Penultimate Episode 15 of Doom at Your Service Drops to New Ratings Low of 2.334% as the Remaining Viewers Left Hoping for a Magical Happy Ending

At this point I applaud the remaining viewers sticking with Doom at Your Service (One Day, Destruction Came to My Door), though it isn’t a lot of people as the ratings dropped again in this Monday’s second to last episode 15 to 2.334%. That’s about half of the highest point ratings and perhaps the best part of this drama was the promos and the anticipation and everything after it started airing was downhill. I really like all five leads but the godawful writing just cannot be borne. I do enjoy watching the netizens continue to come up with new ways to explain how much this drama has disappointed so many people: “Im Meari [the screenwriter] needs to seal her pen (Chinese saying for when a writer retires)”, “This script, no actor in the world can resuscitate it”, “Without the two leads, Im Meari deserves ratings below 1%”, “The BTS for this drama is better than the actual drama”. I’ve watched my share of bad dramas, so no judging anyone who actually likes this, but I’m totally here with mah popcorn to see how this “ends” tomorrow.


Penultimate Episode 15 of Doom at Your Service Drops to New Ratings Low of 2.334% as the Remaining Viewers Left Hoping for a Magical Happy Ending — 73 Comments

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  2. I stop watching kdramas and just watched Hollywood movies.I don’t know what happened to kdramas nowadays. It seems the concept has similarities to other dramas, only the titles and the people performing it changed..the romance is so cliche and cringy, so tiring and annoying.. Sorry, just my POV✌️

    • Never be sorry for your opinion. You’re entitled to it. And I wholeheartedly agree with everything you wrote.

      There is definitely a quality drop in K-dramas. People are free to strongly disagree but I still believe there’s a drop.

      • A lot of bad dramas but some gems too . Beyond Evil, Taxi driver,Vincenzo Hospital playlist, Live, Misty, … But about rom coms it’s true that they are getting boring and it’s tiring to see the same kind of actors playing the same character in different projects .

      • I give up on rom-coms especially if they have song kang, eun woo and jang ki yong in them.

      • @~

        Mare of easttown is sublime imo it’s on par with true detective, when you watch it you’ll get why Kate winslet is as big as she is, eventhough I knew she was an amazing actress she still managed to surprise me more. The supporting characters are great too, the premise has been done before but you’re still in for a great ride especially with all the twists. The pacing is good too, I love that it’s only 7 episodes.

        Other shows I recommend are, I may destroy you and black earth rising (both shows are with the same actress).

        I’m watching lupin (French show) and the innocent (Spanish show) both are on Netflix. They’re not as top tier but I’m enjoying it alot.

      • @Kailey B

        Now I’m even more eager to watch it. Thanks for the reply and other recommends!

      • @Kailiey, maybe season 2 or 3 of true detective but it doesn’t come close to Season 1 IMO. Still the best season of television I have ever watched period. I watched Mare of Easttown while it was airing and I think it’s quite overhyped overall, Kate Winslet was amazing as Mare though.

    • I don’t agree. There are more different genres than before. There are some dramas without love stories that are great like Forest of Secret 1 and 2, Signal, My Mister, etc. The usual romc-coms are pretty similar and rest on the actors and PD but loves stories always are the same, in Hollywood movies too.

      • We’re talking these days. Yet every time people who disagree go and mention the same two or three dramas from years ago. Tsk-tsk-tsk.

      • Secret of Forest 2 aired in 2020. So there are Hospital Playlist 2 now. In 2021, Navillera, Beyond Evil, Sell Your Haunted House, Law School, Taxi Driver, The Uncanny Counter, Move to Heaven didn’t have any romance and they were good.

    • Idk I feel like there’s been a drop off with Hollywood aswell. The shows are excellent though, I mean how good was mare or easttown (give it a try if you havent)

      • @Kailey B

        Is it that good? I’ll check it out. People praise Queen’s Gambit, Dark, Money Heist, Umbrella Academy, Bridgerton (more as a guilty pleasure) so those are on my watch list. I’ll add Mare of Easttown to the list. Boy, so much to watch yet so little time. If you have more to recommend, kindly send them my way.

