only a teaser but it’s giving me twilight meets nine-tail fox due to the supernatural red eyes. I trust the director and the novel writer, so I think the drama will at least have a great story and great cinematography but how the cast look in appearances, it’s a resounding no
    🙁 I want the love in the moonlight make-up and costume designing crew to come back because my girl deserves the best and this isn’t it. For chemistry, I don’t know yet since it’s too short of a teaser but individually they look great!

    RWTMR: I am wary of the writer and the director so my expectations is rather low but for a teaser, I’m mightily surprised and impressed so far. Once again I thought she was a different actress during the battle scene until I looked more carefully. She’s beautiful in action, even when covered in blood haha Someone mentioned Mulan and I wholeheartedly agree, I love Mulan so I love what I’m seeing so far. Kang Ha Neul is 100 percent fine! The great chemistry between the leads are expected after a fine turn in page turner! The music, the cinematography, and the actions scenes are all riveting. To recap, I’m surprised at how much I liked the teaser. But the writer and the director can still muck this up.

    At this point, I’m way more excited for RWTMR than HCG. However, in terms of quality story-telling and filming-techniques, I expect it to be stronger and more robust overall due to strong, infamous director and novel writer, the screen-writer is supposedly good too due to co-writing be melodramatic.

    • Sorry to burst your bubble but the PD of RWTMR is really good. He directed The King Maker which is a top-rated drama of TV Chosun. The only possible weak link is the writer who has mix of hits and mehs in his resume. But, I am optimistic that the directing and acting will help the writer work on a solid script.

      • Maybe he will be good this time but looking at his list of works, many of his dramas don’t get highly critical acclaim, and low ratings on mdl. Maybe the writers of those dramas aren’t good but only his directing is good. Idk, we will see 🙂

  9. I m so excited for HCG hope i can see my girl before fall becoz i cant sit still after watching the teaser becoz i feel this drama is according to my taste

    I was sceptical abt the male lead doing sageuk but after the teaser i m in no more doubt he is the only one who can play haram

    My girl looking so pretty in historical costume and waiting eagerly to see her on screen again cant wait to watch the drama my queen will slay again no doubt

    Kim so hyun looks so different and older in the teaser can bet well see a different kim sohyun in this drama

    Excited for joseon exorcist as well as this is another genre to my taste

    2021 will be full of surprises and lot of excitement and we deserve it after such a tragic year

  10. Super excited for River Where The Moon Rises, love me a good female-centric drama with a badass female lead, and Kim So Hyun is really born to play strong badass characters!
    She looks so beautiful and fiery, I especially love her look in the fighting scene with the high ponytail, very Mulan vibes!
    Kang Ha Neul’s appearance makes me even more excited and I still wish he’s the male lead instead because as much as I love love Ji Soo, I don’t think sageuks are his forte. Let’s see if he can prove me wrong tho.
    I’m trying to keep my expectations low because of the writers, but this teaser is just so good! Queen So Hyun slaying again, as usual! Goddess of Historical Dramas indeed ???

  11. I am more excited with Kim So Hyun’s character than Kim Yoo Jung. Yoo Jung’s feels like a reprisal of her role in LITM while So Hyun is a badass Mulan. I was really expecting that HCG will be female-centric but the teaser says otherwise.

  12. The teaser of HCG is just showing the genre the drama is

    If u read to book ull know that yoojungie character is completely different from litm

    Her character here is badass and yeah the male lead character is also very interesting hope the script writer does justice and show all the essence of their characters

    • I hope that HCG has a badass female lead because it is so painful to see a talented actress like Yoo Jung playing a damsel in distress like her Ra On character during half way of LITM.

      • @ana

        I’m really curious where you got access to the entire translated novel because I can only find a handful of translated chapters that are relatively recent and translated by a fan, and most of the provided excerpts are the romantic scenes between the leads. From what I read so far, I don’t see anything that would described her as badass but she is quite the entertaining character and passionate in what she likes to do which is obviously painting, so she went the extra mile in trying and waiting to find tigers in the forest for inspiration to paint them.

      • @laura
        No like u even i read snippets translated by the fan
        But the very same fan who read the entire book said that this character of yoojungie is the combo of litm and BR(SHE SAID WE WILL SEE SAETBYUL OF JOSEAN ERA)
        so i can say shell b badass mayb theyll showcase the badass side of her in further teasers

      • Let is hope it will be like that because I am sensing that the story will kind of revolve around AHS. The guy reminds me of NJH. He is only good looking but kind of meh in acting. Yoo Jung will definitely suffer if her male lead is not PBG’s acting caliber. By the way, are they going to change the title from HCG to Red Sky?

  13. So Hyun and Yoo Jung keep on landing major starrer roles, and continue to top over their peers and other late 20s actresses. How I wish Sae Ron’s career is also doing the same. She used to be of equal status with these ladies, but has overtaken by rookies like Kim Hye Yoon now. I hope she finds that project that will launch her again in the spotlight.

