SBS Mon-Tues Drama Lovers of the Red Sky Lock Step Up in Ratings in Episodes 3-4 as the OTP Reunion Blossoms Naturally

Gosh, this drama is totally the MOOD for me. Like, I’m enchanted by the whole shebang and after I watch it I’m in a good mood. Can’t ask for anything more, so thank you Lovers of the Red Sky (Hong Chun Gi) for bringing back the romance sageuk goodness. Because it’s anchored by a latent fantasy element as the Big Bad (hello Goth Smoke Demon!), the palace politicking is decreased and the remainder of the time filled with cute OTP moments, beautiful painting, and lots of fun interludes. Ha Ram touching Chun Gi activated the Demon inside him but the serendipitous arrival of Mountain Granny and Tiger Goddess Kid sends him back into hibernation before he can pluck out Chun Gi’s eyes. Ha Ram turns back to human hottie and falls on top of Chun Gi like man manna from Heaven. She carts him home to nurse him back to health and he recognizes her as his childhood girl crush after he awakens. Their reunion is interrupted by Prince Yangmyung there to play lord and savior and the entourage hies Ha Ram back to the capital. Chun Gi returns to painting and soon gets the chance to enter Yangmyung’s art competition, which also brings her back to the vicinity of the two men who are most fond of her. Meanwhile off to the side Prince Juhyang is skulking around still trying to find the Smoke Demon he needs to rule the world. Yeah, good times, good times.


SBS Mon-Tues Drama Lovers of the Red Sky Lock Step Up in Ratings in Episodes 3-4 as the OTP Reunion Blossoms Naturally — 85 Comments

  1. Kim Yoo Jung is going to give another hit (now, level above than So Hyun). But this time, she is the one carrying the drama unlike in LITM where she is forgettable and Park Bo Gum is the only one who skyrocketed to A-list.

    • Literally this comment is meant to trigger fan wars and nothing else. Nobody is above the other everyone is on the same level so chill out. Both dramas are hits since they both have high ratings and buzz. If anything knetz are grateful to have two talented sageuk actresses. They love both equally so just deal with it.

      • @myrrana
        Don’t try to fill the vacant place of @joane the troll

        Yes yoo jung has done a wonderful job as hong chun gi and yes hope the drama becomes hit but no need to bring other actress to compare(she was equally good)

        You r just bringing hate for her by doing it

    • Nonsense comment as usual @myrrana how job less is your existence? Please focus on something productive instead of a rivalry that does not even exist. You do know they are both A list for their generation right? Always have been and not just them there are many other young actresses who will be joining them in that A list very soon. The rank is horizontal not vertical just like Kim Taehee, Song Hyekyo, Jun Jihyun, Son Yejin, Han Jimin, Shin Minah, Han Hyojoo are all A list you can’t rank them one over the other.

    • None of them is considered A-list as of the moment. But they are soon-to-bes. I know they are the creme de la creme of their generation, but, I am just saying a fact that Yoo Jung is one level above now because Lovers of the Red Sky has a potential to be a huge hit. I cannot say that River is a hit because its ratings are just decent not that high and it has a lot of controversies.

      • Your obsession with ranking is so weird. China wiping out their ranking system makes so much sense when I see comments like this.

      • @Kiara,you are missing the point. Kim So Hyun is the youngest Baeksang Best Actress “Nominee” at 21 in history. There is a Korean article saying she is. We are talking about best new actress/actor, best young actress/actor or popularity actress/actor.

      • *We are “not” talking about best new/young/popularity. It is about “Best Actress Nominee”

    • Except Kim So Hyun is the youngest Baeksang Best Actress nominee, which raised her profile even more, and now she’s adding KBA Best Actress and Most Popular Actress awards on top of her many other awards. The fact that she’s still one of the most in demand actresses in her age bracket despite not having a megahit drama under her belt just shows her star power.

