Hyeri Shares Adorable Pics with Former Moonshine Costar and Current It Boy Byun Woo Seok After He Guest Stars on Her Youtube Show

What a cute set of pictures of two cuties to bring a smile to the face heading into the weekend. On May 31st, Hyeri had Byun Woo Seok on her Youtube show and afterwards shared three pics with him. The two worked together and are friends from the K-drama Moonshine and of course Byun Woo Seok is currently the hottest actor star in K-ent so it’s a great idea for him to do Hyeri’s Youtube show. I totally see these two having chemistry onscreen if they ever did a drama as an OTP set.

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Han So Hee Posts Another Long Statement on SNS Claiming She Dated Ryu Jun Yeol After He Broke Up with Hyeri and Asking Hyeri to Confirm the Breakup Date was Prior to November 2023

Oh goodness girl, I really wish you had some wise older women in your life to give you counsel and stop you from behaving this rashly. Because this too shall pass but you’re making it so much worse. I’m talking … Continue reading

Han So Hee Posts on Her Blog Revealing Relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol, Apologizing to Hyeri for Immature Response, and His Agency Confirms Afterwards

Welp this has indeed turned messy, at least for K-ent standards. The J-tourist alleged sighting of Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee flirting in Hawaii has now indeed been confirmed as the two are dating. Han So Hee went … Continue reading

Lee Jung Jae and Kim Go Eun Win Best Acting at the 1st Blue Dragon Series Awards with D.P. Taking Best Drama

A new K-awards show debuted this week, with the Blue Dragon Awards branching out from their movie exclusive perch to launch the 1st annual Blue Dragon Series Awards feting the best of television. This year the big winners were primarily … Continue reading

KBS Mon-Tues Youth Sageuk Moonshine with Yoo Seung Ho and Hyeri Premieres to Promising 7.5% Ratings and Positive Viewer First Impression

Okay, I’ve just gotten up from collapsing on the bed in major relief. I so wanted this drama to be good, do well too of course but be good is most important, because another bad Yoo Seung Ho drama and … Continue reading

New Promos for KBS Sageuk Thinking of the Moon When the Flowers Bloom Amps Up the OTP Cuteness Between Yoo Seung Ho and Hyeri

KBS has gone ahead and given an one word English title for the mouthful youth sageuk Thinking of the Moon When the Flowers Bloom. It’s called Moonshine and is absolutely apropos to the subject matter (illegal alcohol brewing during a … Continue reading