Seo Ye Ji Confirmed to Drop Out of OCN Drama Island Despite Agency Negotiating Hard to Keep Her In, Kim Nam Gil Will Do SBS Drama First As Island Looks for New Leading Lady

It’s a week full of Seo Ye Ji news which I’m certain her side is not ecstatic about as the there is no such thing as bad publicity doesn’t quite apply here. Today K-ent is reporting that she has officially confirmed to have dropped out of the upcoming OCN fantasy thriller drama Island which has cast Kim Nam Gil as the male lead with Cha Eun Woo in talks for the second male lead. It was reported earlier that she was dropping out when the scandal first broke about her manipulating then boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun on his drama Time but now it’s confirmed by her agency and the production team. Seo Ye Ji’s agency Gold Medalist reportedly spent the last few weeks in deep negotiations with the production to keep her on as the female lead but alas they finally accepted it wasn’t going to happen. The drama will proceed to re-cast the female lead and delay filming start to end of the year. In the meantime, Kim Nam Gil is in talks for the SBS drama adaption of the profiler novel Those Who Read Hearts of Evil about a criminal minds type who gets into the brains of baddies to catch them. That drama is slated to air in October 2021 after Hong Chun Gi (Red Sky) with Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seob which just got a confirmed premiere date in August.


Seo Ye Ji Confirmed to Drop Out of OCN Drama Island Despite Agency Negotiating Hard to Keep Her In, Kim Nam Gil Will Do SBS Drama First As Island Looks for New Leading Lady — 25 Comments

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    • Damn!! And her fans are going haywire on twitter trying to project her as an innocent victim and ready to worship the ground she walks on!!…Are they really sane to think that she will attend Baeksang?? So many cfs dropped , her articles had over 1M views.Her company is still mum..Not even a warning ..I remember k-netz saying that her company will go down with her if they try to defend her …Some fake feminist on twitter are still glorifying her but she is pretty much over in korea…
      Also, i read an article where it was mentioned that a lot of noise marketing was done with her recent movie with lots of free coupons..Even the director was criticised by K-netz as she said that the doer is more to be blamed…

      • The thing is she was a collateral damaged to cover up the dating scandal. She was a collateral damaged between the conflict of Kim Jung Hyun and his agency.

        All was said about her was just plain accusation. She may not be the nicest person but it’s clear that she was a victim in this situation. I don’t know why people are playing stupid and just blindly believe whatever is said on the internet.

      • Her fans are claiming the movie is a box office success because it was #1 in sales but the total is still low overall (pandemic still a factor) and the number is also artificially inflated because her sizable international fanbase bought tickets to show support. That’s a nice gesture but it’s not going to able the effect in SK they believe it will. Directors now see her as a liability. Popularity will not save her in that respect.

      • MistyEyes

        All your comments on SYJ are biased as you are clearly one of her fans 🙂

        She is a victim on this? Then she and her agency are welcome to show the proof and speak up and even sue those who spread those ‘false’ accusations on her. But why we don’t see any of it? Any explaination from your part?

      • I am not one her fans but I can’t stand someone getting destroyed unfairly. People are judgmental as if hate good. I don’t know what upbringing you have growing. Hate has become norm these days.

    • The KDrama mods on reddit are shutting down almost all discussions on this. The bias is real. A lot of them are Seo Ye Ji fans.

  2. Why is she so relevant anyway that korea so obsessed about her clearly its beyond the scandal more like their someone who has grudge against her. Just apologize and own it if its true or not this witch hunt will never stop so its her fault this is happening silent is not a choice here

    • Not really, she has so many issues that is all. I can’t remember any korean celebrity who had as many scandals thrown at him/her at once. Maybe she pissed a lot of people in the industry, the Time drama staff alone has loads of them already. Her fans are putting all the blame (classic victim blaming) to KHJ but she indirectly caused it. Why would you ask your bf to fuck up a whole drama and his first leading man role at that, sick and twisted.

