Yuri Brings the Boys Jung Il Woo and Shin Hyun Soo to the Yard in New IG Story Dance Promise for Breaking 7% Ratings for Bossom: Stealing Fate

It’s almost the weekend which means almost time for my date with MBN sageuk Bossam: Stealing Fate. I’m so grateful for the existence of this drama to mend my Vincenzo gap and also breath new life into the classic style sageuk. Leads Jung Il Woo, Yuri, and Shin Hyun Soo are hitting it out of the park solo and in any scenes together. The trio is united in present day for Yuri’s IG story posted today as a promise kept to fans. They promised to dance together if the drama broke 7% ratings which it did last Saturday in episode 8. That means break out the moves like jagger and unfortunately one of these things is not like the others lol. Yuri is an amazing dancer as part of SNSD for over a decade and a half so she’s just in her zone and surprisingly Shin Hyun Soo has rhythm too for an actor that was never an idol, which leaves poor Jung Il Woo just so adorkably award heh. The drama is already MBN’s highest rated ever but there are still 12 more episodes to go so I hope this trio makes more ratings promises and then has to deliver for us fans.

Bossom Trio Dance for Breaking 7%:


Yuri Brings the Boys Jung Il Woo and Shin Hyun Soo to the Yard in New IG Story Dance Promise for Breaking 7% Ratings for Bossom: Stealing Fate — 18 Comments

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  2. I thought MBN’s highest rated drama is Graceful Family at 8.478%?

    Well, Bossam still has 12 episodes to go, so definitely on the road to break GF’s record anytime soon.

  3. MBN’s highest rated drama is currently Graceful Family with 8.478% and sitting at #30 on the list of highest rated cable dramas of all time. Whereas Bossam sits at #39 on that same list with 7.667%. But it still has a lot of time to beat Family’s record. And Bossam seems like a worthy successor to take the crown, so far. Best of luck!

  4. What a cute dance.

    SHS has the most interesting storyline out of the three characters. I’ve never watched him before but I’m loving him and his character to bits.

    I think Yuri acting improved but she still seems a tad stiff to me but JungIIWoo acting always delivers and he’s doing a great job despite the writing.

    • Yeah she seems a bit too…posed at times? But it’s a challenging genre and she’s going great overall, it’s the kind of performance that gives me hope she’ll get even better.

  5. Awkward Jung Ilwoo is adorable lol. He also posted behind-the-scene of this on his youtube and they made another rating promise. They’ll dance again with Chadol if it breaks 10%. I hope the drama continues to delivers and do well!

      • She couldn’t sing. Her dancing was average, so is her acting

      • Well snsd has only few members who actually have talent. Most of them are irrelevant today. So sone be happy atleast your has been got 7% in ages
        Even black Pink models have surpassed them in worldwide success

    • I’m not going to sit here and compare blackoink with SNSD,SNSD was the biggest girl group of their time and are still repected today. All the ladies could sing pleasently live and Yuri was one of the main dancers along with realeasing her own singles. I can never understand people’s need to be so nasty about people they dont know, just to uplift their own idols. If you want to stan Blackpink stan, don’t disrespect other artists fot remember there will come a time they won’t be “relevant” anymore

      • Blackpink i m not their fan but they are way more global
        Their last tour outsold any of snsd tour. They are global stats
        Ur local snsd is no match
        And still this one was least talented one

  6. Congratulations Bossam team. You deserve the ratings. I hope it will get higher. The drama has a good plot. ???

  7. They are cute, but to be honest, I expected a full dance choreography like D.O did with the 100 Days My Prince team.

  8. This show is like catnip to my drama starved self. First thing I’ve managed to get into (& not drop a few eps in) in months. Yuri is doing great and definitely the breakout here. Hope they only go up from here.

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