      KYJ is great too, they both are. Both are young too and will have hits and flops throughout their careers. Literally just stop the unnecessary comparisons. I see people saying the comparisons are unavoidable, but it’s literally not. It’s so easy to just celebrate the success of your fave without mentioning/undermining other actors/actresses, I don’t know why people on this site can’t do that lol

      • And you played right into myrrana’s trolling intentions with your blah blah blah first paragraph of a fan desperate to prove why their fave is better than someone else. And you’re literally doing what you accuse others of. So there you go. Myrrana is a known troll. She pretends to be a fan of both Kims but she always makes shady comments against BOTH of them for attention. And we’re all giving it to her.

      • Korea has some of the best and talented child actors that I’ve seen on the small and big screens. So Hyun is one of them, but she is not the youngest Baeksang Best actress nominee.
        Suppose I recall correctly that honor goes to Shim Eun-kyung, who was nominated 3 times at age 17 (best new actress), 18 (best actress), and 22 (best actress). She also won one at 22. Yeo Jin-goo 5 times starting at age 15,17,18,21,22 (best actor). Moonie won Daesang for SBS at 21 and was nominated for Baeksang best actress at 22. Yoo-jung at 13 (best new actress), 16 (popularity), So-hyun at 22 (best actress).
        I’m sure I’m missing some from the early 2000s, and there are other talented child actors who missed out on Baeksang nominations.

      • @Kiara I meant youngest Baeksang Best Actress nominee this year, not in history. Sorry if I wasn’t clear. Still, it’s an amazing feat, and us fans of her are proud of that. And you’re right! The korean entertainment really is full of talented former child actresses, all the more reason we should appreciate them instead of comparing them like what this @myrrana is doing

      • Forgot Sae-ron, 11 (best new actress), 15 (best actress). I guess she is the youngest that we know of.

      • @??? I haven’t been much on this site these days, didn’t know that she’s now a confirmed troll like joanne, she just comes across to me as a KYJ fan pretending to be neutral but actually shading KSH. To be honest, I’ve never seen her comments shading KYJ too, since I only started going to this site around Tale of Nokdu era as I’m a Jang Dong Yoon fan.
        If she’s really a troll, then okay, fair enough, I’ve been played lol

      • @randomcomment @nike and @everyone ignore myrana or whatever her name is
        pretty sure she’s a yoojung hater who wants to divert the post from celebrating the success of the drama to turn it into a fanwar comment section and also make people hate on yooj

      • Yoon EUN HYe was the 1st younger actress to win the best actress baeksang award for Coffee Prince ( she was nominated with big names as Han Ji Min, Kim Hee Ae,Park jin Hee ) one year later she was dethroned by Moon Geun Young ! No need to start a fan war , even if Kim so Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung are both talented they didn’t achieve what a young former idol without experience did . Even Kim yoo Jung said that Yoon Eun Hye was her role model for Moonlight drawn by clouds !!!

      • @cahil,

        That era of K-dramas was memorable. At least for me.

        Shim Eun-kyung was 22 when she won Baeksang best actress for “Miss Granny (film),” Even more impressive that she was nominated with Chungmuro’s best. Jeon Do-yeon, Kim Hee-ae, Moon Jung-hee. Now that is a rare honor for a young actress.

        Yoon Eun-hae was 24 when she won for “Coffee Prince (tv).”

        It’s too bad their career hasn’t been thriving like back in the days. Moon included. Fingers crossed for the 3 Kims.
        I think Sae-ron needs to do more cable dramas. The film industry is not doing as well with Covid.

      • @Jellyfish

        Thanks for the correction! I freaking miss her, so I started watching “Painter of the Wind” again. Yoo-jung’s character reminded of her.

      • Kim So Hyun is definitely not the youngest Best Actress nominee by any means.

        Adding to the discussion on young talented actress, I would like to have a special mention of another talented young actress, Kim Hyang Qi. She is a Baeksang Best Actrsss nominee 2 years ago in 2019 when she was just 19 years old. She was phenomenal in playing an autistic girl who witnessed a murder in Innocent Witness.

