Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young Have a Close Encounter in New Stills and Posters From Doom at Your Service

Argh, I can’t believe I have to wait until May for this drama! tvN‘s upcoming Doom at Your Service (One Day, Destruction Came to My Door) has a chance to destroy my mental well being from too much squeeing if it’s as good as the promos make it seem. New stills and character posters are out for leads Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk and it continues to be a visual feat for the eyes. Seo In Guk had a cameo in Park Bo Young’s abysmally awful Abyss and I didn’t immediately think of shipping them together in a future project so thanks to whomever made this casting happen like a surprise present. He’s the cool dangerous Doom and she’s just your adorable average Jane and goodness they glow like the stars and the moon together.


Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young Have a Close Encounter in New Stills and Posters From Doom at Your Service — 25 Comments

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  2. Thank you very khamsa from the bottom of our hearts Ms Koala for covering this drama. Two teasers and one behind the scenes promo are already out in tvn YT channel. We’re getting a rom-com vibe more than tragic melo at the moment.

  3. It surprise me tvn already released a BTS before it airs. Looks like the cast & crew had fun & laughter making this drama. Fighting.

  4. Kang Tae Oh, Lee Soo Hyuk & Shin Do Hyun love triangle. They all look fab in it. I’m already falling in love with KTO, soooo handsome.

      • Maybe later, not sure. Strange we can see SIG cameo in Navillera later but not DAYS. Even the abysmal Abyss was shown on Netflix. Well, Mouse is also not shown yet in Netflix. There’s still hope.

  5. Looks like light-hearted & fun. I like the random scenery at the peephole. Postcard pretty European landmarks then kaboom a nuclear explosion. Badly in need of a decent rom-com. Hope it won’t be like the LMK Nana one.

  6. The hand holding chemistry not too shabby. Can’t take my eyes off KTO though. He’s gonna be a scene stealer. Heart palpitations.

    • I’m curious how are they going to tie in 2 main love plots. It’s like watching 2 different dramas or a spin off. LSH deserves his own stand-alone drama as ML.

  7. Ok. Here to gape at the beautiful peeps & posters. Will this be the next CUPID At Your Service like CLOY? I hear something stirring in the love pot.

      • Phew, one couple is bound to come out of it. Incidentally, I don’t resent all idol actors in dramas. I love the older batch like Kang Tae Oh in Run On, Gong Myung in Revolutionary Love (Choi Siwon of Super Junior in it too), Seo Kang Joon in WHTMF & Lee Tae Hwan in HSKOS. They are all ex-members of 5urprise. Going to squee for KTO & Dawon boy.

      • Love the idol/drama connections. Lee Tae Hwan was in HSKOS with SIG. Now KTO is starring with SIG in DAYS. KTO was in TON with Jang Dong Yoon who’s set to join SIG in Wolf Hunt (if JDY is not cancelled by K-netz over JE fiasco). JSM is also reported to be offered a role in WH too. My head is spinning. Lol.

      • No coincidence that good friends/common background tend to get casted together often. The directors know chemistry & positive working environment easier to generate when they are friends already. PBY herself said it’s about time she and SIG work together since they know each other off camera from Oh My Ghost & Abyss. Same for Lee Soo Hyuk (3rd time), Jung So Min (3rd time) & Nam Ji Hyun’s chemistry with SIG. These two girls are besties irl. JH also has a grandma & aunt in Busan which is near Ulsan, SIG’s hometown. They could bond easily using the same dialect like Jung Eun Ji & Lee Si Eon did in AM97.

      • In that case, SIG would have a high chance of getting cast with Han So Hee. She’s from Ulsan too so this pair is near perfect. My first choice is still Kim Woo Bin-Han So Hee pairing.

      • @k-nomad. Keeping our fingers crossed for this future OTP. Btw, HSH is good friends with NJH after starring in 100DMP. She was in Abyss with PBY. The probability is growing higher, lol.

  8. I’m curious why Doom is wearing a doctor’s coat. Isn’t he supposed to be the grim reaper and humans can’t touch him?

    • We don’t know for sure what’s the real plot. He could be re-incarnated as a human but with limited life span say 100 days.

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