Song Hye Kyo Stunning in New Lounging on the Sofa Themed Elle Singapore July 2021 Pictorial

Quarantine during COVID-19 has taught me that as much as being able to lay on the bed or sofa as much as I want, it’s still not good for one’s motivation or waist line to do so. But if I looked as chic and gorgeous as Song Hye Kyo does doing that activity I may be inclined to keep going lol. She’s in the cover and pages of Elle Singapore July 2021 edition, continuing her unending streak of getting all the top fashion magazines across Asia consistently. Here the mood lighting is soft and intimate and she’s wearing outfits that are relaxed and suitable for just hanging around the home. I love the striking eye makeup paired with the nearly nude lips and a whole lotta voluminous hair. You go girl, keep on slaying!


Song Hye Kyo Stunning in New Lounging on the Sofa Themed Elle Singapore July 2021 Pictorial — 27 Comments

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  2. Even if its not in koalaโ€™s photos above, i love the blue fendi dress that shk is wearing in the magazine pictorial where she is leaning the bed board. I like the viscose material, its stretchy and comfortable. Perfect for a summer day wear. Although I wish I still have shkโ€™s body at 40 so I could stroll around post pandemic town in that dress looking like a college girl, ha!

    I know its the aesthetic of the photoshoot, but i hope we can see the non-hazy photos so we can appreciate the visuals more. (Sorry if this posted twice, i dont know if my earlier post went through)

  3. Who cheated in the Song Song marriage?? Haters don’t plz reply to this comment and create noise. Just am curious how come such a perfect marr suddenly came undone?

    • I ask you why she has grandpa or sugar daddy sponsor??Lee byung hun,korean politican,and now chinese grandpa?If chinese grandpa not true,why she has house in hongkong???Even when ss married there is blind item about her sugar daddy.

      • I think shk’s haters forgot to use your blind items in court when they were sued before. Must be the reason why they had to pay a fine.

    • I don’t think anyone cheated. But she must be something behind the scenes (while appearing demure and sweet in front of the public) because men can’t run away fast enough. Her fans will have you think its all the men’s fault though and she is the victim…

      • I’m shk’s fan and i never blamed lbh for the breakup because that was what she wanted. She was still too young to get married and now come to think of it, it was one of the best decisions she’d ever made. Nobody was probably at fault for the divorce but the way sjk decided to file the divorce alone when it was a mutual decision..let’s see if you’re still ok with what he did when someone you care about is treated that way.

      • Easy for you to judge shk’s personality based on her failed relationships but why don’t you look at all the support she’s received too? Many industry insiders are supporting her comeback. Yoo ah in, kim hee sun, kim eun sook, director choi dong hoon, ceos of culture depot and bon factory and even the director of battleship island (sjk’s movie) etc.

        Lbh ‘flirted’ when he was already married and hb is in his 4th relationship but nobody thinks there’s something wrong with them. Because they’re men and can do no wrong?

  4. The way song joong ki ran away from that marriage as fast he went in knowing he will get flack and bashing for it for divorceing the nation sweet heart or whatever shows there is something behind her beautiful face and come to think.. Looking back at her history, she can’t seem to last in a relationship

    • Not as fast as shk because she was actually the one who left the house they were staying at first. Her own house. I wonder why though. There were also a lot of other signs for instance shk stopped talking about him since early 2019 but he was still mentioning her in may so who was faster?
      In case you don’t know, the decision to get a divorce came out after an agreement so it wasn’t her fault if she was thrown under the bus, was it?

      Would you be sad if your fav didn’t marry someone like lee byung hun? I know i wouldn’t and looking back at hyun bin’s history, he couldn’t seem to last in a relationship either.

      • Wow did your bestie shk tell you all this? She is pretty private from what I can see yet you know all these details about her personal life? We know nothing about who left who, and the why behind any of these breakups because no one ever said anything public. Its all gossip. Sjk announcing the divorce first doesn’t tell us much about what transpired other than it likely wasn’t very amicable. Her friends throwing shade online so fans can read into the situation is immature and one-sided. I’m sure his friends would paint a different picture.

      • Sigh. I thought we get past this already!
        1. SJK mentioned SHK because he was asked about his wife, he did not intentionally bring her up.
        2. We never know what really happened. There may be a good reason for SJK to announce it first, who knows?
        My point is, we never know what happened and let’s respect their wish to keep things private and stop putting the blame on either party. It’s been 2 years already and they both seem happy and thriving post-divorce, people should just learn to move on.

      • Shk didn’t need to tell me anything. There were articles mentioning the mutually agreed divorce and if you had read shk’s interview a few months before the divorce, you’d notice that she was talking about focusing on herself only..and it’s not really a secret they were staying at shk’s house after the marriage and shk moved to her current apartment even before the divorce. His demolished house, the one many thought and still think was their marital home..shk had nothing to do with it. That’s why uaa was forced to issue a statement when there were rumors about the reason of its demolition. Sjk and his agency wouldn’t clarify even if media outlets were asking them to.

        Shk’s friends shading him? Maybe. But she’d been through a lot worse thanks to his careless action.

      • Yes, sjk was asked but he didn’t have to elaborate on how his wife was supporting him throughout the filming etc. but I agree with you, stranger..we never know what happened. I initially didn’t wanna mention all these but i just had to correct the timeline. Some people here think shk did something for sjk to run away fast but the timeline suggests otherwise. Sjk didn’t run as far as thy think he did.

    • @lily

      ..and the way shk still wanted a divorce even after knowing how much flak she would receive because it was her third relationship.

      Shouldn’t you have mentioned this part in your post too?

  5. Go ahead and keep on slaying queen while haters keep hating and spreading malicious rumors, You go girl and be the classy queen that you are..Ethereal beauty and tons of hit dramas and endorsements under her belt, ofcourse jealousy is bound to be there..

  6. Here i tould you blind item about your innocent unnie when ssc get married.”Top star couple getting married her husband very much in love with her,he has good reputatiion but he doesnt know about her “secret and sponsor”.Everytime she going overseas she meet her sugar daddy aka sponsor.Having sponsor pretty common in korea.Every actor and actress need “sponsor”.But this already her second married and having secret child with chinese man. Back in 2015 when she promote movie brilliant life she said she open with international married.One of chinese reporter asked what she think about marrying a chinese person and she replied.”First of all, i don’t believe love has borders.If i meet nice chinese man in china, I definately thinks it’s possible. If you thinks your unnie is innocent think again. She need 12 year after huge success hallyu wave full house than get casted in Dots thank Kes she got escape from tax evasion scandal.All of her movie and drama was dud after dud.Hyun bin more talented and charismatic actir than her only need 9 year to get succes again after secret gardeb and he also have box office movie under his belt.

      • @valentina, vannising, shilladinasty whatever your username is

        Shk’s haters who spread rumors about her sponsors should’ve come and consulted you first..they should’ve asked for evidence before they went to court. If they did they wouldn’t be found guilty 3 times, right? Gosh talk about missed opportunity

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