Song Joong Ki and Kim Tae Ri’s Sci-fi Movie Space Sweepers Debuts on Netflix with Positive Critic Reviews

Whew, I didn’t realize I was holding my breath but I totally was lol! I want Space Sweepers (Spaceship Victory) to be good because I want to watch a good movie, I hope male lead Song Joong Ki returns to form with a successful project after the mega disappointment that was Arthdal Chronicles, and because it’s a win for all of Chungmuro to have its first big budget space movie succeed. The movie premiered on Netflix this Friday February 5th and the first reviews in from all the major reviewers that cover Neflix have been solid to strong positive, lauding the movies family heart and swashbuckling energy. It’s compared to Guardians of the Galaxy and Cowboy Bebop so pretty complimentary to be in the same vicinity of those popular flicks. I also thought Neflix did a great job promoting the film as it took up my entire landing page when I logged onto Netlix last night. Despite not getting a theatrical run, this movie may end up reaching a wider world audience with Netflix in the long run.


Song Joong Ki and Kim Tae Ri’s Sci-fi Movie Space Sweepers Debuts on Netflix with Positive Critic Reviews — 42 Comments

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  2. I liked the film and it had incredible special effects to see, I also wanted the film to be good and successful because unfortunately it could not debut in the cinema, even so doing it on Netflix I do not think it is a bad second option.

    In flixpatrol it seems I occupy the number 1 place worldwide, it is the second Korean film (if I am not mistaken) that does it and everything in less than a year, this is quite good since Korean cinema is a quality cinema and little by little it is becoming a small place in a market full of North American or European films.

  3. I’m interested what people think. On a different site, it was considered too long and kinda of “meh” though not horrible. I just don’t have great luck with K-movies.

    • I wasn’t able to finish it. Maybe I was expecting too much. The acting was okay (Kim Tae Ri was badass!). The visual effects were awesome. But everything else felt so unoriginal. Is it that great to be compared to GotG or Cowboy Bebop? Because Space Sweepers seems like a knockoff.

      SK makes plenty of excellent thrillers and horror movies.

      • it’s true, personally, I really enjoyed Forgotten and the call, they both move between thriller and horror, from my perspective they are clear proofs that a mega budget is not always synonymous with quality.

      • Even the so-called positive reviews point out its unoriginality. And the alleged “so pretty complimentary“ comparisons to GOTG and Cowboy Bebop come off like a kind way of calling it the knockoff it is. In these pandemic times, standards are quite low. And as this will provide much-needed distraction, people will definitely eat it up despite it being a poor clone of better space/sci-fi flicks.

      • You exhaled too soon, Koala. Neways, KTR was a joy to watch and the reviews I’ve read so far single out her performance. Even though she was practically playing Korean Gamora with a side of Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie in Thor. Like others, I agree that there’s nothing particularly special or unique about this movie.

  4. I liked it! Congrats to the cast and crew and film prod. I too wanted this movie to do well, and it did not disappoint. In a way, I was happy it landed on Netflix since I get to see it at the same time as the rest of the world. IMHO, there is a little bit of wow factor and attention to detail that this film is missing to get me as engaged and wowed as when I first saw Guardians of the Galaxy, but overall, it is a great film that I’m sure international audience will like.

  5. Personally, I was not impressed. I expected more considering how Hallyu enthusiasts are always bashing Western shows/movies in order to elevate K-dramas/K-movies. I found it derivative (of Hollywood space movies – the irony) with nothing new to say and unnecessarily lengthy. Just my opinion.

  6. I just finished the movie and I really liked it as a whole! It started out weird in the beginning though and I felt disconnected to the characters and the plot. Plus all the different languages being spoken and yet was understood by everyone thanks to translating device, that whole thing felt weird and bothered me for some reason. It felt a bit like several different movies in different languages were mashed into one, I could hardly concentrate during the Danish and Korean exchange, it was mind boggling to listen to although at least that was a real Danish speaking! The movie really picked up when it focused more on the Korean characters and and their common a goal that started with money and ended up being so much more. I totally got Guardians of the galaxy feels and ended up loving it by the end! Also I was really surprised how well made the special effects were, I thought it would be mediocre but instead it was on the level of any big western sci-fi theatre movie. I also think it’s a pity it didn’t get a theatrical release but also grateful I got to watch it on Netflix at the same time as everyone else and in the end it will reach a broader audience. Highly recommended, just get past that weird start!