      • @kiara

        i mean no offence. but what randomcomment has said had some truth in it. but I’ll just correct her wordings. ksh is indeed the youngest nominee of best actress in tv drama category at age of 22 in baeksang history, since i guessed moon geun young birth month was earlier than kim sohyun. I’ve seen someone shared many articles from naver abt this.

        but for other actresses you have said, you’re also correct. shin eum kyung is the youngest nominee of baeksang best actress but in film category, followed by kim hyanggi while they were under 20. but for the other awards you have mentioned, best actress isn’t the same level with best new actress. so in my opinion, it isn’t suitable to compare this two awards together. I’m sorry if i misunderstood ur intention of bringing these two types of together.

        and for yeo jingoo.. he is best actor category. not best best actress category

      • @Bibi u are wrong. kim so hyun is not the youngest actress to get a nomination in Baeksang best actress drama category. I just checked. The 57 BAA happened a month before Kim So hyun’s 22nd birthday. And for Moon Geung Young , the awards were held 3 months before her 22nd birthday. And mgy was declared the winner too. Nothing against ksh, she is a good actress. I was just correcting you

      • @Kiara KSH is THE youngest best actress tv nominee for Baeksang which was released in an official statement by the media itself so I have no idea what mental gymnastics you are spinning to work around that. Best new actress tv or popularity awards have no standing compared to the main award nominations of best actress and actor. Most people nominated for new actor or actress are young fresh faces so that comparison is moot. How you managed to write entire paragraphs to dismiss a fact that the Baeksang itself stated is a complete mystery. Get over yourself.

      • @noazi I don’t know why Baeksang wrote that but we have moon geung young as the example. She was YOUNGER than ksh when she won her best actress award. Check it yourself.
        Moon geung young-born in May, 1987
        45th Baeksang – Feb , 2009

        Kim so hyun – born in Jun,1999
        57th Baeksang- May 2021.

        Do the math. This can’t be refuted by any article.

      • It doesn’t matter what date or month the the event was held you moron what matters is MGY was born in May and KSH was born in June which makes her a month younger. I agree with OP that is some mental gymnastics you are doing due to your inferiority complex since it wasn’t your bias to get the nomination. Baeksang would know more than you when they announce someone to be the youngest. They are professionals and you are a big fat nobody who can only be jealous.

      • Hey @Noazi,

        My reply to @RandomComment was based on his/her comment? There was no separation between tv and films. Maybe you should read our whole conversation?

        Someone else must have pissed on your cereal, not me.

    • If only your dumb brain knows that Kim so hyun’s river where the moon rises had over 9% ratings for the pilot episode. But then I don’t expect much from you.

      • Myrrana is a stupid fool, no doubt. But what exactly is your point when you say River got over 9% for its pilot episode? What does that have to do with her idiotic comment?

      • @Nike RWTMR has no rival drama in public channel for the longest time when it aired.
        Joseon Exorcist was only 2 eps and others are cable dramas.
        So I don’t know what you’re intention on saying about ratings.
        LOTRS keeps rising even with rival with public channel.


      • @Vina FYI :
        When RWTMR started airing Feb 15, 2021, there was already L.U.C.A airing starting February 1, 2021. L.U.C.A had a good rating with the highest 7.005% and the lowest 5.8%. With a high rating from L.U.C.A like this, it could make us think that LUCA was a good rival at that time against RWTMR. Open your eyes, RWTMR also had rating rival when it’s broadcasted.

      • @YTA What I’m saying is rival with a public channel. Not in cable.
        Joseon only had 2 episodes.
        The scandal of the male lead actually made knetz root more for RWTMR. Which is nice because rhey deserve the support.
        My point is let’s not compare LOTRS because ratings keeps increasing with a rival in public channel and it only has 4 episodes right now.

