Son Ye Jin in Talks to Join Jeon Mi Do in K-drama Thirty Nine About the Lives and Loves of Three Female Friends

This casting news feels like a great female-centric drama is being assembled with smart casting. K-actress Son Ye Jin is in talks for the K-drama Thirty Nine, where she’s playing the female lead who is actually 39 years old so the title refers to age, I think the premise is female friends on the cusp of 40 and their love and professional lives. Son Ye Jin is a successful Gangnam skincare medical clinic director who has grown up with no worries in life. Jeon Mi Do is already cast and she’ll play a 39 year old as well but an acting teacher. The drama is from the screenwriter of Entertainer and Boyfriend (Encounter) and is slated to be a 12-episode series.


Son Ye Jin in Talks to Join Jeon Mi Do in K-drama Thirty Nine About the Lives and Loves of Three Female Friends — 12 Comments

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  2. Oh great, another drama that tells us it’s no big deal to turn 40 in the dating world*!

    *if you look like Son Ye Jin

    • Better than sticking her in frumpy clothes and trying to convince us she is sooooo ugly and unpopular ? but really I hope the focus is more on their professional lives and friendship. Romance isn’t and shouldn’t be the most important thing and it is not a bad thing or a failure to be alone and thriving.

  3. I like that they’re going by the Penhouse Playbook. Casting a strong group of actresses is great! Looking forward to the 3rd of the trio and also looking forward to the drama itself!

  4. Yes my thoughts too. Except I also read this is possibly an adaption of a popular C-drama except the premise there was a group of friends on the verge of turning 30.

    We rarely get female centric kdramas so I’m all for this. I just hope the male love interests cast are same age or older. I’m tired of the noona trend lately. If they cast the right actors this could really be something I look forward to! SYJ is reliably solid, Mido has a great theater background and is a rising star thanks to HP. I’m curious who will round out the cast. Another actress also born in 1982? 🙂

  5. Everything looks good except the writer. Encounter was a snoozefest and Entertainer was bad. Hope she makes good use of the cast and give them meaty script that makes them shine.

    • In other news, MOUSE ep 12 and 13 really brought it. I’m back to liking this show. I really liked these episodes the twists and turns in these episodes, editing was also good, story fast-paced. It was the right decision to not air an episode last week. I can now see why LSG really liked this role.

  6. Wow!! This combination is amazing..I hope both of them accept this..As for the third lead..I would personally want Lee Min Jung to take the role..She is also a 82 liner and Yejin’s best friend…
    Mido seems to be quite busy this year..Yejin always wished to work in a female centric drama so i think there are high chances of her accepting the role..Male leads, please god…let it be someone from their age range..No more Noona -dongsaeng..
    The only thing I am worried a bit abt is regarding the source material which is a c-drama.. K-netz are acting up so much with anything related to china these days, let’s hope there aren’t any controversy..
    Also, the writer doesn’t have a good track record in dramas..I am afraid it would get boring like Encounter..Bel Ami was a disaster too .

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