Episode 3 of Sisyphus: The Myth Delivers More Preposterous “Action” Sequences and Halfway Exposition and Gets Ratings of 6.167%

There are viewers that claim jTBC drama Sisyphus: The Myth is a fantasy drama and not sci-fi, and by episode 3 I not only have to agree I would say it’s straight up comedy. It’s funnier than anything I’ve seen recently and every scene is (un)intentional comedic gold because it defies human behavior and basic tenets of logic. This episode was split into two parts: Escape from Convention Center and Exposition that Consists Only of Half of What Needs to be Said. The first part had creepy dudes materializing inside the conference hall with only one dude who is half re-constituted that takes a long range sniper rifle to assassinate Han Tae Sul, but doesn’t pull the trigger until like 30 minutes of him doing his transporter demo on stage and right after Seo Hae shows up to scream “DUCK!” while holding a giant Ipad over her head.

After the shooting begins the guy doesn’t keep shooting and gives Seo Hae enough time to run down the audience rows onto the stage to drag Tae Sul behind the podium. Then he chases her down but gets beat, after which she “runs away” with Tae Sul rather than leave him with police officers trying to save him, and then performs a hastily assembled zip line jump off a tall building that makes Crash Landing on You parachuting sequence seem like Oscar worthy visual effects. Then the episode goes to the two captured by slimy President Park and his gaggle of minions who we learn by the end of the episode helps future travelers to this past moment in time (2020?), not to change the future (because the future cannot change) but simply to come back and fix a regret. No wonder it’s Sisyphus, it would better to use future tech to create mind travel so the person can re-do the regret in their brains as a lucid dream then this whole hot mess.


Episode 3 of Sisyphus: The Myth Delivers More Preposterous “Action” Sequences and Halfway Exposition and Gets Ratings of 6.167% — 36 Comments

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  2. What did they spend all their budget on because it wasn’t the CGI! The action sequences in this drama are Rohit Shetty level of ridiculous! Who came up with these ridiculous “stunts”? Nothing in this drama makes sense and why is PSH this bad at acting? She’s making her Heirs character look like an Oscar performance!

    • Not Rohit Shetty lmfaooooo (for non-desi ppl, he’s the Michael Bay of Bollywood, complete with ridiculous explosions and gratuitous actions scenes). But someone explain to me fr why ppl continue to hire Park Shinhye when she’s probably the worst actress in Korea and hasn’t improved over 2 decades of actively working. Give the other actually talented actresses some due pls.

      • This exactly. She was like a petulant annoying teenager the entire episode. The character writing is paper thin but she isn’t making it any better. On the other hand better her than an actually good actress wasting her potential in a bad drama.

      • I personally think she’s a good actress, it’s just most of the scripts she accepted aren’t good. If you watched Pinocchio, she’s really good there and has great potential. Also she was good in the first 6 episodes of doctors until the writing gotten really bad and they destroyed her character.

  3. And to think everyone thought this would be a serious sci-fi time twister drama a la Signal or Tunnel ? Poor CSW coming into this after the brilliance that was Secret Forest while PSH proves over and over again that she truly can’t act for shit. I still think about less shitty Memories of Alhambra would’ve been with a better cast female lead. Welp.

  4. drama. i tried…. i really tried watching you… but the nonsense that i think they throw common sense out of the window at the actions they do in the drama are baffling and idiotic to me. i have to drop you. i can’t take it anymore. its like a c-rated drama with a star-studded actors playing it. its boring as well.

  5. Episode 3 was so ridiculous, ridiculous where I couldn’t even laugh unlike the first two episodes. I’m baffled. I thought this drama was reproduced but felt like each episode was filmed one day before airing. Like what is the post production team doing? Is their budget small? Did the budget go to the main actors paychecks?

    FL going through security check scene was just moronic, if she was in a hurry, she would had run past the security check in the very beginning, she took her sweet time and started shoving some people and sprinting after a moment delay.

