Park Min Young and Yoona are Most Popular 30-something Line of Korean Actresses in Japan in 2021 Poll

When I heard that 2018 drama Why Secretary Kim was still popular enough to be added to a recent drama showcase in Japan, my first thought was Park Min Young. She is so popular in Japan for which started with Sungkyunkwan Scandal to City Hunter and now Secretary Kim. Those were the K-dramas that all were big hits in Japan and it’s spread out over the years so she really maintains a high level of popularity there. So the recent poll of most popular 30-something K-actress in Japan has her on top, no surprise. Second place goes to Yoona as her K-dramas Love Rain and The K2 are popular there plus she has the added name recognition and popularity from being in SNSD which J-fans love as well. Third spot is Son Ye Jin thanks to Crash Landing on You, followed by Park Shin Hye, Yoo In Na (that’s a surprise), Song Hye Kyo, Yoon Eun Hye (forever Goong and Coffee Prince love), Han Hyo Joo, and Jeon Ji Hyun round out the top 10.


Park Min Young and Yoona are Most Popular 30-something Line of Korean Actresses in Japan in 2021 Poll — 16 Comments

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  3. I’m just impressed that Yoon Eun Hye’s name is on the list. Coffee Prince and Goong are really beloved dramas. She’s that one celeb who may not have as many fans anymore but has very loyal ones.

    • I still feel bad over how she was treated, girl was a good actress.

      The impact of those two dramas being remembered to this day though…wow.

      • She was great in Coffee ¨Prince and in Goong she was fresh and pure . It was as she was the character and not playing the role . And the fact that she wasn’t considered as a beauty helped a lot . Some young actresses nowadays are more celebrated for their beauty than their talent . I feel bad for her as it may be hard for her to get interesting roles . Too much competition between the great stars and the it girls .

  4. I can see Yoon Eun Hye returning to showbiz. She’s still got loyal fans, and regular drama watchers miss her. Recently she appeared on Lancome’s beauty talk and she has been guesting in several variety shows. Come on directors, scriptwriters, offer her something! Or at least release that film with Park Sihoo.

    • She’s being offered roles but she doesn’t accept most of them.

      Also, @chaumetstar, she’s never had attitude rumors about her. She’s always been praised for her kindness by many including Kang Ho Dong, Lee Minki, and Lee Young Ja. The only reason people say she has an attitude is the incident years ago with the designer.

  5. Son Ye Jin has always been popular in Japan since her ‘A Moment to Remember’.

    Her ‘A Moment to Remember’ and ‘April Snow’ still holds the top 3 highest grossing foreign films in Japan up till now. AMTR used to be the 1st until got replaced by Parasite.

  6. I guess they count all who haven’t passed their 40th birthday, because I was slightly confused when I saw Song Hye-gyo and Jeon Ji-hyun on the list.

    • I was confused at first too and thought why they and SYJ are included when they are 40 now. Then I realized it’s a Japanese poll so it’s not Korean age so they are technically still in their 30s.

      • If I were to do a poll on actors in their 30s I would just count by year of birth, not down to the day, which is why I was surprised by their inclusions.

  7. It’s the first time that i ear that . She’s always been praised for her kindness . Kim Jae Wook made an apparence in Fun restaurant with her . Kim Jong Kook still has a soft spot for her, after more than 20 years she still be friend with Baby vox’s member . She’s not popular anymore in SKorea but she still has a strong international fan base . She was recently in a Lancôme event alongside Suzy, Lee jae Wook, Rain,

  8. Park Min Young certainly has to be the very best when it comes to romantic dramas?
    What’s wrong with Secretary Kim would have to be the closest show I have seen dealing in romance that actually provided proper romantic scenes throughout the drama..
    Acting was superb and the director was spot on -Excellent script!!
    Very hard to beat this particular drama when it comes to romance!
    Both the leads were just made for this show.
    PMY also looked extremely stunning!!
    Very very enjoyable show with a fantastic ending..
    5 star..

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