    • Yeah. Sae Ron was totally wiped out in the scene. She can only be seen in low profile dramas and variety shows. Meanwhile, So Hyun and Yoo Jung are blessed with major lead roles and endorsements. Sidus lost a gold mine by letting go So Hyun and Yoo Jung because it is so clear that they are the queens of their generations. They are walls to be exact. Let us see how Kim Hye Yoon will compete against these grown up child actresses giants.

  14. I watch all 3 and to be honest so far Joseon Exorcist overshadow both on first teasers yet. You guys know how much people like Kingdom. Meanwhile these 2 drama has their own charm. I know Red Sky is on SBS too but even so at the end, all dramas are competition not just on rating but awards. They work hard for that it’s a symbol of their efforts. This time it’s a very intriguing saguek fest. We won’t know what drama would succeed. It’s up them what would be the outcome. Still anticipating River Where The Moon Rises coz I like pure heavy politics and war genre. I can’t fangirl Macaroon for now. I choose Kim So Hyun sorry JDY.

    • It doesn’t have to be a competition. You can root for all three dramas to succeed. They’re all professional actors, on good terms and support each other. It’s fans who like to start fan-wars. It’s up to you but I’m just saying.

      • Competition I’m talking about here was not about the fanbase or fanwars but the competition of dramas. In that context honestly speaking, kdramas has to achieve goals like high viewership and high demand international. It’s a business investment where actors put effort, pours high budget, preparations, plans. In every investment should have pay out even a simple trophy could make them happy. Maybe you interpret in the other way. About Macaroon I’m not throwing JDY away is just that RWTMR makes me worry a lot on meanwhile I know Joseon Exorcist is in good hands. It’s hard but if their dramas overlap I can’t imagine how much despair would it be for the other.

    • My problem with Joseon Exorcist is that it will be heavily compared with Kingdom. Hope they have something fresh to offer because Korean viewers are very fickle. But, out of these 3 saeguks, I feel like JE will perform better ratings-wise. RWTMR has a chance to have high ratings if it is not in KBS. Producers should have push it selling it to SBS or TVN. As for HCG, I am wary if AHS and KYJ can carry drama like PBG and KYJ in LITM. AHS looks like the weakest link in the cast.

      • KBS not promoting River Where The Moon Rises makes me angry. The editing of teasers was okay only Kim So Hyun fighting scenes were best but the rest still need improvement. I’ve read on Naver that they are calling Joseon Exorcist ‘fake kingdom’ it’s disheartening to hear that. It’s a fact that Joseon Exorcist is becoming a threat to kingdom because the teasers were awesome. It can’t be helped to compare. I’ve watched almost Ahn Hyo Seob dramas but I dropped Abyss I thought it would get better if I watched more since there is Park Boo Young and Han So Hee too. But he sometimes overreact and can’t match PBY acting. He look cool on the Ring, 18 again and Doctor Romance S2 but not on Splash splash water. He’s very unpredictable. He still can’t be compared to Park Bo Gum. PBG was another level. People are smitten with AHS character in teasers. It was interesting it might overshadow other characters but let’s see whether Hong Chun Gi live up to it’s title.

      • Definitely Joseon Exorcist is most likely to achieve higher ratings than RWTMR. KBS as the broadcasting network was a failed move especially right now they are very silent with this drama airing in February. As I knew MBC was the first choice and personally, i think it is the best network for a historical drama to be aired since it is their expertise and they seem decent with promotions rather than KBS. Unfortunately, So Hyun fans don’t like the idea of the drama airing in MBC perhaps due to Ruler drama. They did not know that it was not MBC’s fault but rather the writer. Better if they have given the channel a chance because they are good in promotion though their drama ratings lately is a mediocre but i think it’s because everything airing was a modern drama. If only they have not complained and gave it a chance, River Where The Moon Rises have been getting a lot of promotions by now.

      • Moreover, JE trailer is catchy and more better in terms of cinematography. I expected a lot with RWTMR teaser but I can feel there’s a lacking factor and impact probably because of the editing. They should have included and emphasized Goguryeo since it is a rarely produced period drama. To be honest, the drama airing in February feels a little bit rushed so I lowered my expectations with their filming and editing techniques. If they want to produce a good cinematography, they should probably extend it two more months before they air this drama.

      • How I wish KBS reallized that the reason why their dramas do not achieve high ratings is their lack of promotion. The cost of promotion should not be an issue because once a drama achieved high ratings, investors will come in and bring a mine of money.

        Further,I think it is just right to air RWTMR in February because they started filming in October. So, they already have enough time to edit some episodes. My only wish is that the writer will not lose his sense as this drama is a female-centric one. So, So Hyun’s role should not be downplayed. I also hope for a solid script till the end.

        Lastly, I guess it is a better move to air RWTMR from MBC because nowadays, it cannot attract high viewership anymore despite of the quality of a drama. Out of the Big 3,MBC is always last for years now.