    FL and ML sledding down the building as if it’s one big slide was headache inducing bad, and she was able to slow down their speed by using her gun? ?

    FL was able to defeat all kind of baddies but she couldn’t handle the few weaklings at the end?

    I was using my FF button for all three episodes, but what happened to Chinese waiter, I don’t see him this episode.

    I thought I could watch this drama just solely for the laughs but apparently it isn’t working for me on that department either, at least for this episode. Maybe it’s time for me to say good-bye… maybe ep 4 won’t be too ridiculous but just enough so I can just laugh haha

    Hello me episode 3 wasn’t that great either although I did enjoy their dancing duo.

    • I’ve yet to watch both dramas. Hahaha. I read some people on DB trying to justify the drama with excuses that they heard JSW read the scripts till EP8 before selecting it and that he wouldn’t pick a bad script. That makes it even worse.

      @Koala, except the drama brands itself as “sci-fi”, “thriller“, not fantasy or comedy. It makes a fool of itself yet demands to be taken seriously. It doesn’t even know what it is.

      I’ll be back with thoughts. Since there’s another Aurora here, I’ll have to modify my user name. Hm.

      • Interesting, those people are lost causes. to be fair, the scripts doesn’t indicate how bad the cgi will be but even if the cgi was good, the story and its sequences doesn’t make any sense. No human is perfect so even he is bound to make a mistake in picking scripts ? I think the biggest enticement is probably the large paycheck haha

      • Bad CGI isn’t the only or main issue. The atrocious action sequences, too. And the script would (and should) definitely describe those in detail. It might have been the paycheck then.

      • — Security checkpoint.
        Is show seriously telling me those guards couldn’t take her down?

        — Auditorium sniper.
        WTF was he waiting for?????????? And why’s he such a terrible shot???? Also, where did the bodyguard get his training? A sniper is shooting and instead of rushing to protect your injured boss and haul his ass the heck outta there, you stand dumbly onstage unarmed and spread your arms at the sniper? WTF?????

        — Seo-hae.
        What is her motive? What does she want from Tae-sul? Three episodes in and we still don’t know much about her. Plus, she’s not the badass we were sold in the character descriptions. Instead, they’ve made everyone else inept idiots to make her seem badass. From the bureau guys, guards, police, jelly-sniper. None of those idiots could take her down. Yet those two broker guys easily did? Face, meet palm.

        — Building slide.

        — Zipline rooftop.
        Jeezus, the 20 or so armed cops behind them couldn’t just shoot her in the leg or something? They instead waited politely for her to assemble a makeshift zipline?

        — Sh/tty ziplining scene to sitting on the floor chatting like besties.
        In the words of Lana Kane, “I have no words. My words have failed me.”

        — Tied up.
        Good opportunity to give us answers. Instead, they stupidly bicker. In fact that whole scene with the broker gave us nothing. Whenever someone asks a good question or is about to reveal information, they’re interrupted and the conversation is diverted elsewhere. And the dialogue stinks. Sung Dong Il is a hoot, though.

        — “Welcome to the future.” The question isn’t where, it’s when“ dialogue.
        Copied straight out of Dark like someone said last time. And from other discussions, that’s not the only show they copied from. They ripped off bits and pieces from legit damn-good Western sci-fi shows and frankensteined them into this hodgepodge we have here.

        That bad coffee is a perfect metaphor for how I feel about this drama. Even though I know the show will get it wrong every single time, I can’t help but watch. Lol.

      • Ah okay, I personally have no idea how detail the action sequences are described in scripts in general, thanks for the insight haha

        Really, barely anything makes sense in this drama. This is like Alice in Wonderland nonsensical mad logic. It works because I say it worked mentality haha

        Just like Vincenzo, the titular character… I don’t connect with FL. I don’t know anything about her although we are three episodes in. Like nothing for me to care for her except for that she is the hero of the story so we should automatically root for her haha

        I’m watching these scenes and I’m wondering is it my laptop/phone quality that are horrendous because I felt like the cgi is on par with those cute photo booths that you go to with your friends haha

        This drama feels very Americanized and not in a good way.

