Squid Game and Kim Sun Ho Make the List of Top 10 Most Searched Terms on Korean Google for 2021

The helpful Google search engines continues to be the go to platform for anyone seeking information and the Korean search words in 2021 helps understand what was on people’s minds in Korea. Without splitting by category or top, only 2 entertainment related names made it on the overall Top 10 search terms in Korea – Squid Game was number 3 and K-actor Kim Sun Ho was number 6. The former due to its worldwide popularity and the latter for both Hometown Cha Cha Cha and then his subsequent scandal combined for a lot of searches of his name. For just the drama search terms here are the top 10: #1 is Squid Game, then The Uncanny Counter at 2 followed by Money Game in 3rd spot, then it’s Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen) in 4th and Again rounds out the top 5. The next batch is D.P. in 6, then Drink Now, Work Later is 7th, streaming drama EXchange in 8th, poor early cancelled Joseon Exorcist takes the 9th spot, and the 10th position goes to The Veil (Black Sun).

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