Looking Into the Rearview Mirror as jTBC Drama Run On Jogs Off into the Sunset

Another drama ended this week, and from the buzz (or lack thereoff), it appears jTBC Wed-Thurs romance Run On elicited audience interaction as light in touch as the slice-of-life it was presenting. This one I watched two episodes of and enjoyed it well enough and felt like I would like it more if I marathoned it since there wasn’t anything too sticky about the story, acting, chemistry, or execution. Everything felt gently lovely and passable, with Im Shi Wan and Shin Se Kyung on one side with their romance and Sooyoung and Kang Tae Oh doing their own thing, and the four characters crossing paths however the narrative presented. I’d also love to hear feedback from viewers who watched it, and don’t worry I don’t think this story has anything to be spoiled about the ending other than it appears to have wrapped everything up with a warm bow.


Looking Into the Rearview Mirror as jTBC Drama Run On Jogs Off into the Sunset — 11 Comments

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  2. I love this drama, it’s light and lovely while defying many cliché in so many ways. More than the plot, I love the oddball characters more. The ending is perfect too, not only the leads but all the recurring characters get a closure!

    The dialogues are witty too, but unfortunately so many jokes and callbacks are lost in translation in the netflix subs. Run On is definitely a hidden gem for me.

  3. It’s really good. A romance with slice of life. Even the supporting charcters are delightful. This is the best i’ve seen from SeKyung. I watched all her modern and historical dramas. Siwan is great as the gentle and stoic SeonGyeom.
    Sooyoung and KangTaeOh are awesome. Especially KangTaeOh, he plays villain and supporting character these past few years. Give him lead roles!! He has the range and great acting spectrum.

  4. I enjoyed Run On so much that I actually created a Reddit account just to participate in the weekly episode discussions after going without an account for 10 years. Run On is very dialogue-driven and we get to see different combinations of characters interacting with one another. I find myself mesmerised by the dialogue, acting and facial expressions. The characters, even the sides one, are endearing and relatable in their own ways. Out of the many slice of life dramas, this one resonated with me the most.

  5. Lovely drama, refreshing characters, on point dialogues, funny, witty, charming….This is everything Record of Youth should have been.

  6. I loved every second of this drama and am so sad that is over! It’s honestly such a breath of fresh air. The characters are all so real, and you can never get bored of the conversations they have. Also there are so many life lessons and as I was watching it really made me reflect on my own life as well.

  7. This was actually an underrated gem; the last drama I enjoyed this much as Hospital Playlist! Really healthy portrayals of ALL relationships (not just love, but also friendship, mentorship, self, etc…) It also brought up queerness w/o it being a joke or never acknowledged between characters (ahem Answer Me 1997 & 1994 I’m looking at you).

    It might not have high ratings, but based on internet reception and comments, esp. overseas, it has a very loyal fanbase!

  8. Oh Mijoo, Shin Sekyung’s character is my best FL to date. She’s perfectly flawed but so inspiring and relatable. Sekyung did wonders in bringing her to life.

    This drama holds a tops spot among my faves. Ratings are actually good for it’s genre tbh and reviews from both Korean and overseas viewers are mostly positive. This show is a gem.

    • The ratings are honestly average, even for its genre. No shame in admitting that. But its low ratings are not an indicator or definer of the drama’s quality.

  9. Personally, I didn’t really like it. The genre wasn’t clear. A slice of life? But there were the most clichés villains as the daddy and brother, the cleavage rich/poor was so exaggerated. The ML is a runner who never ran as professional and lost his job during all the drama, they mixed translator and interpreter job for the FL. I didn’t understand what the second lead was doing in the story before more the half drama. The second couple was disapointing. I hoped they will bring a more adult side to their couple, the first one being acting like teenagers, but no… it was the same and their happy ending sounded wrong, they never had something in commun…
    There were good conversations but the character’s choices were weird.

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