        I rarely drink coffee but I assume bad coffee is like Reusing the same coffee grounds over and over again and using muddy water ?

      • Vincenzo, I know what he wants. To get the gold in the vault and hightail it out of S. Korea to chill in Malta. We might not yet know his childhood/backstory but his motivations are clear. Him I get.

        Seo-hae here, we don’t know what the hell she wants. In the EP1 scene with her dad, he told her to live her life and never contact Tae-sul. Why, we don’t know. She arrives and does the exact opposite. For reasons we STILL have no clue about. And she doesn’t answer any questions.

        This mess has nothing to do with America. The drama ripped off some of the best sci-fi shows and still couldn’t do jack with it. It’s all on them.

      • I agree, we do know Vincenzo plans but emotionally I don’t connect with him in a deeper level, but like if his plans fail, I’ll be lukewarm about it haha

        You’re right, we literally no nothing on this girl, she’s a tough onion to unravel ?

        I don’t mean to put down on the U.S. I’m trying to say that they try so hard to imitate American shows but doing a bad job at it. They losing their Korean identity that make kdramas so alluring in the first place.

      • Oh yeah, I know what you meant. Sorry, this show vexes me on a whole other level. Here, take a heart: ?

        True, most i-fans flocked to K-dramas for their culture and uniqueness. But they’ve all but lost that Korean flavour that made K-dramas so addictive.

  6. Eventhough some of the scenes are illogical and funny, the two leads have amazing chemistry. Choi Seung Woo and Park Shin Hye looks really good together!

  7. So is it watchable or not? I have been busy and was about to start. The article has alarmed me especially since I read sci- fi novels.

  8. It’s very blochbuster-ish so it’s pretty fun to watch. I like the ML but the FL is poorly developped for now. We know nothing about her and she’ always grumpy… I’m very curious about the plot how the future/time travel works in this story.

  9. I’ve accepted that I should not take this drama seriously and just enjoy JSW’s acting, his side reactions in this episode are too funny.

  10. I’ve watched EP4 and I dare say this drama is a letdown, I am kinda sad since I was really looking forward to it because I love JSW’s talent and body of work and I like PSH (although some say her acting is hit or miss, which I would agree to some extent, but she has charm). First off, the promo hype and character descriptions were off, it made the audience raise expectations. We’re 4 episodes in and in my opinion, [although I didn’t want to verbalize it at first but I must now accept it] this drama is badly directed, written and edited. It looks like there is no continuity writer, the characterization of both leads is not consistent – the FL would have moments of “elite warrior-ness” but also moments of utter cluelessness and inaction, I mean if she’s written to be fierce, let her be bad-ass all the time. It would have been better if PSH cut her hair or wore a wig befitting an elite warrior from the future (her hair is oh so pretty and glossy here, frankly it’s distracting lol), or put a scar on her face or arm or just deglamorize her to better reflect the character. JSW is trying hard to make the scenes entertaining and it’s like he has this inside joke in his head to just do his best with badly written scenes lol. It’s a lost opportunity for this production, so much talented and money wasted. It looks like they shot scenes with no clear vision of what they want to convey in an episode and how to build the storyline and unfold the characters, and they just stitched scenes together and hope they gel or show something cohesive. *sigh* That said, as I still get entertained by JSW’s acting, I will continue to watch this drama and hope it gets better.

  11. actually i tried to watch this drama.. but cancelled it due to the very 1st ep, where the FL seems to enjoy the night sky view on top of the train, where underneath her there’s a group of armed man and didn’t even notice her up there while it’s very obvious u can see her i addict to the device and very bright night but still failed to see her.

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