Kang Han Na Gets First K-drama Female Lead Role in Upcoming Sageuk Drama Red Single Heart with Jang Hyuk and Lee Joon

Alrighty, I think this casting is both fantastic and even better if it quiets Kang Han Na fans who have been clamoring for her own leading role. I have too but the general discourse in every drama she’s done recently is why she’s the second female lead and dissing the female lead and that is no bueno for me. The time will come for her and it’s here now as she’s going to be the female lead in the upcoming traditional sageuk Red Single Heart with Jang Hyuk and Lee Joon locked in mental combat for the good of Joseon governance. Jang Hyuk is the kingmaker that wants to create a wise ruler while Lee Joon is the crown prince turned King that wants to strengthen the power of the monarchy after watching his weak father on the throne. The drama will air on KBS in early 2022 and comes from the screenwriter of Marry Me Now?, House of Bluebird, and Naeil’s Cantabile. This is a top notch cast and total *chef’s kiss*.


Kang Han Na Gets First K-drama Female Lead Role in Upcoming Sageuk Drama Red Single Heart with Jang Hyuk and Lee Joon — 23 Comments

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  2. Finally! She’s been due for this for YEARS. Plus we know she’s good at sageuk, she killed it in Moon Lovers. Girl is gorgeous, good at acting, and versatile – fingers crossed this drama is good.

    Frankly I don’t have a problem with people pointing out her skills compared to the people she had to play second fiddle to, and I say this as an IU fan. Second female lead roles in kdramas are notorious for being mostly written and presented as hate figures, especially compared to second male lead roles which get huge amounts of love if the actor is even halfway decent.

    Any actress who does well in those roles and (even harder) makes it to lead roles deserves it, they’ve spent much longer proving themselves than most ML/FL/2ML actors have to, notwithstanding complaints about how you can “only see them as 2FL” (cause those were the only roles they got offered). That doesn’t only apply to Kang Hanna btw!

    • I agree! They are the actresses that we love to hate. The fact that we burn with a passion when we see them means that they did their job as the evil second lead. These actresses don’t get enough credit!

  3. She was kinda a lead in Designated Survivor : 60 Days. I’m happy for her, she deserved it! Start-Up’s writer really messed up her screen time and she was great in Gumiho.

    • Agree about Start-Up! I just checked and found that the only Drama of hers I’ve finished is Miss Korea, but in none of the drops was her character or her performance the reason for the drop.

      • Oh yeah, that’s right! All that ‘Red’ had me confused for a moment. Thanks for clarifying!

  4. Would be happy to see her on-screen again! As much as people have been unhappy that she had been in second lead roles for so long, I’m glad she was there to take on the Hye-sun role in MRIAG. Not all lead roles are that great and I wish there could be more flexibility in kdramas for actors and actresses, who have already been leads, to be able to take a smaller kdrama role and then be able to go back to a leading role whenever they want.

    For this drama, I’m getting the feeling that the main leads are Jang Hyuk and Lee Joon even though Kang Hanna will be the leading female role. I hope she gets a lot of good parts so she can continue to build her versatile portfolio.

    • I think main lead are Lee Joon and Hanna, Janghyuk will also has important role but cliche-ly saying the first leads are usually the main couple. Jang hyuk will be kingmaker like Kim Myungmin in one of his movie. Kbs seems to put their trust on Lee joon after the success of kbs family drama of him.

  5. Happy for her. And the costars are amazing. But the writer is not that great for me. Both Naeil’s Cantabile and House of Bluebird are kinda dull drama for me. But still gonna watch it for the actors

  6. Good for her. I took notice of her in Moon Lovers and glad that for someone as lovely as she is gets the chance to be female lead in a drama.

  7. I’m so happy for her! she deserves it after all of the secondary roles she’d played. i believe she has the potential to be the next shin hae sun, coz we know also shin hae sun had played 2ndary eole before. this is her reunion with janghyuk right?

  8. Amazing cast line up. This is also first lead role for lee joon too right? He never really get to play first main role. As for the writer I have my trust on them as kbs themselves media playing this as well made historical drama. Hopefully this got to hit very high rating and create phenomenon. Jang hyuk seems to be not picky about being second lead role like he did in Wok Of Love, being second fiddle to Lee Junho who was still new that time. I respect jang hyuk for his versatility and his bravery to not choose first lead although he’s more than capable. Also in My Country he was like just supporting role but he was the only one who stood out in my opinion.

  9. Girl, janghyuk rate is much higher than the two I’m not sure bcd-lister, he’s paid better than them though just showing in an episode for about 2,3 mins, easy peasy, less work big money

  10. Lee Joon was lead in Vampire Detective? for OCN and I guess he was considered the male lead in Father is Strange though that was more of an ensemble.

  11. Writer is not problem. Have yoy watched bluebird house? Marry me now? They’re so good. Brilliantly written. Those were dramas after Naeil’s Cantabile. The reason Naeil was bad might be caused it was remake of Japanese drama so writer is not free to use his own idea. I don’t know why I have a feeling red single heart will be a big hit with its stellar casts. LJ was lead in Vampire drama I forgot. I did not watch Father Is Strange, I’m planning to but it doesn’t attract me. He was phenomenal in Gapdong and Iris 2 with Janghyuk. I got a feeling he is the next trendy/big male lead actor, he in back to back expensive drama, The Silent Sea and tvn immortal. The next Jisung as his choice of dramas are mainly not the romance priority

  12. Kang hanna will do fine she’s long overdue to be the first female lead hoping this will be her first and always as first female lead in dramas!!!!!

  13. Hi I’m Talmari Debbarma from india and I’m a fan of both IU and kang han na
    I’m so happy to see my favourite actress kang han na as a main female lead in bloody heart after waiting for so long since after watching my roommate is a gomiho she did so great.She is so talented and beautiful too.She deserve it and I’m happy for her❤️
    She is very hardworking actress. She takes her projects seriously and always makes sure that her performance improves.
    Even in moon lover her acting skills was so perfect and she nailed it in moon lovers
    I don’t know am I the only one who felt that she suits to be female lead in moon lovers
    This actress is so talented ❤️

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