Queen Cheorin Episode 14 Inches Back Up to 13.623% Ratings as Competition Heats Up in Other Cable Networks

Man, I thought Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen) would be breaking cable records left and right but it’s got stiff competition from the other cable dramas on the weekend time slot with one finished and another one just arrived. OCN drama The Uncanny Counter faltered in the final few episodes likely due to the screenwriter swap but the last episode got 10.999% which makes it the highest rated OCN drama ever. This weekend also saw the premiere of TV Chosun drama Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music which set the premiere ratings record for the network: Sat’s episode was split into two parts and got 5.708% and 6.864% and Sun’s episode brought in 5.838% and 7.178%. It feels like a resurgence in K-drama watching on television proper (as opposed to streaming) and that makes me happy. If I were in South Korea I would watch on TV, watch the commercials, and keep this enterprise running rather than selfishly stream and send drama making into a tailspin of production costs with no CF income.


Queen Cheorin Episode 14 Inches Back Up to 13.623% Ratings as Competition Heats Up in Other Cable Networks — 22 Comments

  1. Competition between cable networks is not the only thing heating up, I hear. Cheoljong and So Bong too. Took a break from watching it live around EP10 since the palace intrigues were pissing me off. But I’ll binge it when it’s done airing.

    I expected UC to have higher finale ratings (at least 12-13%). 10% is still a feat given the network but I think karma got back at them a bit on behalf of the original writer.

    Welcome to the race, MLDM!

    • I too thought TUC would score higher ratings for its finale. 10.9% is not so impressive for a finale when the drama already hit double digits back in EP12 with 10.5%. But it’s still got the record as OCN’s highest-rated drama so that’s a score. Networks, don’t bite the hand that writes the scripts of your record-breaking hit show.

      QC I expected to rise for Sunday’s episode. I’ll be taking the makjang newcomer out for a spin today.

    • I’m also expected TUC for higher rating for the final episode, still quite high. Mr.Queen is doing better and stronger than I thought. Ep 14 of MQ was very good.

      • TUC’s last two episodes were not that good for me. It’s already good enough that the finale was still 10% plus . I am now doubtful the second season will be equally good as the first.

        As for Mr. Queen 12-13% is already great. Not many dramas could get this kind of ratings nowadays. If it gets any higher even better. The actors are really doing an amazing job.

      • @M I know the show went downhill since the original writer was out. I also don’t want Season 2 without the original writer. I can’t even relate with the show anymore since last 4 episodes.

  2. Mr Queen is really in very tight competition with first TUC, now with MLDM, and more to come. I’m impressed with how they stayed on top since premiere. The show keep going better. Everything is on point. I think the best part of the show is the performance of SHS and KJH. All the actors are good too.

    • I don’t think TUC and Mr. Queen were in direct competition. TUC aired at 10:30 while Mr. Queen aired at 9:00, a whole 1 hour, 30 mins earlier with no overlap. The first real competition I’ve seen for Mr. Queen is MLDM which also airs at 9:00. Yet both still manage to hit high ratings. That’s pretty cool.

      • There is actually a 10-20 minute overlap. Queen Cheorin ends at 10:40 on Saturdays and 10:50 on Sundays, probably because of TVN’a trademark bloated running times and heavy ad load.

  3. This drama manages to get better and more exciting with every episode. First when it announced as 20-episode drama, I was afraid how they would plan. But, now I wish this drama would never end.

  4. I’m not a fan of sageuks. But, I love this one, it’s so different and unique from other sageuks. The writers really knows how to bring new elements in a historical setting. No need to say how the cast is talented. I personally believe both KJH and SHS are among the best actors in their age group. I can’t wait for next episode.

  5. Last episode was so freaking good, we got brilliant comedy after that angst and more interactions between Our King and Queen. Plus the sincere confession from the King, their make out scenes, bickering, hide-and-seek, and hug. More, the hand signal at the ending. I’m so happy that this drama is doing very well.

    • Same here I really like this episode. I laughed out loud so many times in the funny scenes. And was really tensed during the planned ice poison for the queen.

  6. I’m back vested after ep13 and ep14 – i think the drama works best when they try to reduce the comedy in the politics keeping it more serious with stakes and keep the comedy in the gender shenanigans and OTP. I think the OTP has great chemistry and the handling of how she/he is falling in love with him and the physical attraction is done well with sensitivity. essentially for this drama to work you need to let the message that love transcends gender come through – I’m glad it’s obvious now that the original queen soul is not around anymore so there’s no confusion. He is falling in love, granted he’s in woman’s body now but it is him who is falling in love and enjoying it ahem haha

  7. With the many choices of new dramas to watch, I initially thought I’d be skipping some parts of Mr. Queen if the 2 leads are not on the screen, just like what I’ve done in other dramas. I am surprised at myself that with Mr. Queen, I don’t mind watching even the sometimes useless scenes of the non-leads because I do find some scenes funny lol. But of course, nothing beats the combo of the 2 leads, I can’t remember the last time I watched a drama this entertaining.

  8. why is there always a negative vibe when it comes to Mr. Queen’s posts? sigh. might have to stay away from Mr. Queen articles from this blog for now.

    • Are you not seeing the comments of viewers enjoying and praising the drama? What negative vibe are you talking about? But then again, if you can’t handle others sharing their opinions which will not always be sunshine and rainbows, then yes, it’s best you stay away from this site.

    • Come squee with us on the other site!
      There will always be those who will share our love for a drama , those whose tastes differ, and those who will only look for flaws. And that’s okay, we will not share in their misery because this drama makes us happy.

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