  3. The fans of this drama keep saying rating is not important.. It’s not really wrong but even the buzz this drama gets is how it’s so boring and repetitive plot. I’m sure this drama won’t be remembered and will be dumped into hell hole after a week it ended. It won’t do anything to both leads’ career too. Only a momentary popularity because soon other actors and better dramas will replace this. This will just be a drama to fill in time while waiting for other dramas to air.

    • The buzz is not all positive either. Both Park Bo-young and Seo In-guk’s previous works were flops and they followed up with yet another one. I mean… it’ll be okay if it were just a small-scale production but they actually invested a bit into this so.

    • I-fans when their fave’s drama gets high ratings:
      “YAS! Look at the star power of my fave”, “In your face, haters!”, “K-netz have great taste”.

      Also I-fans when their fave’s drama is flopping: “People are watching it on Netflix, that’s why the ratings are low”, “Who watches TV these days?”, “Who cares about ratings?”, “The drama trended at so and so on Netflix, it’s so popular worldwide that even aliens and ghosts are talking about it”, “K-netz have sh~t taste”.

      Don’t be fooled by their fake i-don’t-care-ism. Ratings is always important to fans. I’ve seen fans here obsessively track ratings like their lives depend on it. If this drama had gotten high ratings, its fans would have been loud AF and bragging about it non-stop.

      • @~ Honestly, I’m getting confused as to how important domestic ratings are, especially when you have Netflix and Gen Z / Millennials with different watching habits than the older generations. Nevertheless has poor ratings but it’s blowing up social media, so is it considered a success? IONTBO had lukewarm/disappointing domestic ratings but did well on Netflix and had a lot of social media buzz, and is lauded as a success.

        Not sure what the rubric for measuring drama success is anymore.

      • @Ophelia,

        Just my two shillings. I think when a show has low ratings, the next step is to check if it has positive viewer or critical response and buzz or impact to determine if it’s a success. I don’t want to write a whole essay on IOTNBO’s achievements but it had the above. Beyond Evil and Flower of Evil had even lower ratings than IOTNBO but they also had very positive response. Doom has low ratings but audience feedback is overwhelmingly negative. Nevertheless has low ratings but most audience feedback so far is also negative. Sisyphus started off strong in ratings but it slid all the way down as viewer response became negative. RoY had good ratings but I-audience feedback was mostly negative. Ratings-wise, it’s a hit but it’s mostly forgotten. You don’t really see people talking about it the way they talk about some of the other shows above today.

        From the fan side, ratings is just a flex or bragging rights. It also kinda protects a not-so good show from too much criticism.

        But the point of my comment is about the hypocrisy of I-fans. They only say ratings don’t matter when their fave’s drama is flopping. But if the ratings are high, they cheer from the rooftops that it’s a success.

  4. I am one who believe in luck of celebrities other than hard work, talent, visual, etc. Luck is one contributing factor and sometimes I do feel that SIG don’t have the luck (yet) compared to his peers though he has the acting chops.

    I mean in the industry everybody work hard, and how many can commend top salary? Don’t tell me luck is not important.

    • He’s 34/35 already. When will that luck come? Those saying his army controversy destroyed his career might have a point.

      • When you are 34-35, it is not luck anymore. It is your intelligence too,he needs to read and pick his scripts wisely.

      • To those who don’t believe in luck, I don’t think SJK knows what DOTS will bring him by just reading the script…that’s luck for sure …is DOTS that good, to some it was not.

        For many, that luck may never come…that’s why there are only that few who make it to the top. And that few at the top may not be the best actors.

      • Ji Chang Wook who doesn’t have army scandal also needs intelligence in picking scripts wisely, same age as SIG. JCW picked flops like MMS & BR. Flamed the fires of Rastafarian wig scandal to instigate i-fans. Lol. Still can’t break into A-list actor group at age 34-35.

