tvN Fantasy Rom-com My Roommate is a Gumiho with Chemistry Laden Leads Hyeri and Jang Ki Yong Wraps Up Warm and Fuzzy Run Averaging 3.916% Ratings

My weekly date with the fox and his muse is done. tvN Wed-Thurs romance fantasy drama My Roommate is a Gumiho finished this week, starting off strong over 5% but settling into the low 4% and high 3% ratings during its entire run. It ended averaging 3.9126% which is good for a rom-com and actually better than I expected in both ratings and quality of the series. I really enjoyed this drama from beginning to end, the earlier parts I loved more but the second half was equally endearing just with less meaty narrative to sink my teeth into. It felt like a tasty dessert rather than an entire meal, but nothing wrong with that if executed beautifully which this drama did. All the characters had personality, was given their own stories and arc, and meshed well together into the central narrative, which was probably the weakest element as I never felt that there was any real danger the adorable OTP of the gumiho boy who wants to be human and his fated muse beloved would end up anywhere else other than together in life and in the same house. I would recommend this drama in a heartbeat to anyone but would caution it’s not a drama to write tomes about or probably linger in the memory long after it’s done. But it delivered more than it set out to accomplish and that’s a greatly appreciated success in my book because I’m always extra grateful for a well done rom-rom drama.


tvN Fantasy Rom-com My Roommate is a Gumiho with Chemistry Laden Leads Hyeri and Jang Ki Yong Wraps Up Warm and Fuzzy Run Averaging 3.916% Ratings — 16 Comments

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  2. This was certainly no masterpiece. But despite its silliness, it was a fun and funny ride with real and relatable characters you can’t help but love. Rooting for Kang Han-na to land her own drama someday soon. She’s way overdue. Hyeri was a breath of fresh air. Her Lee Dam was just a treasure and my favorite female lead thus far for this year. JKY was a visual feast. I liked his calm gumiho (despite the flaws), loved his free & cheery personality as a human and very much enjoyed his bickering dynamic with Hye-sun. Dam’s friends were pure awesome. Hye-sun and Jae-jin’s romance was hella cute. So was Lee Dan and Seo-woo’s getting together. Plus, Seok-kyung and that student rep sunbae. I could go on and on. But suffice it to say that I’ll be rewatching this one quite a bit. Good luck to the cast on their future projects!

    • Totally agree with you! Love, love this super cute romcom and wish only the best for the whole cast. I too will be rewatching this series soon.

    • Agree with everything you said! So many LOL moments from this drama. Some of my favorites —
      – Fox, F.O.X.
      – Sir, you’re like Elsa!
      – I didn’t learn magic for this.

      And who can forget that Fermina Danza quote? (swoons)

  3. I think the biggest selling point of this show is the cast chemistry and also this is probably one of the rare kdrama rom-coms that actually stays lighthearted throughout its run. I find it quite enjoyable.

  4. The story was the usual trope of fantasy drama but the romance and comedy were great. The casts also had amazing chemistry. Good job for the directors, writers, casts, and staffs!

  5. I didn’t really like it. The ML wasn’t interesting at all. There were really nice comedy scenes and Hyeri’s overacting made them work. But otherwise, the acting was pretty meh from the both leads. Kang Hanna was really the one who shined the most in this drama, her characters was so funny. It’s not a drama that I will re-watch.

  6. No buzz here for a good rom-com but lots of comments for stinker ones. Suppose it’s more fun to use words like “pretentious” to create buzz/high traffic/hot debate amongst commenters. Every time you hate a drama just call it pretentious. Lol.

    • Bitter SIG fan spotted. Doom was a flop. His movie was also a big fat flop. No one gives a shit about your butt-hurt feelings. Accept that your fave is a flopster and move on, kiddo.

    • Just because drama is criticized, it doesn’t mean you are hating on it. Maybe people just have high expectations and theirs were not fulfilled?

  7. I like Hyeri but JKY is just so-so. Whether he’s paired with idol actress or A-lister, he’s just not that exciting. Plenty of good looks though. He has that in spades. Just my opinion. The whole universe can disagree. That’s fine by me.

  8. I find it charming & a fun ride. Maybe because viewers know Hyeri has bf irl, shipper fans are not there to tip ratings higher. Good job for all involved.

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