Mouse Episode 6 Goes Back to Its Who is the Serial Killer Tricks Bringing in a New Ratings High of 6.672%

I’ve been watching tvN Wed-Thurs drama Mouse in a bubble, trying to assess and enjoy without stacking it against nearly identical serial killer jTBC drama Beyond Evil or analyzing outside of what I am seeing. But with episode 6 I went back to the production sheet, I write about so many dramas I don’t keep track of who is the PD and screenwriter of each drama all the time, and BINGO Choi Ran! My dear dear bipolar (writing style) Choi Ran, who I love and loathe at the same time lol. Every drama she writes is “good” if not “great” but goodness she shoots herself in the foot in stylistic elements that she stops herself from being “phenomenal”. Case in point God’s Gift: 14 Days, so insanely good but I’m still so traumatized by what she put me through, the twist upon twist upon twist and THAT *%^#ing ending! GG:14 Days worked because everyone and their mothers connected with Lee Bo Young’s motherly instinct and cheered on Jo Seung Woo as the intrepid detective. But here in Mouse, other than putting Moo Chi through the ringer to bring the first true emotional loss, once again the narrative keeps wanting to feint and trick viewers on who is the serial killer. It’s either Yo Han or Ba Reum but then most likely a third and even fourth candidate (or tandem). But Yo Han and Ba Reum are the kids of the two moms with babies carrying the serial killer gene and likely Han Seo Joon’s wife switched her baby with the other mom to try to get away from it. But the drama will ultimately be about people who have sociopathic (lack of empathy) and psychopathic (desire to hurt) predilections but don’t act on it and those who continue to become killers because that’s just the mystery of line and genetic disposition.


Mouse Episode 6 Goes Back to Its Who is the Serial Killer Tricks Bringing in a New Ratings High of 6.672% — 23 Comments

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  2. The rating is surprisingly high for such a dark genre and time slot. I realised recently Koreans seems to be into very dramatic plot and forget about the logic.

    Not sure why but I am still watching penthouse 2 and kind of enjoy it.

  3. We all know what happened with God’s Gift and THAT ending.
    Blame it ALL on SBS and their next project with THE high-profile actor.

    PS By the way, THAT drama did poorly in every aspect.

  4. Nowadays, I just watch dramas for entertaining and this drama is intriguing enough for me to look forward every week plus reading all the discussion and theories is fun. The ending of episode 6 is OMG, can’t wait for Ba Reum arc and LSG’s acting, he can do much more than a goodie two shoes!

  5. Honestly, it’s hard to focus on the characters when everything around is so stupid… Mouse and Beyond Evil chose entertainment over writting and it doesn’t really work for me even if they have great actors.

  6. I don’t think LSG’s character was the one behind all the recent killings, but I don’t think he’s all that innocent either.

    That last scene creeped me out with what he did with the bird. Reminds me of Joo Won’s younger counterpart in Alice.

    If he turned out to be the killer, then he must be pretending all this time to avoid being suspected. It’s kind of weird though, because his facial expressions as of now has not given me anything to make me suspect him.

    Unlike Jin Mook in Beyond Evil who from the first moment he appeared made me suspect him right away.

    • I suspected him since the first time i saw him. The child actor passed the lie detector. . So, psycho can act well to avoid being suspected. They are smart.

      The reason i suspected him:it’s LSG. If his character was just an ordinary good guy, they could cast anyone else. So, i dont think, he’s ordinary. Especially his ‘good’ character is too good to be true.

  7. I don’t know why but suddenly i thought about Ann Rule’s book ” The stranger beside me” about Ted Bundy . Serial killers ( Sociopath , psychopath …) sometimes they began really young while others only when they experience an emotional trauma even if it may be insignificant . Some even don’t feet in the profiler’s analysis . Mystery of genetic or not ? Remember in Desperate howsewives , the killer was a young man who was emotionally abused by an alcoholic mother after the husband left .

    • Well I still.hope that BR is not the serial killer..we still have another baby (the parlianment member’s baby) that potentially also has the gene..maybe BR is kinda psyco but maybe not the killer..or maybe we will have more than two killers..hmm..we still have 14 episodes to go..I am sure there will be plenty twist after twist..But I think I am kinda enjoy to focus more for the facial geature or the line deliveres by potential killer..