      • Modern dramas in MBC does have mediocre ratings but definitely not in historical dramas. Almost every masterpiece period dramas were aired in this channel. There is a very long list so i will not say it anymore since internet already has it, but their last two sageuk dramas which are back in 2017 and 2019 namely The King in Love and Rookie Historian both had a decent ratings. The first mentioned earning an average of 6.6% despite of having an idol leads (higher average than So Hyun last drama TTON) as well as the latter which almost had same performance with TTON in terms of ratings. I don’t know but MBC seems like a good choice for me because of their excellent reputation with historical dramas though we can’t do about the broadcasting network anymore as KBS already bought the rights.

        For a Goguryeo period, I expected a lot of preparation for it. I think the team filmed at October 28 which meant that they filmed at the end of the month so more or less they are just filming for 3 and a half months by the time the drama airs. It’s not the usual sageuk so I wish to see the difference between a Joseon and Goguryeo setting as everyone seems to be hyping about it.

        There’s still a big uncertainty ahead of this drama but sincerely wishing for So Hyun that this drama can give her breakthrough.

      • @mizz

        allow me burst your bubble about the last 2 mbc sageuk drama. I’ve nothing to say about rookie historian. but to compare the king in love with tton is not quite right. becoz during this time, mbc drama was still be able to achieve double digit rating with ruler, master of the mask, which you seems to be forgotten about it. yes, it’s actually a modest rating if we compare it with current dramas, but back than, it’s seen as a drama with low rating. which is quite regretful coz we back than didn’t know these rating number is actually modest. so i think the last mbc sageuk drama that has a high rating was ruler master of the mask. what I’m sure that sbs is the only channel currently that is being able to draw a high rating. so whether airing in MBC or KBS, RWTMR will still be seen as underdog drama.

      • The King In Love had higher ratings by 0.4% than TTON because it was aired in 2017 whereas streaming is not yet that big. Further, please note than TTON was one of the top 10 most buzzed dramas of 2019 and was popular overseas during its airing. In short, TTON is a cult hit.Nevertheless, do not forget that Ruler was also aired in 2017 whereas it peaked 14.9%, which is still one of the highest-rated MBC drama for the past 5 years.

      • But still, those are single digit ratings. MBC never had “hit” double digit drama for the past 5 years. Ruler had double digits but was widely criticized due to its bad writing.

        Meanwhile, KBS can still hit double digits and mega hit dramas from time to time. Case in point is When Camelia Blooms.

        So, I guess RWTMR has a better chance if it will be promoted extensively by KBS. But, I honestly want it to be aired in TVN so ratings is not a big pressure for them. An 8% in TVN will already make them a hit drama.

      • RWTMR is an underdog because of the unpredictable writer. For the director, I am also skeptical though he has good works like King Maker. Recently, the audiences have varying taste in dramas so I am not going to judge anything for now. Though I am worried but I will still give this drama a chance because of Kim So Hyun. For Red Sky, I am already confident that this will be a hit and this is the drama that I can finish till the end. The teaser is just lit and conveys various emotions. I was surprised with AHS as well and KYJ is exploding with her visuals

      • Until we see we wont know whether they r able to carry a drama
        Lets wait and see
        U never know as far as i know everyone were wary abt kim yoojung and bo gum also but it turned out to b one of the best couple in a drama
        I m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for d best

  15. Can’t wait to watch Hong Chun Gi.
    Fantasy sageuk is really my cup of tea.
    As an audience of kdramas, Yoojung’s acting style is really superb for me.
    I love how she deliver lines, her facial expression is always on point, and everything.
    Now, the waiting game is on.
    Fighting to all dramas especially

  16. At last KBS are awoken from their sleep and upload the teasers. From now on they should promote River Where The Moon Rises properly. It might be an underdog for now but we don’t know for sure. River Team should be responsible not to tarnish an author’s novel made almost half of his lifetime. Also Ondal and Pyeonggang is a famous Folktale in Korea so they should be very careful on making the film. I believe Kim So Hyun will do her best after all Son Ye Jin sunbaenim is her predecessor.

  17. Hong Chun Gi seems like in a safe zone. Its either just constant mediocre or a hit. Not only the actors pick a drama, the director too. And Jang Tae Yoo always picks the good ones. For the writer, no idea. Main actors seem good in sageuk tho still not sure with AHS.

    For RWTMR, there are a lot of worries. One good thing, female centric and its ksh. Jisoo, however, i was expecting his character here is different from scarlet heart. But its just the same and his acting there is umm..say, i dont like it. And his sageuk tone is not so good :// Moreover, this drama is set in Goguryeo so i think its unique. But, theres a lot of crazy goguryeo knowledgeable koreans or “goguryeo fans” out there and they have been making articles regarding the plot of the drama. I hope it doesnt dwell on the real meaning of “fusion drama” so it stand solid against the criticisms.

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