K-netizens Share Side-by-Side Comparison of MBC, KBS, and SBS Dramas Color Grading Which Makes a Difference in Mood

This is such a cool find from K-netizens and once it’s been pointed out I retroactively see it and flash through my rolodex of past dramas. The prime time Big Three networks KBS, MBC, and SBS have been producing dramas for decades and each has an unique reputation among viewers for the genre, quality, and style of dramas it favors. I noticed that but didn’t notice that each network has a preferred color grading (hue) when it’s dramas onscreen and taking the same scene with the color grading of the network really lends it a different mood. Below is a scene from a sageuk colored in each network’s visual style: KBS feels more romantic and balance, MBC is bright and sharp, and SBS prefers subdued and subtle. K-netizens think MBC is the prettiest but it’s too bright and could be more tiring on the eyes, KBS has the best balance, and SBS is soothing to watch but could seem dark and broody. They think KBS is best for sageuks visuals, MBC for rom-com, and SBS for melodramas. What do you think?


K-netizens Share Side-by-Side Comparison of MBC, KBS, and SBS Dramas Color Grading Which Makes a Difference in Mood — 7 Comments

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  2. I completely agree. MBC visuals always feel me with warm fuzzies and bright cheerful feelings. MBC hosted my fave rom-coms below:
    Merry Mary (Lee Ha Na, JHW)
    Personal Taste (SYJ & LMH)
    Playful Kiss (JSM, KHJ)
    The Greatest Love (GHJ, CSW)
    Kill Me Heal Me (JS, HJE)
    Cunning Single Lady (LMJ, JSW)
    Fated To Love You (JH, JNR)
    She Was Pretty (PSJ, HJE)
    W (LJS, HHJ)
    Extraordinary You (RW, LJW, KYH)

    My absolute TOP 4 all time MBC rom-coms are:
    Princess Hours- Yoon Eun Hye, Jun Ji Hoon (unforgettable visual, costume, chemistry, cinematography)
    My Lovely Kim Sam Soon – Hyun Bin, Kim Sun Ah (unforgettable young HB, lol)
    Shopping King Louie – Seo In Guk & Nam Ji Hyun (unforgettable chemistry, OST)
    WFKBJ – Lee Sung Kyung & Nam Joon Hyuk (unforgettable chemistry, OST)

    MBC also has the top honour of hosting my fave sags: Damo, Jumong, Dae Jang Geum/Jewel in The Palace, Queen Seondeok, The Return of Illjimae, METS, SWTN, AATM

    Random genre:
    All About Eve
    King To Hearts
    Cinderella Man

    Such awesome nostalgia crack dramas MBC created but sadly going down fast like the Titanic after 2016. Bye-bye MBC you have a trusted companion but tvN is my top go-to K-drama network now.

  3. I’m from the old blighty. I can tell you that MBC has the best drama posters. They are colourful, uplifting & sanguine. I was randomly flicking through Netflix in 2019 and saw Extraordinary You poster. That piqued my interest in Korean dramas ever since. Lol.

  4. I like Rookie Historian GHR. It looks pretty as a postcard. The color scheme does affect my mood especially during shelter-at-home orders. I have to say tvn is catching up fast on color grading coz I love how some Start Up scenes looked so gorgeous on the tv screen. The story is meh though. Do Do Sol Sol La La from KBS2 is not bad too.

    • i agree regarding with about dodosolsollalasol….the ligthing look very sweet for a rom com.They emphasized the scene very well with countryside scenery. For rookie historian GHR has very beautiful main poster and i really like the colour of their outfits.It just blend very well and match with the cast visual.

      • 100 days my prince from tvn also has gorgeous colours and cinematography. The way they framed the outdoor night scenes at the cherry blossom trees and bridge with hanging lanterns beautifully. The barley field scenes were stunning too.

  5. I commend those netizens that hv really artistic eyes coz me i never notice this kind of thing. What i just notice is that MBC’s dramas are a little behind these times. SBS dramas i think are majority in good rating positions while KBS is in moderate status. When i was starting my korean drama watching MBC and KBS were my faves since they were really good in sageuk (around year 2003) but now SBS os really dominating the dramas and variety shows. This is just me that noticed it.

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