    • Well…DOTS may not be everyone’s cup of tea,but it is one of the highest rated drama for kbs and in korea at that time, Plus it basically help propel SJK’s name to international stage, after his stint at national service. Also, it helps SJK o win a daesang.

    • I think SIG’s luck already peaked from 2012-2016. Reply 97 was his breakout role. His 2 duets with Jung Eun Ji topped the music charts back then. His SL role in Master’s Sun & peaked with rom-com Shopping King Louie (13.1% is not too shabby for a low-key non-promoted MBC drama). Post 2017 till now is a critical period on whether he can survive or die out in his acting career. All indications point to k-netz still not favouring his dramas & movie -TSHLYE, DAYS & Pipeline not doing well in ratings or box-office. I think SIG himself knows this as he just opened his own music studio recently. He is also branching into selling Lucky Charms clothing online & started a cafe business run by his sister. Acting will become his secondary/third income source if no one is offering him roles further down the road. Then again, k-ent is an unpredictable industry & time can change things up dramatically.

  5. i feel bored with k dramas as well. the only drama this year i watched until the end is only vincenzo and hospital playlist. either nothing special or “x factors” are not there. k dramas slump

      • i dont like watching those kinds of dramas. i like light and entertaining dramas, those that dont need to think

      • @diavolyata

        Then lovestruck in the city? Its very short, easily bingeable, brilliantly acted and with amazing chemistry. It does have its critics but I loved it and found it refreshing as it was atypical from your standard kdrama.

      • thanks for ur suggestion. tried watching it. first few episodes r ok, but then it is going downhill lol

      • @diavolyata

        Its the opposite for me, It took me a while to get into. But I got hooked in the latter half, now that I’ve finished it overall I appreciate the first half too. I think I just like the angst more than the honey moon period lol.

        Same with beyond evil, it took me until ep 5 to get into to it, and now I deem it highly, it tops stranger for me.

    • It is not fair to lump the quality of kdramas, if you basically just judge the light ones, but ignore the others. only The heavy kdramas do count too.

      • Sorry..i want to say you should give some thougts to the heavy ones too..before judging the whole kdramas as lame these days.

    • kdramas are better and I don’t doubt there have been great dramas made this year but to me, it’s still only a handful out of many and like you, there are even fewer that keep my attention from beginning to end. I check kdrama sites like this out of habit, but I have to be honest that i’ve fallen out of love with kdramas. I have easier access to them now than I ever have and it doesn’t make a difference.

      People keep mentioning chinese dramas and I CANNOT get into any genre, no matter how hard I try. I’m back to exclusively watching western shows and catching up on so many good shows I have missed.

      I’m just speaking for myself here of course, i’m glad for kdramas becoming more accessible and notable around the world, I really, really wish I could be in love with them like I used to be. It was an enjoyable experience overall.

      • agree. 2020 dramas were much better imo. i mainly watch variety shows in 2021, like i live alone, hangout with yoo and Omniscient Interfering View

      • I think it happens a lot to other kdrama fans. I once got tired of kdrama that every other hyped drama just feels flat to me. That happened when i binge watched way too many dramas and following every hype that i tired myself out. I took a break from any type of entertainment and at times enjoyed some shows from other countries. But then some remarkable k shows bring me back to k culture.

        It’s about finding the balance i guess. I learn to be more selective, understanding my own preference, only watch small dose of entertainment, and check the show thoroughly from production team to actors before deciding to commit my time to check it out.

  6. It’s not bad but it’s not good neither for me. There isn’t too weird choices like Alice, KTEM, Arthdal, etc. The actors are pretty good. I like it when I’m watching it but I’m not exciting for it.

    Racket Boys is my happy pill for Monday-Tuesday, this drama is really good.

      • Your oppa went to army still got 1% rating for Melting Me Softly. Forever tainted with burning sun & madam lin scandal. Went to army also cannot save his 1% dud career. He’s replaceable any time. Hoping him to become SJK in DOTs. Keep dreaming. His Jamaican wig shattered his image. Racist dude.

