MBN Sageuk Bossam: Stealing Fate Ends with Network Record High 9.769% Ratings as Jung Il Woo, Yuri, and Shin Hyun Soo Bask in the Deserved Success

This past weekend cable network sageuk Bossam: Stealing Fate ended its 20-episode run which saw the drama premiere with an already promising for the small MBN ratings of 2.498% and through the course of its run continue to rise until the final episode notched a network record ratings high of 9.759%. While it would have been symbolic to break 10% ratings ultimately what matters is the production team and cast created a beautiful written, acted, and directed drama that you can see how much care and love went into it. Jung Il Woo got a career resurge, Yuri proved herself as an idol-actress with ability, and Shin Hyun Soo got his breakout moment. The plot doesn’t matter as much as the narrative smoothness, like water flowing through a creek and what we see are the breaks when it comes across rocks but then reforms to continue on. The ending was logical for all and even the sadness came with a sense of release and relief as some of the characters could not possible find a illogical for that political situation happy ending. That the drama conceit of Bossam was used in the first and last episode as a bookend is the icing on the cake of me enjoying something created with intelligence and a sense of respect for the viewers. This drama is L-ovely with a capital L so for those who enjoy a measured paced sageuk this one shouldn’t be missed.

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Jung Il Woo and Yuri are a Perfect Match at Press Conference for MBN Drama Bossam: Stealing Fate Premiering this Saturday May 1st

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Jung Il Woo and Yuri Exude Classic Sageuk Vibes in New Stills for MBN Drama Bossam: Stealing Fate

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