tvN Mon-Tues Drama You Are My Spring Drops Below 2% Ratings Midway Through Airing as Audiences Find the Schism Between Healing and Suspense Drama Not Well Bridged

It’s another disappointment in terms of ratings for tvN in the Mon-Tues time slot, after Doom at Your Service now You Are My Spring is underperforming in terms of rating and critical feedback though the reasons differ. While Doom was a vacuous pretentious nothing burger, Spring comes across like there is too much going on under the surface and yet the drama writing isn’t managing to convey it properly. It was always an ambitious take of combining light healing drama with stalker suspense/serial killer echoes When the Camellia Blooms which by all majority accounts did it well hence the high ratings and critical acclaim. I’m three episodes in and Spring confuses me but I’m still intrigued but not enough to have the urge to quickly watch the next episode. There is a lack of “grab” if you may, despite the fantastic acting of leads Kim Dong Wook and Seo Hyun Jin, their lovely chemistry, and the fantastic moody and artistic directing. Much like Doom, I think the biggest weakness is yet again the script which resides solely with the screenwriter. The drama premiered to 3.390% and now through episode 8 it dropped to the lowest yet with 1.989% which is below 2%. Perhaps the screenwriter has an amazing complete and cohesive drama up her sleeve but I don’t think viewers are sticking around for the landing. Much like a joke with too long of a windup, even the most epic punch line loses its effect.


tvN Mon-Tues Drama You Are My Spring Drops Below 2% Ratings Midway Through Airing as Audiences Find the Schism Between Healing and Suspense Drama Not Well Bridged — 20 Comments

  1. Such a great comparison about long winded jokes and punchlines having no effect.

    I tried this drama for a couple of episodes and yea, the script is the issue definitely. The direction is okay – maybe a bit too whimsical for its theme – and the acting is great. But the script is a bit of a mess. Not even SHJ is enough to make me watch this.

  2. I didn’t even know this had started yet. Alot of these kdramas are just blending together from me, can’t tell them apart because nothing about them in particular stands out. just BLAH.

  3. Nothing to watch these days it seems, alot of these recent k dramas are not my cup of tea at all, let’s just hope with a lot the big guns involved in atleast a drama we’ll have something to watch.

  4. I’m watching it still although I’m still disappointed this was not what the posters sold. The 4 leads acting is great and cinematography is even better. One of the things I don’t like and also didn’t like in Run On is that most scenes with the two leads are with both sitting or he clearly is standing on something to look taller…what’s wrong with a couple being the same height or him being shorter?

  5. This is one of the few shows I’m watching right now and I’m enjoying it. I don’t care much about the murder mystery but other than that the cinematography is beautiful, the dialogues meaningful, the chemistry is great and the supporting casts are all fun to watch. This drama does a good job at balancing out the dark, emotional scenes with light, fun, quirky moments. Some scenes are so hilarious you’ll find yourself rewatching. Ratings could be better but perhaps being a Mon/Tue drama as well as most people watching on Netflix (it’s top 1 ATM and has been top 1/2). I think it might be a little slow for some and it didn’t grab the audience within the first few episodes but if you stick around it does get better. If anything it’s just nice and refreshing to watch two mature adults in their 30s navigate their developing relationship and deal with life issues like real adults.

  6. Tvn hasn’t been having much luck in their M/T slot since last year. Awaken and LUCA had okay ratings but mostly everything has been between 1-3% ratings. JTBC has cancelled their M/T timeslot for the same reason of poor ratings.

  7. I was watching it for SHJ but ended up liking the second female lead more. It definitely is the writer’s problem. I am now thinking of dropping it because I got bored while watching it. It’s a huge disappointment for me because I also like both male leads.

    It’s not like Doom which I immediately drop at episode one. But there’s something lacking and I blame both the PD and the writer.

  8. I loved this so much! The couple has a great chemistry with honest and sincere conversations, there are so many funny moments too. The supporting roles bring a lot of of fun too. The mystery is pretty well mixed with the main story. It doesn’t take too much place but keeps us intrigued. Im Dong-Wook is so charming in this role and Seo Hyun-Jin suits this kind of role. It’s one of my favourite airing drama with Racket Boys.

  9. Trying to watch until ep 6 but seriously, i dont remember how many times i clicked my ff button. Boring to the max. The reason i’ve watched was bcuz of the 2nd lead. His character is a mystery. But the leads were so boring. Just my preference.

    I rarely watch kdramas, prefer cdramas.

  10. Recently K-dramas have been a little disappointing to say the least. I haven’t found any that caught my eye. Even SYHH which I enjoyed and where Jang Nara was absolutely amazing in went downhill toward the end. For all the other dramas it was either the visuals or the acting didn’t meet my bar. Just looking at the cast and synopsis, almost everything is a pass. Right now I’m just basing my watchlist off word-of-mouth rather than outright interest, but even the dramas which are well regarded struggle to engage me.

      • Same here. I feel that recently drama writers just cannot find the right balance of writing a story that would fully engage the audience’s love and attention.

        It’s like the writer simply expects the audience to just care about the characters when the characters are not even fully fleshed out.

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  12. Contrary to most of the comments here, I really like this drama. I think the first few episodes did take some time in terms of finding balance in tonality; but unlike most other dramas, the middle (I.e. the past 2-3 episodes) is not saggy and has been absolutely brilliant. The drama is getting even better and the cast is completely knocking it out of the park! Shame about the ratings, but since TVN has decided to just let the episodes roll against olympics coverage while most other dramas have rescheduled, it is not unexpected. I don’t think the ratings so much reflect the quality of the drama, rather that it’s in the unenviable position of competing with the olympics.

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