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  8. I was super excited about this drama for 4 episodes. I ended up dropping at 7. I do really like both leads! I have actually enjoyed some of this year’s dramas! I really liked Sell your Haunted House, taxi driver and I’m enjoying the Gumiho one that is airing now.

  9. In the 2% range is bad only bc of PBY and SIG but for cable there have been good dramas that also pull in those numbers. As a watcher of those other dramas, that this one managed to retain that number of viewers to the end, not bad.

    • But they are the lowest among the same timeslot. Navillera’s ratings is much much better compared to Doom. It aired on netflix too. Even the previous dramas of the same time slot fared better

  10. I know comparisons matter, but as someone who often loves dramas that perform subpar ratings-wise (and I think ratings are important as well as buzz), those numbers look good enough for what seems to be brought here. Like even at this point my favorites can manage to fail much harder 🙁

    So I’m giving props to PBY/SIG or this team for retaining a 2% audience at least.

      • If deluding yourself that a measly 2% rating is good just because you like the drama and your faves are in it, then by all means keep drinking the kool-aid. The rest of us know better.

    • The drama started @ 4% ratings and slowly decreasing. It is the finale week and should have atleast be higher, but it is the opposite instead. If the reason is people are watching in PPV, it should remain number 1 there. But no, it is slowly decreasing too. That is not a good sign per se. Also, if you will go to Naver and dc, you will see negative comments about the show.
      I really love the cast and I am anticipating this proj but storyline is realky messed up.

  11. @Whatever

    Why so angry? My favorites are actually NOT PBG and SIG but B-list + C-list actors who do not pull in those ratings no matter what, that’s where I’m giving PBG and SIG the credit where its due about their status and dedicated fanbase because my favorites (again, not PBG and SIG) can manage to fail much harder. Don’t be hurt because I don’t shit on these ratings as people can shit enough on the ratings of the dramas that I DO like. You and the rest of your party can drink your tea.

  12. I don’t think SIG not serving in the military is what hurt this drama. It is the writing. It makes no sense, and I think grim reaper type story lines have been done to death.

    I’ve been watching Asian dramas for a while now, and I have seen progress in some drama areas and at least attempting to make tropes work. However, there is a lot of same ole same ole going on at the same time. I actually think one of the best things that the rom/com or romance centric dramas could do is cut the episode count. Most romances don’t have enough story for 16 hours. I just came from Gumiho and I’m only on episode 9 and I’m losing steam. Basically cut out the 3 to 4 filler episodes that are in almost all dramas but most definitely the romances and that could help.

    • I agree with you. The writing sucked big time. To get 2% till the last was a credit to PBY & SIG’s loyal fandom & acting. It could easily hit 1% like SK-HSH Nevertheless. I don’t think SIG’s career will hurt coz of army controversy. He will continue getting cast in movies like Wolf Hunt and other future dramas. He has solid connections with tvN & Studio Dragon. Like Lydia said, if investors think he has global content distribution power, they can overlook army controversy and sell his dramas straight to Viki, Viu or Netflix not matter how bad domestic ratings are. If sexual assault related actors like Lee Min Ki can quickly move on from Oh My Ladylord to other projects, I don’t think SIG’s acting career will hurt that much. He gained 1.5 million new fans in his IG & the fact he’s also a singer, lyricist & composer are added attractions to new fans hungry for new content. He only picked one badly written drama so far (Doom) in a 9 year acting career. I’m just thinking from a business person point of view.

      • I do agree that he has connections and people should take into account this. I also think his link with Studio Dragon is obvious. You can flop hard but if you know the right people it’s not an issue, so with PBY and SIG I don’t think they’ll find themselves short of work. Connections in the industry are exceptionally important when it comes to casting, though I am very confused where did he build such connections. It’s not really apparent from his previous works.

