Action Moves out of the Palace in Episode 18 of Queen Cheorin with Ratings Staying Put at 14.844%

Next week is the finale of Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen) and it’ll be interesting to see how the drama deals with both historical King Cheoljeong and his situation as well as whether Bong Hwan’s soul will stay in Joseon forever or go back to modern times. I’m fairly certain Bong Hwan is the reincarnated future self of So Young, perhaps getting her chance to be a man and make her own life choices after being a pawn in her own world. So when Bong Hwan’s life was in danger he went back to his previous self So Young and with it helped her solve her problems. But some problems are more than just a modern soul and mind can solve and now true sageuk danger with swords and assassinations are upon the leads. At least some of the annoying characters have gotten out of the way, all I want is to take both Dowager Queens down and maybe slap an annoying minion or two along the way.


Action Moves out of the Palace in Episode 18 of Queen Cheorin with Ratings Staying Put at 14.844% — 15 Comments

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  2. So Bong made some very foolish decisions this episode. A newly pregnant woman (and those early weeks are crucial) going off into the wild where she’ll face harsh elements in a territory she’s unfamiliar with? Carrying a bow and arrow she can’t even shoot? And she didn’t even bother with a disguise? And she was going to do it alone if CLC and HY hadn’t insisted on tagging along? When she visited Yeongpyeong and Hong in jail, I thought she had a plan to set them free so they’d go save the king. If she really really really had to go with them, those two would have made better backup than CLC and HY. Now CLC is injured. And HY, who knows? And is it all because of Bong Hwan’s “be the cool hero“ complex or the desperation of a (wo)man in love? Either way, some stoopid decisions were made.

    And what a frightening thing it is to see love turn into hate. Byeong In putting her in a chokehold? And that preview? Dun dun dun.

      • As we’ve unfortunately experienced with too many dramas, the writers trip and fall flat on their faces during the final race to the finish line. Smh.

  3. Ep 18 is the worst episode ever. It become so boring. Cheoljong is barely there, there are only a few seconds of him in the whole episode, WTF!!!
    All Byung In’s scenes are unnecessary and boring. His character does not even need in this drama. The actor playing Byung In always has same expression in his face.I skipped all his scenes.

    • The worst indeed! I used to find BI handsome in the early episodes but now his face just bores and pisses me off. Plus his acting is one-note. Ironically, it’s the opposite with the concubine. I couldn’t stand her but now I like her. Who’d have thought? They redeemed her nicely.

      • Agree the redemption arc for concubine hwa jin was nicely done.
        She also dished out some words of wisdom to the king’s brother when leaving the palace.

      • I still feel sorry for her… that he fell out of love and checked out before she could even fathom what went wrong. Her arc was nice and I am glad she is taking time out to find herself again. Enough bitchy women in the palace as it is. Its nice to have one less. Agree that ep 17-18 is a snoozefest. I hope 19-20 redeems itself.

  4. When Bong Hwan first transmigrated into Queen’s body, he was so brave and capable of EVERYTHING that So Yong could never do. They even made us belief that the Queen drowned herself out of helplessness, not coz of tragic love. The feminist in me was mad – so you put the man’s soul in woman’s body and he can achieve anything? In latest episodes, the more chef’s soul is getting absorbed by the female body, the more helpless and incapable he became. Why?!! Coz he is now almost a female? What happened with all that special forces training and other modern wisdom?
    I know I shouldn’t compare the Chinese original to this one, but I felt really sorry for the interpretation of a “guy” in original Princess’ body by Chinese actress, while the chef’s behavior
    done by Shin Hye-Sun just irritates me. Besides, the lucky Chinese Crown Princess got to spent the night taking care of wounded half naked Alan Yu (9th Prince) and later the equally undressed husband, the Crown Princes when she was camping out in the woods after assassination attempt. We all could gaze at them with her to our hearts sexy content. And what scene did we get here in the forest? Three middle age ladies decided to go camping no one knows why. Good for them, fresh air. Boring for us.

  5. This drama is on the downhill since they decided to focus on that psychopath cousin. I am super annoyed with him, he is also the worst actor in the whole cast.
    And, a lot of characters including The Queen herself are becoming stupid and doing silly things. Hwa Jin had some good transformation, that’s good. Most of them are in right track anymore.
    The most sane and normal character must be the King, who is still on his mission trying to change his country’s fate. And, in last episode, he showed up like a minute! We all know that the King is alive, there’s no need to hide him and focus more on the cousin instead, it might be the most stupid thing.

  6. Despite the cheap production and all the zany shenanigans happening in the original Cdrama, I think the writing was better in Go Go Princess

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