      • MistyEyes is one of those fans who put blame on KJH. Look at her comment above and everywhere on KPG on SYJ related articles LOL

  3. I think Jeon Yeo-been will be a great option and would suit the role. Coming from a hit series and proven versatility, casting her with Kim Nam Gil would be a nice idea too.

    • Yes, I thought the same thing. I wouldn’t mind seeing JYB in another drama so soon, even if Vincenzo has just ended.

      • JYB is leading the Netflic series Glitch, which starts filming this month. So there’s a schedule conflict.

  4. am torn between being impressed and pissed off at gold medalist for still keeping her. i guess that’s the perk of dating the company founder – yes, she’s rumored to be dating gold medalist founder Lee Sa-rang, not the CEO. but you gotta hand it to SYJ, she’s actually good at latching on people that would benefit her [shrugs].

  5. She has blown up the last few weeks here with all her dirty laundry out in the open now. Dating actors is all fun until the intimate scenes in dramas/movies start happening, then seeing your partner make out with others isn’t so fun.

    I was never a big fan of her acting and found it to be a bit mediocre. Not sure when she exploded onto leading lady territory either. I’m not as familiar with her work, so I wasn’t sure what her breakout role was that was memorable. Granted I’ve only seen her in Hwarang and It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, where I found her characters to be either boring (Hwarang) or annoying (IOTNBO). I’m sure like other scandal-ridden actors, actresses, and idols she will slink away and re-emerge in a few years with a fresh new (reformed) image.

    • She was good in Save Me, Lawless Lawyer and IONTBO, she actually showed a decent range and was overall quite promising after early bad/meh performances in Moorim School etc.

      But being outed as a school bully, and an unprofessional jealous gf, and a psycho who endangers others’ lives on the set…it wouldn’t be a career killer if the dating issue was the only thing but everything together is just driving the final nail in the coffin of her career. It could even have been salvaged if she apologised or something but nope.

    • Are there really humans like you?
      So you are supporting the people who are trying to tear her down Just because of a private business between her and her ex!!
      U sound so jealous,her acting is Mediocre to you,do u watch only cartoons or what?
      Y’all should stop acting like you are so perfect and you haven’t done some fucked up stuff in your relationship
      Their relationship was since 2018,they were probably toxic to each other,they probably grew up from it
      But you all are here dragging her like she murdered someone
      Shame on women like you!!!

  6. I don’t think the scandal on her part is so big for her to be over in the industry. I been reading about this scandal here and somehow the song ‘Taylor swift – blank space’ comes to my mind lol. The video probably matches her lol. Yeah she been acting like a crazy jealous controlling girlfriend but is that something for her carrier to be over for? I doubt so. But looking at Koreans, they like to cancel everything and anything so not sure how everything will go for her. I personally don’t think it’s something I would boycott her for. If there’s a good drama/movie with her, I may watch. For me actors like park yoo chun , park si hoo and others like them are people I would boycott. I don’t think I can watch the princess man or sungkyunkwan scandal ever again even though I really liked these shows before.

  7. I will still be a fan of her like how i support taylor swift when everyone cancel her. She will come back stronger than the 90s trend you can hate her all you want but her talent in acting is what makes me a fan

  8. Hahaha no way,yoon eun hye not relevant this day and knetz still hate here being chinese actrees and plagiarism scandal.Kim ji won best option she still young and zero scandal.

    • Or ocn can save kim tae ri from nam joo hyuk,that guy can’t acting or carrying script.Kim nam gil and kim tae ri will be perfect choise.

    • kim ji won. lol. the girl is o.a in acting did not watch lovestruck because of her. i also skipped AC AND fight for my way. theres something about her that…i dont know.

      i prefer Park Min Young than her

  9. There are so many other great, beautiful, young promising actresses out there in K-dramaland. I won’t be missing her.

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