  7. I think it is a film that the general public will enjoy, but even so it felt technically well done but not forceful in its story, the criticism itself is mixed, but I think that with the evident budget spent on this film I am left to owe.

  8. The movie was good, but the non-korean actors had that low budget feeling to them. The main villian was cartoon evil, and there wasn’t any backstory to why they acted the way they did.

    • Agree. Their dialogues were really cringe. Even Richard Armitage who is a trained actor couldn’t do so much to elevate the badly written lines given to him.

  9. I didn’t have any high expectation before I watched, didn’t even know what the film is about but I watched it yesterday with my family and it was really good and entertaining! I don’t think a movie needs to be groundbreaking in originality for it to be considered good. The visual effect was top notch, the main casts were great and the diversity in race + language was an unexpected but wonderful surprised.

    It may not win an Oscar but it was still a good and entertaining movie perfect for weekend watch with family.

  10. I agree that this film was not groundbreaking and derivative however Korean movies seem to deliver better in terms of pathos, emotional attachment, and even with the faults I enjoyed it. The use of other languages intermixed, it was a bit awkward, but I give them kudos for trying. The special effects were great. Not the best but certainly not the worst I’ve seen recently (Wonder Woman 84, /cough).

  11. Stut up ,it is good come back even Westerner are praising it . You thought it would flop but it didn’t and you came up with another narrative . No. 1 on Netflix worldwide and a loser like still mouth to say it bad come back for him.

    Song Joong ki is good great and good haters like you and fuck off and leave him and his life alone. Anyway his next project is coming on Netflix on Feb,20 ,pathetic loser like you can also look forward to it.

      • Everyone here is expressing their opinions on the MOVIE, not SJK. No one’s bashed him or even mentioned his acting. So you can’t conclude that those who are expressing negative opinions about the MOVIE are automatically SHK fans. There are those like me who didn’t like the MOVIE but I’m looking forward to his upcoming drama, Vincenzo.

    • Hahahaha… these fangirls never cease to amuse. No one’s bashing your oppa, babycakes. With the hefty promotions by Netflix, of course people are gonna watch the movie. How else would you know if a film is good or bad without watching it? And does anything even flop on Netflix? You love the movie? That’s great, good for you. But if you can’t accept that other people on this earth will have different opinions from yours, then it’s time to pack up and move to space. Once you get there, take your F-bomb and blast yourself to oblivion with it.

    • @kofo
      You’re pressed. But I have to tell you – the fact that I tried to watch this movie because of KTR despite SJK being in there too is an extra step for me. I’ll never watch him again is what I said, but I don’t go around writing negative stuff about him. So to each his own. Accept that people have different opinions and preferences. Go out smell the roses, too.

  12. Just finished watching this with my kid and we enjoyed it a lot. It’s very diverse, they’re a lot of different languages spoken in the movie, which I considered a plus. I particularly liked the Nigerian character who spoke pidgin English, he was given a fairly large role in the movie. My daughter wondered about how the PD was able to pull off directing a script with so many languages so seamlessly, lol. I honestly thought they did a bang up job because they stuck to what Korean productions excel at – stories with heart. Great job guys!

  13. I am a huge SF fan, even more than a Kdrama fan (and I’ve seen over 300 Kdramas). My SF pedigree in books, films and tv is long and illustrious. And I just finished this movie and it did not disappoint. If this is South Korea’s first entry into space opera I am excited for what is to come. It was VERY well done. I am not saying it is Serenity, but it was definitely very good and I have seen much worse out of Hollywood. So, well done!

  14. As a westerner it’s not easy to get to see asian pictures on the big screen so I’m happy that Netflix do exists.

    All I knew about this movie was that Song Joong Ki were starring in it and it’s a first in a way for K-movies no more. So when I saw that Richard Armitage and Kim Tae Ri were also starring in it I was so happy. Not to mention Kim Hyang Gi at the end as Bubs, lol.

    This picture was entertaining with such a great cast. As a Firefly, Serenity fan I liked it. Not loved it but it was okay(7/10). Well done and I hope to see more in the future.

  15. The film was entertaining,though screenplay was poor. Overall its a one time watch and congrats to the team,its No.1 on Netflix for second day around the world.

  16. In thought it was fun. Reminded me very much of Firefly! Perhaps there could be a follow-up TV series in which they could expand and experiment withtheir ideas. Wouldn’t be the same budget for special effects tho.

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