Kim Jae Wook and Krystal in Discussion for Romance Drama Crazy Love

I have my doubts about this casting coming through but I will never look a gift horse in the mouth. Kim Jae Wook may be making his first drama return in nearly three years with the romance drama Crazy Love, which I am so much squee about it’s not even funny. But I’m less enthused that his leading lady will likely be Krystal who has been offered the role, and currently neither are confirmed. It’s the story of a tutoring center group CEO who pretends to have amnesia when he’s told that he’s on the hook for murder, and his mousy secretary who cosplays as his fiancee to help with his plan. It’s basically a bizarro world plot elements switched up version of Why Secretary Kim. I think Krystal would be playing a role totally against her cool competent young woman image which is nice but she tends to have like one acting mode and I would have wanted a more broad ranging female lead opposite Kim Jae Wook but eh if he accepts I’ll wait him opposite anyone.


Kim Jae Wook and Krystal in Discussion for Romance Drama Crazy Love — 17 Comments

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    • If they had to pick an idol actress, they could pick a lot worse – she’s good at some things. I admit I would’ve preferred a different (equally skilled) actress opposite Kim Jae Wook though, but I’m willing to give this a chance if it isn’t completely stupid.

  2. I love KJW but this plot sounds a bit ?. The fake relationship with the secretary sounds like a weird cross between WWWSK and Her Private Life. He is so charming I will likely watch begrudgingly lol

  3. Krystal isn’t the greatest actress and generally is good at one type of role ie the ‘cold city girl’ but I give her this, she’s *really* good at playing that one note. She also has good comic timing, which is a skill that doesn’t get used enough imo.

    I found her very watchable in Search and in that Netflix movie with Jang Ki Yong and Chae Soo Bin, it’s the typical long-suffering ingenue kdrama leads she sucks at eg My Sassy Girl. As long as the drama gives her something to do, I think she’ll be fine, and might even make a good pairing with Kim Jae Wook.

  4. I will watch KJW in anything at this point but Krystal? Why? Such a weird pairing in my head. No matter what one thought of the story line, Her Private Life had amazing chemistry. It’s going to be hard to go from that to Krystal…lol. Oh well, here’s hoping one or the other is too busy to accept and they choose different projects.

  5. Is this supposed to be a more somber romance or a wacky comedy? Weird pairing, but I’m intrigued. I’m sort of hoping for a cross between psychopath diary and Why Secretary Kim.

  6. I love Kim Jae Wook, but Krystal, a big fat NO. Pray to the drama gods that she declines and that they pick an actress that can actually act. I second the thought of Yoon Eun Hye being cast after seeing her with Kim Jae Wook recently in Funstaurant.

    • Lol…why not Krystal? She’s a really good actress. Did you even see any of her recent dramas or movies? I’m guessing no. Also, of all the people you pick…you pick Yoon Eun Hye. I love her, but her acting is not phenomenal or anything.

      • Haha so funny u said she is not phenomenal. She won daesang for coffee prince. What has krystal won in acting? Please tell me.

  7. Ryan Gold is back! I was hoping for Girl’s Day Minah if they go for idol actress but she’s already due to appear in MBC new romance drama Check Out The Event. Nam Ji Hyun would be my next choice but she has been steering clear of rom-coms. Sigh. She’s so good in comedies though.

  8. So many Krystal haters. She is a good actress! So many actresses do not know how to use expressions in a good way, but, she’s one of the good ones that knows how to, and she has excellent timing. She was so good in Prison Playbook, Search, Player and in the movie Sweet and Sour. Honestly, I think it’s more that some of the roles she’s given doesn’t challenge her enough, because she has incredible range.

  9. Excited for this pairing :). Can’t wait for KJW’s return. BUT, HMM, but am not sure what you mean by Krystal has one acting mode. Your post seems biased and clearly most of your readers are nauseatingly biased. People who have something against this pairing shouldn’t watch it if it bothers them. She’s done so well in all her recent dramas. People seem to think of her playing the cold-city girl so well (which she does), but she also plays fresh characters in Prison Playbook and Player very well. Such a shame that the majority of the people in this comment section is narrow-minded and too biased.

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