Rookie Actor Kim Min Gwi to be Mostly Cut from Currently Airing Drama Nevertheless After Ex-girlfriend of 6 Years Accuses Him of Cheating with Multiple Women and Violating COVID Restrictions

Model turned actor Kim Min Gwi is such a rookie that his three drama and one movie credit are all from 2021, from a one scene role in She Would Never Know to a small part in L.U.C.A.: The Beginning to now a supporting male lead role in Nevertheless. Netizens actually like his character and relationship with supporting female lead Yang Hye Ji in Nevertheless better than the lead OTP so the news that he’s getting mostly cut and his scenes diminished in the remaining episodes of the drama due to a fast and furious ex-girlfriend reveal of his personal character. She dated him for 6 years and during that time he repeated cheated on her with many women including one-night stands. She also claimed that he’s been flippant with COVID-19 restrictions and had close contact with someone who got it and was supposed to self-quarantine but instead lied and went out and cheated on her again. He actually did get COVID-19 in May during filming of Nevertheless so it kinda rings true. He released a handwritten letter admitting the cheating allegations and apologizing, but denying the COVID rule breaking claims. The production of Nevertheless is acting fast and announced that he will be basically cut from the drama, his scenes deleted and minimized to the highest degree possible without affecting the story. So, uhm, hi and bye I guess, it was a short ride dude.


Rookie Actor Kim Min Gwi to be Mostly Cut from Currently Airing Drama Nevertheless After Ex-girlfriend of 6 Years Accuses Him of Cheating with Multiple Women and Violating COVID Restrictions — 15 Comments

  1. This is rubbish, then I guess most actors and actresses would be out of job for cheating.. I hope you guys are ready for it

  2. Violating COVID restrictions is no bueno but the fact that he’s trash? Don’t really care. I assume most actors are.

    • I agree. What is the real reason they are cutting his screen time? The cheating or covid issue? The former shouldn’t matter but I guess you can make a case for the latter. I guess since he is a rookie they aren’t looking to go to bat for him but it becomes a slippery slope…

  3. So he’s a cheating sack of sh~t. But what does that have to do with his professional obligations to the drama? Did his contract explicitly state that he had to be a saint? And there’s no proof of him violating covid restrictions. Just the say-so of a cheated-on ex who’s understandably out for blood.

  4. This is just ridiculous. If park Shi hoo can carry on as a main lead, this guy is totally able to remain as a side part. His behaviour is bad but not criminal and has nothing to do with him as an actor. This sort of situation is not helping anyone.

    • Agree. it’s a private problem that has nothing to do with their individual careers. If the problem was that he is cheating on her, then it’s is also her problem to dump him but she should not wash her dirty laundry out in public and drag the guy down.

      is she doing all this brouhaha for revenge? will she be able to handle him back if the guy gets furious for her meddling with his career? is she rich enough to support her for the rest of their lives?

      common. people are getting too pathetic that they do stupid things to get back at someone without even thinking if it will beneficial to parties concerned. and i also find stupid it that people are so quick in judging people and dropping them like hot potato when the problem is not even criminal (as you mentioned) but more of private, personal and hardly affect their work.

  5. I don’t get some comments.
    Yeah, violating covid rules,therefore getting covid and than exposing a whole crew on set to a potentially deadly virus so no biggie?


    We are going through this devastating pandemic more than one and a half years. Everyone should know better by now.

    And his cheating scandle? We’re looking at it from our society’s standards. In Korea you are more recommended to have a clean image (even if you’re not behind doors). Especially, for someone not established, yet. And for those, who still cry out for their oppa, be assured in this male dominated conservative Korean society his cheating scandle will die down soon enough.

    His behavior endangering others in a collectivist society is what gets him ousted.

  6. I do find him acted well on Nevertheless. I felt that his role and Yang Hye Ji’s role in Nevertheless are more exciting than the main leads. I watched Nevertheless is because of these 2 second leads. With his scenes cuts, I hope Yang Hye Ji’s roles won’t be affected.

    But it really silly to penalise an actor due to his personal life. If he really didn’t lie about his Covid quarantine, I think his personal life should be separated from his acting life because I do find he has a talent in acting.

    It’s really double standard. Lee Byung Hun also being caught “cheating” on his wife. But he never seemed to be penalised for his personal dodgy life.

  7. If he was cheating on her and she was AWARE of it… Why stay 6 freaking years? That is just nuts. She should have valued herself more and walked away the first time.

    • I hope you never get in that situation yourself. Easier said than done. Far too many people, both men and women alike, can swear that they’ll walk away or never do certain things but yet get caught out in bad relationships with cheating or abusive partners but keep coming back to them. You’ll never know till you’ve been there yourself. Good luck to you

      • Wasn’t blaming the victim. I was asking a legitimate question of why stay. We all have a choice. Chose better. <— That little phrase is what I try to live by. Do I always? Of course not but then I tell myself you learned something, dumbass. Next time chose better.

        I have been in this cheated-on situation & an abusive one (was hospitalized) before and both times I chose to walk away and be alone rather than stay and question my self-worth. I have enough personal demons to allow someone to add to them. Men only think with their tiny brain.

        Was it easy? No. Are there still ramifications? Yeah. I have a hard time trusting. But I am working through it and I have someone who bites back when I am snippy.

        I know people have a hard time walking away. Alone is scary. I lost a friend last year because he couldn't walk away from a toxic relationship. stabbed 15 times, severely beaten, and left to die on the side of the road by someone who said he loved him.

        Chose better. Is sadly something he told me often.

        You will see me how you see me. And you shouldn't assume I have had idyllic relationships or life. I can give you advice on restraining orders and other things I learned from the abusive nut job I dated. BTW an amazing normal everyday white-collar worker making bank, but yeah almost killed me. Just because I smile doesn't mean the darkness is not seeping in from the edges. I still choose to ask why stay.

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