Hyun Bin, Yoona, and Yoo Hae Jin Reunite for K-movie Confidential Assignment 2 Along with Daniel Henney and Jin Seon Kyu

So much has changed in 4 years since the original movie came out in 2017 not least of which lead actor Hyun Bin has played yet another North Korean officer since then ha! The movie Confidential Assignment was a box office hit and there are always new cases that could use North and South Korean collaboration to solve so the cast has been reassembled with some additional new faces for the sequel Confidential Assignment 2. Hyun Bin is back along with Yoo Hae Jin as his South Korean cop counterpart, and Yoona who was Binnie’s sorta love interest and Yoo Hae Jin’s sister. I expect her part to get bigger since she had the mega hit movie Exit back in 2019. Joining the cast is Daniel Henney as an FBI agent and actor Jin Seon Kyu who I guess will play the baddie role that was played by Kim Joo Hyuk, who sadly passed three years ago. This is a great movie to get a sequel and I’m looking forward to it.


Hyun Bin, Yoona, and Yoo Hae Jin Reunite for K-movie Confidential Assignment 2 Along with Daniel Henney and Jin Seon Kyu — 8 Comments

  1. I’m surprised that people don’t talk about Yoona’s drama. I mean I watched the first episode for Hwang Jung Min and there were too many characters for me. But she had a big hit and she’s a famous idol.

    I still must watch Condiential Assignment…

  2. Hush drama of Yoona is a mega flop. rating is between 1-3%. where are her fans.

    she cant act but she stil gets casted…. so congrats.

  3. yoona doesnt even appear much in the drama, the longest time she appeared in was in episode 11, the main cast are the veterans and the few times she appears she trends fo her acting so stop the bs and lies when you even watch the drama
    what do you gain of smearing people reputation and credibility like that jeez

  4. This is why I don’t like it when idols are involved, all that people talk about are them.

    Yoona had a very small part in the first one and she was there for comical elements that didn’t harm the story so her being in this isn’t that big of a deal.

    WHAT I am excited about is killer action scenes by Hyunbin since those in the first movie were mindblowing ?

    And Hyun Bin x Daniel Henney reunion after My Name is Kim Samsoon!

    Congrats to Binnie on his Daesang, he and his sweetheart shall collect all the awards.

  5. Is Yoona the only star in this film? The veterans, Hyun Bin,Jin Seon-Kyu and Daniel Henney, deserve some attention too.

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