tvN Makjang Revenge Drama Eve Ends with Personal High 4.497% Ratings But Even the Loyal Fans that Stuck with the Drama Complain About the Lackluster Ending

It’s been a wild summer drama season so far chingus! Prestige dramas like jTBC Insider hasn’t resonated, scandal tinged dramas like Eve didn’t garner the love or hate watch viewership it could have, wildly ambitious and looked like a hot mess pre-airing drama Alchemy of Souls is the surprise hit, and an unknown drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo from nowhere has dominated South Korea. This week Eve wrapped up its run with a drama ratings high of 4.497% and averaged around 3.7% during its run. Not good and not bad but I thought there was a loyal fan following for the drama so I hoped it was at least satisfying for them. Unfortunately the ending was reportedly terrible all around and I just found it weird that Seo Ye Ji went from gorgeous makeup to this weird washed out look with minimal eyebrows by the end that made her look like a ghost. The one who made out like a bandit from this is second female lead Yoo Sun who took a crazy character and went full crazy and I respect that.

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Park Byung Eun Upends His Life for Seo Ye Ji as Part of Her Revenge Plan in New Preview and Stills for tvN Melodrama Eve

Revenge is a dish best served cold but try as I might this entire plot just sounds absurdly implausible and therefore comes across as silly. Upcoming K-drama Eve sells itself with overwrought visuals and intense emotions on everyone’s faces but … Continue reading

K-netizen Posts About Seo Ye Ji and Her Parent’s Selfish Behavior as Neighbors Living in the Same Villa Complex, Her Side Explains an Apology was Delivered and the Parents Have Moved Out Now

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