      • @Avocado – I confess that the first two episodes of Mouse was confusing, but I don’t recall that the parliament’s child was ever diagnosed with the psychotic gene. I rely on Viki’s subs, so I thought he told the congresswoman that the reason he voted against the bill was because he discovered his wife was pregnant and as a husband and a potential father, he couldn’t imagine asking her to abort her baby. I didn’t take that as a confirmation of the gene, but rather as being empathetic to any parent who found themselves in that situation.

    • But his role here could be the bad guy. If you watch him in Netflix’s Busted. He played it well being the flower killer. He fooled everyone there. Also what is funny is that the actor of Han Seo Jun is also a co-member of Busted ? could Busted be the start of their tandem ?

  8. I haven’t seen all of LSG’s work but I don’t think he has ever accepted a role of a baddie. I’d be impressed with his career choice and growth if his character in Mouse has a dissociative identity disorder/multiple personality disorder where the good personality is unaware of what the bad personality has been doing and if he acts out scenes showing the dark side too. It would be a good way for him to experiment with the 2 characters and broaden his acting experience.

    • I was thinking the same thing. If he is evil here, it would be his first.

      I am confused with his character because as a child he is obviously having psychological problems. But as a grown up, he seemed normal before the attack.

      In the last scene, he had a very blank look on his face, like he was just sleepwalking. If he is truly evil, he might have to borrow Shin Ha Kyun’s crazed look in Beyond Evil to make me believe.

      Maybe next week his character will start shedding his nice guy image.

      Is it weird that I suspect Shin Sang instead?

      • Oh I find Shin Sang suspicious too lol, maybe not for all the deaths but for some of those. Maybe he’s the curveball, the genetically
        ‘normal’ one but chooses to be bad, who knows. There’s this thought in my head that the DNA report Yo Han had will have a twist as well. Of course there could be any number of wild theories with the storyline, which is why I think viewers are sucked into the drama.

      • @M

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but they never showed Lee Seung Gi’s character as a child. The only child that was portrayed was the doctor, Seung Yo Han who killed both his siblings and his stepdad. So I’m confused why he isn’t in jail and why his mother who obviously despised him and is scared of him, is covering for him. The only reference to Ba Reum as a child was his pregnant mother saying she wouldn’t abort the child.

    • But his role here could be the bad guy. If you watch him in Netflix’s Busted. He played it well being the flower killer. He fooled everyone there. Also what is funny is that the actor of Han Seo Jun is also a co-member of Busted ? could Busted be the start of their tandem ?

  9. Ba Reum is the killer. Mom switched the babies. Yo Han is the other lady’s kid, and has been trying to find, investigate & then stop Ba Reum. The show has been giving us obvious clues, like Ba Reum stepping into the dark room with the kidnapped kid. The fake video was filmed in daytime. Yo Han telling his mom ‘Your son’ is the killer. Reverse fake out.

  10. I was also thinking that they didnt show Ba Reum’s childhood, the mouse and the snake and the murder of siblings and step dad the scene where the mom is trying to kill her son because he is a monster was yohan’s childhood. But we have to remember that the childs voice over about his hatred with the diety didnt clearly imply that it was yohan’s. it could be Ba reum’s memory. It is possible. Because it is still vague. We also need to notice that Ba reum is always missing in action, like he comeout after the encounter of the killer and bong yi. That is also suspicious. Also another thing that really puzzled me was when the mother saw Ba reum and bong yi in the hospital, she was looking at him at disbelief and run vomiting. i am not sure why she act that reaction maybe because she saw his son? And she is disgusted with him?The production has to do good story line for this or everything will be messy, it has to be connected from the start or viewers will criticize them. they have to really give justice to thier story. And i believe that whatever it is LSG will not be the actor in that series if his character is not challenging. I kinda felt short of his character and I know that they will not give it yo LSG if the character is not very important. We really need to wait for it to answer all our questions. We might be right, we might be wrong, we are just sharing our opinions while enjoying the series.

  11. I’m enjoying this drama. And boy can the actor protesting Mochi act! I totally felt his breakdown and gawd how horrible it is to lose ALL your family this way.

    My bet is LSG is the psycho – all his goodness is a front just like his dad who was able to trick everyone – remember Prof Daniel said even his own mom loved his friend more than himself. I just don’t get why he would kill the bird just like that – because that would have made him look suspicious – it’s sloppy which he hasn’t been .. yet.
    I do ship him with bong Yi but it seems he was the one fighting her at the church. I’m just wondering if all his goodness is completely fake or he’s conflicted. Even a as a child, he was praying for himself not to be a monster so there must be something in there still that is good. My hunch is the 2 male are brothers


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