Nam Ji Hyun Searches for Her Runaway Groom in jTBC 1-episode Comedic Drama Off Route

Get ready for mother-daughter bonding time and runaway groom chasing shenanigans. Nam Ji Hyun may be returning later this year with fantasy drama Come to Witch’s Restaurant but her fans will get to see her as soon as early March in the 1-episode jTBC Drama Festa project Off Route. She plays a bride-to-be whose groom runs away on their wedding day and she sets off with her mom played by Park Ji Young to track him down. The male lead is rookie newbie Kim Bum Soo who smiles and looks like Jung Hae In. The last time I watched a ditched bride track down her errant groom she found instead the world’s biggest smexy hottie, you all know I’m talking about taking a Long Vacation. I’m excited to see Nam Ji Hyun in this one shot and check out a new face male lead.


Nam Ji Hyun Searches for Her Runaway Groom in jTBC 1-episode Comedic Drama Off Route — 13 Comments

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  2. This looks grea! Too bad it’s only 1 ep, but I’ll take what I can get.

    Wow, smiling Kim Bum Soo does look a lot like Jung Hae In! If it weren’t for KBS’s cutely-sticking-out ears, I would’ve thought that was JHI. They should play brothers someday. Koreans won’t have any trouble remembering Kim Bum Soo’s name since one of their most famous vocalists (who’s recorded several OSTs) has the same name.

    I was just thinking of Long Vacation this week… I’m gonna have to do a rewatch one of these days.

  3. Nam Ji Hyun! She looks stunning in the wedding dress. Ramdom thought. The striped pattern on that beige blanket in the third still cut look very similar to someone’s striped shirt in one of his IG posts. A little bird twitted that someone spotted him with blue hair recently. Blue is her fave color. Random thought finished. Filming for Witch Restaurant will start next week. Hope she will just show up on the set!

      • i dont think jcw will be going around spotting a blue hair… the above commenter meant someone else… kyungsoo will also be the last one to colour his hair blue…

  4. Ah, I miss my Hyunnie very much. Looking forward to see more of her in 2021. I’m still patiently waiting for a reunion of Hyunnie with Kim Soo Hyun, Kang Ha Neul, Song Joong Ki and Park Hyung Sik. She shines brightest when opposite male co-stars.

  5. I’m so ecstatic with this news since i missed her a lot. BTW, Happy 17th debut anniversary NJH May you have more good projects to come.

  6. Though it is a 2 episode drama.Nam hi hyun has nailed her role again.She has expressed her emotions so beautifully.Be it sad,happy,rejection,Rom com,she is good in all the roles.NJH is very talented and versatile actress.I loved the drama,no exaggeration,but to the point and clear.

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