      • @kitai, you’ll surprised at how male brotherhood loyalty can get you very far in SK. I heard from an interview that if he is not filming dramas, he would work for free for directors as part of the movie crew to learn more about film-making. Back in 2015, SIG was rumoured to be dating Sunny of SNSD. Witnesses saw her visiting him in hospital when he was recovering from a surgery. He’s close to almost all the SNSD girls due to his collab with Yuri in No Breathing movie. Sunny is the niece of SM Entertainment boss Lee Soo Man. He pioneered the Korean Wave. Connections to powerful entertainment figures are not based on his acting work entirely but also who you know in the almighty SK music industry where SIG originated from. He also made friends in nearly every public tv channel before his army scandal. He was extremely active in variety shows like MBC’s I Live Alone, SBS’s Law Of the Jungle, Running Man & JTBC’s Mari and I. His appearance in variety shows brought sheer entertainment especially the one with his mum where he found out on live tv his birth secret. Other than that, SIG was part of the cast that helped propelled cable channel tvN to fame via Reply 97. Entertainment heads sometimes value loyalty more than acting talent.

      • I agree with analyst. In SK entertainment world, your ability to get along well with cast, crew and CEOs are critical aside from having great work ethics. Perhaps SIG being an outsider & not from Seoul, he knows he needs extra effort to get far in the brutal cut-throat entertainment business to succeed. I believe it’s how he lives his life, cultivate personal & work relationships that make colleagues & big bosses like him very much. The Sunny connection is very intriguing. Both sides denied it but I reckon there was much more to it.

      • @analyst, you may be right on the money since SIG just opened his own music studio. One must have powerful backers with serious money plus connections with various composers, k-idols, music CEOs, etc for a music studio to make enough profit. He must thought it through carefully before opening one. This guy is a smart one. Sunny’s uncle must surely be looking out for him. Lol. I wouldn’t underestimate him though. If a dud drama can make him rake in a Prada campaign, GQ, Elle, Marie Claire, Japanese and Chinese mags photoshoots, it’s a bloody good sign.

  13. I actually agree the BTS is better than the drama. It’s like watching 2 different dramas. I like the goofy SIG mucking around & playful adlibs by PBY. I can create a whole new rom-com scenario just for them. For SIG, I will have him play a lowly educated loner who works in an animal shelter for abandoned animals. This is an extension of his experience in Mari and Me animal reality show. PBY will play a serious uptight vet nursing some of the injured animals back to life. They clash over their differing methods in nursing/healing the animals. In the process of working together, they learn to overcome their professional differences whilst also healing one another from past heartbreaks. I want the writer and PD from SKL to helm this drama. It will be adorbs galore with cute puppies, kittens, hamsters as supporting characters. Trim it down to 10-12 episodes with a setting in the country side. I’m that desperate after watching Im Meari’s meandering writing.

    • What a great idea! I have always loved SIG in Law Of The Jungle in Mongolia & Indochina doing all sorts of Bear Grylls survival stuff. He’s deathly afraid of moths, any kind of flying insects really. The way he took off was simply hilarious. I can almost imagine him being a goofy version of a young Indiana Jones running around in the jungle. What a huge disappointment DAYS was. Melo is just not my cup of tea. PBY is also wasted in it. They look great together though but it’s just not enough to save this doomed Titanic.

  14. Ji Chang Wook who doesn’t have army scandal also needs intelligence in picking scripts wisely, same age as SIG. JCW picked badly written dramas like MMS & BR. Donned Rastafarian wig to further instigate i-fans. Lol. Still can’t break into A-list actor group at age 34-35.

      • Agree, jcw is racist no other talent to back him up. Only know how to generate Rastafarian wig controversy & went to Burning Sun to get famous. Yet his fans come here to drag sig down. Lol.

  15. Seo in guk has so many fans here, funny to see his fans bashing other handsome actors when your oppa has weird looking plastic face and shady army controversy which almost destroyed his career but that man sure has many connections to assure he keeps getting jobs and money for his fanswhore

    • Typical, use body shaming, face shaming techniques & calling his fans whore, when you don’t even watch his dramas. Lol. ASL – Attention seeking loser. Your oppa only knows how to open his wallet & his legs to burning sun escorts. Worse than whores.

    • Keep getting jealous asl. You making empty tin noise here only make doom get higher buzzworthy list. Any publicity is good publicity thanks to you making noise.

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