Queen Cheorin Ratings Rise Slightly in Episode 10 and Hits New High with 12.836% as the King Gets Closer to Figuring Out He’s a Pawn Either Way

I think Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen) could have been so much more script-wise, and has been buoyed by the entertaining execution on the comedic stuff, the gorgeous visuals, and the top notch acting and chemistry of leads Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun. But the problem is that the King Cheoljeong history isn’t particularly ripe for incisive (re)examination and the drama threw in the whole mistaken well subplot and the consort bitch from hell, and suddenly it’s just treading water now as the comedy has calmed down but the sageuk seriousness doesn’t feel all that solemnly heartbreaking. A total of 27 Kings ruled Joseon and I’m not sure picking the Cheoljeong story to plunk a remake of Go Princess Go was a smart idea, better to have created a fictional monarch and really make up shit from scratch. It’s 10 episodes in and I don’t feel emotionally invested in whether Bong Hwan’s soul gets back to modern times, Joseon Queen So Yong gets her man the King (her body with or without or soul) and whether Cheoljeong gets to be a real King and not a marionette.


Queen Cheorin Ratings Rise Slightly in Episode 10 and Hits New High with 12.836% as the King Gets Closer to Figuring Out He’s a Pawn Either Way — 39 Comments

  1. It’s baffling how stark the differences are in the reaction of the drama in this site compared to mdl where everyone is praising it all the way to the moon haha I haven’t watched the drama but the concerns expressed by koala sounds legitimate. Everyone in mdl seems to focus more on the king & the queen relationship and the comedy aspects rather than the political section and the overall storyline, so maybe that’s why they are more easy in their opinions of the drama haha

      • Oh, and adding “haha” to your comment is totally unnecessary, unless you deem yourself superior to us fans of this drama, and wish to perpetuate conflict. Then you win, sir, for we prefer to focus on our common interest — which is showing our love for Mr. Queen. Be kind. Be humble.

      • @lydia

        I wasn’t clear and I was referring to koala. But even so the comments here are also mixed and not unanimously positive.

        You are over-interpreting “haha” “haha” means that it’s interesting and intriguing in my observation and I ponder why something is the way it is. I’ve never thought people would even be upset over a “haha”

        I do not deem myself superior or trying to perpetuate conflict. I just expressed a thought I had in my head and I’ve never thought people would jump on me for something like this. If you love Mr. Queen, that’s wonderful. I’m just weighing the perspectives of people in both sides of the aisle and waiting for the drama to end before I consider start watching this drama just like I did with cloy.

        People can use the word legitimate even in opinions and perspectives. Legit does not mean right but it means that it’s credible and a good thing to look at when examining the quality of a drama. I’m well-aware it’s only koala’s opinion. First I got admonished for using the word “underdog” in a river where the moon rises article and now I’m getting ambushed for using “haha” and “legitimate” ?

    • Legitimate? As in the right opinion? No such thing dear. Koala may not like this drama much, but there are dramas and celebrities that Koala likes that some of us, well, let’s just say disagree with. But that doesn’t mean we think one of us has the legitimate say on the subject. It’s merely a matter of agreeing to disagree.

    • lol no. it’s probably not koala’s taste. i like the pacing – and liking the political tension mixed in with the serious, romantic (getting there) scenes. we can’t always have comedy and romance, as this is historical fusion. we need the politics/drama aspect. I should say i’m surprised koala is sticking to this drama, as it doesn’t even seem like she’s enjoying it anymore. but, of course, it’s bringing in the clicks.

    • @Laura
      I am sorry you felt ambushed, that never was my intention. I guess we have differing grasps of the words you mentioned. English is obviously not our first language, but it is the easiest to use to converse with each other.
      In my years of watching dramas and reading Koala’s articles, I have concluded that fans and anti-fans (inside joke for those who watch Mr. Queen) will never be completely objective about a drama, and the best way to decide to watch one is not to rely on our opinions, but to try it yourself. A drama may be rated very low in MDL, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad, and vice versa. I knew I wanted to watch Mr. Queen based on the trailer alone, as I am a fan of fantasy, comedy, and romance.
      I hope you find the drama that suits your tastes. “The time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted”. ✌️

      • @vesperlynd

        No hard feelings. Miscommunication is so easy on the internet especially when we have conversations with people from different areas of the world! Haha

        Thank you for your insight! It is true, people responses are generally subjective. Thank you for well wishes ?

  2. Kim Jung Hyun and Shin Hye Sun are such a perfect match in both visual and acting range.I can’t imagine the different actors playing in this drama, coz these roles are just for them.

    • I totally agree!

      Despite the silly nonsense scenes that this drama has, Kim Jung Hyun and Shin Hye Sun great performances and chemistry together are the greatest reason for the main audience interest. All of their interactions are the best part of this drama. Their scenes can be intense or funny and their slow burn romance is so sweet especially when she keep uttering the modern/new slang words in front of him and when she did all her silly antics he just get along with them. Now, he even created a dictionary for the modern slang words that he heard from her LOL

      I remember that Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun mentioned in this drama’s interview that they hope this drama can make the audience smile. So, no need to racked your brain so hard and just go along with it.

      • “So no need to racked your brain so hard and just go along with it”

        totally agree – 1000% this is what makes it fun – when we don’t overanalyze everything and just enjoy the fun ride. I like that the drama is not too stressful (e.g. 6 flying dragons – now that’s a stressful watch!). i think when we nitpick is when we lose the magic the drama tries to offer. but that’s just me, and of course different viewer has diff take.

  3. After 10 eps it shows that most people that are watching this are not usual sageuk watchers. Too bad for them that the political machinations is coming.
    I enjoys sageuk politics with more engaging villain like grand prince Suyang in princess man. So far Kim Jwa Geun (Byeong In father) seems to flat.

  4. I like the pacing. Its 20 episodes so the slow burn romance is really entertaining. Loving the chemistry and wishing for more OTP scenes. Between this and uncanny counters, finally theres good drama to binge on and rewatch over and over again.

    • Same here Saturdays and Sunday’s must watch drama is these two.

      To be honest I’m more entertained seeing BH cook something new in the kitchen. Unfortunately since she’s only doing it to get on the GD Queen’s good side it is probably be less cooking scenes later on.

  5. i think the only saving grace of this drama is good acting the story is boring with zero chemistry to the OTP they just doing good by their own honestly the comedy just get repetitve but still watch to the end for SHS

  6. I wanted to binge watch but couldnt wait and watched all the 10 episodes in 1 day and now my life feels empty
    Saturday plz come soon
    All d actors have done a marvellous job from the king queen to even the maids
    Dying from laughter and the chemistry is seriously mind blowing
    One of the best kdramas which can b watched again and again

  7. While I enjoyed the earlier episodes, its starting to get a bit draggy…same old same old antics.

    Besides the leads, the supporting cast also doing a good job.

  8. This drama cast the right actors.
    Rather than care about the story, I just want to see actors doing their magic in the screens, along with the crews

    • FL is the best part of the drama for me i was not her fan but after this drama surely i will keep a close watch on all her upcomings.She is packed with talent and charisma

  9. Notachi couple I’m your anti fan. ^^

    Seriously, whoever came up with the idea of casting these two for the drama is a casting genius. I genuinely can’t imagine anyone else playing their roles.

    Kudos Shin Hye Sun & Kim Jung Hyun. The rest of the cast is also great.

    I do have issues with the writing of the show, though. We have at least three characters whose roles are very basic: the cousin, the concubine and the boy who is crusing on the young maid. I feel the cousin is just there to be sadsecondleadTM,but hasn’t really offered anything to the plot. Have him choose a side! Is he gonna stalk the OTP with those teary eyes for the rest of the drama? He’s making things drag. Is he a villain or an ally? Give him something meatier to do because right now he puts me to sleep. The concubine is also a one-dimensional character jealoussecondflTM. I’m sure they’ll try to redeem her eventually, but I’ll have a hard time caring because she’s evil since childhood and I loathe her. They should show another side to her, so that the audience can start caring about her character because right now no one does, and it will be too late in the future. The boy crushing on the young maid is purely there as comic relief and I don’t find him funny or endearing, so I need the writer to make the character relevant to the central plot. Why is he part of the story? Why do we need this extra character? Same with the guy that plays one of the kings allies (not the “brother”)… why is he necessary? Make him relevant, show.

    Anyways, I do like the drama and I’m having fun, but those issues really need to be fixed so that the plot can stop dragging. Those characters feel too generic most of the time.

    • @May

      Bravo! I wholeheartedly agree on your issues with the show’s writing. I’ve also wondered the same thing regarding those characters you mentioned. Most of them and their scenes seem like just filler to drag this on for 20 episodes. The comedy though repetitive might be enough for some but other viewers like me need something more substantial. And this drama can be more than it is now.

    • I guess I am selfish. To develop more of those characters means less screen time for the OTP. I’m already frustrated as heck that their together screen time feels so paltry. I wanna see them spend more time together and learning more about each other. 10 more episodes instead of the usual 6 to truly savour it…

      • Then after casting Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun for the lead roles, they should have just cast chairs and firewood for the remaining roles since it wouldn’t have made much of a difference. Like someone wrote above, the only thing fans care about is gushing about the OTP, not having thoughtful discussions about the plot.

    • Agree, The writing not the best.
      The second male and female leads are underdeveloped characters, just playing the usual pining for leads trope.
      Pity since the supporting cast is really good too.

  10. I am STILL totally entertained 😀 I totally agree with you that the storyline could have been better but because the 2 leads are awesome and their scenes are too funny for me, I’m kinda looking forward to the drama every weekend for the laughs, still love it 😀

  11. Well, I’m enjoying it a lot so far, despite the flaws. It is true that the story has some weaknesess. It’s not clear if the Queen is returning to her body and what will happen to the guy in it. Also, not clear what the King intends to do, this whole ledger thing seems a bit weak to take down the most powerful family in the country.
    Also, not sure about the romance angle, at least they are not putting too much focus on it. Because it’s clear that the King is falling for the guy in a female body, not for the female soul that corresponds to that body. So, when the guy is gone…will the King keep liking his Queen or not?

  12. That makeout scene! They should give a separate award for that. Even the part where they broke apart for a few seconds, and SHS was against the wall, her mouth reaching out, and KJH staring at her face intently before . . . gaaah!!! ?

    • But SHS nailed this character well. She might be not as pretty as your fave but her skill brought her many good rating so far. Most of her dramas got high ratings. She’s truly a great actress.

    • if u can’t watch her, don’t watch the show then. the show is already doing well. imo she may not fit typical korean beauty standards but she has a natural unique look to her that makes her stand out. she cute imo.

  13. Really then who is pretty name ur real bias
    Its not yoo jung becoz dint u have prb with her nose
    Wasnt this clown blocked?
    Why is she back to vomit toxins

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