    • nope just stop please
      i’m a yoojung fan since her dong yi days but ive never had this weird mentality that if she’s doing well then sohyun must be a failure.
      if jun ji hyun song hye kyo and kim tae hee can coexist peacefully in their prime, I don’t see why yoojung and sohyun cant.
      do you see jun ji hyun fandom calling song hye kyo a flop whenever jun ji hyun current drama is doing well? no because people understand that they are both top of their gen and there can be more than one people at the top.
      what will happen once sohyun gets a hit drama does that mean yoojung is inferior? of course not. same with vice versa. doesn’t matter how their drama is doing, they already cemented their status in the industry and that will never change

      or maybe you’re a yoojung hater who wants people to hate on yoojung huh? just like that idiot joanne. tired of people like you

    • @hong ra are you seriously comparing shk with jjh and kth’s drama success?? Sorry to say this but shk is way above them. she has multiple hit dramas , and jjh has only 2. How can her fans call shk a flop actress then.

      • @hhh what? when did i call shk a flop? lol read what i wrote carefully, i said jjh’s fans don’t call shk or kth a flop whenever jjh’s drama is doing well, and vice versa, because people understand that if one of them has a successful drama that doesn’t mean the other two are flops, everyone knows they’re all equally a-lists. people should do the same to yooj and ksh because they’re two separate people as well. seriously i’m saying this as a yoojung fan, her success doesn’t mean ksh or other young actresses are flops. i just used jjh, shk and kth as examples because i love how well they coexisted in the early 2000s without much fanwars. obviously they’re all successful and i will never dream of calling any of them flops lol i hope im clearer now

      • Unfair comparison- SHK has focused her career on dramas while JJH has done both dramas and films. You can’t belittle JJH saying she only has has 2 hit dramas and ignore her success in film, without also acknowledging SHK has no film hits to her name. Its hard for actresses to excel in both and JJH has done that.

  2. It makes sense now why AHS is the first on the credits because this is his drama and his tale of love and revenge. Its the first time I’ve ever thought AHS can act and his body is rock solid. His character is layered and complex which is a good thing because almost everything else is very tropey but pretty.

    • @galactik
      Good for you u could recognize talent but if you could only see it now in this drama it means his co-star is really good and they make a good pair(drama)

      I knew my girl was good but now I m rest assured by ur comment

      • Excuse me but what? His hardwork and improvement belongs to him alone and maybe the PD but definitely not to her. He sat through 3 hours of makeup everyday and it was him who to had go through intense training for his action scenes and it’s still him who had to struggle to portray a blind character. What kind of idiotic fandom tries to take credit for somebody else’s hardwork? I don’t see anywhere in the comment mentioning chemistry. What a way to make everything about your bias.

      • @Ana

        Just shut up. If you have nothing meaningful to contribute to the post, just shut up and go find a job. The world doesn’t revolve around your bias and this is how delusional stans like you attract hate to your fave. AHS’s hard work and success belongs to AHS alone. If someone discredited KYJ like you’re doing to AHS, you would be foaming at the mouth like an epileptic dog. You and that troll @myrrana should just GTFO.

      • @ana

        why u said something like that to galaktik? she gave her opinion abt ahn yoseop. but ur comments which implying that it is thanks to his co-star for his talents is really discrediting his effort and talent. he indeed deserves to be the 1st billing. but being the 2nd billing doesn’t mean any lesser to the 1st billing. both carry the drama together.

  3. Did CGI is so funny but because it’s not literally the point so I allow it pass my radar but gosh I love them together. I also love how it’s something that you have seen before. The revenge, the political , the love story but you anticipated it because you know the journey will be hard. Also it’s so good. It isn’t mind-blowing but I enjoy it thoroughly

    • !!!! The CGI is practically a distraction with how bad it is, along with that horrendous wig/hair/makeup of AHS’s Man Ma Wang getup – whoever designed that deserves a serious demotion. But like you said, the familiarity and banal unoriginality of the saeguk premise is actually pretty nice to watch. It’s a nice fluff watch along with Police University while I wait for Son Yejin and Rowoon’s dramas to come out.

  4. The drama isn’t original but it is watchable and predictable so it’s safe. I can already see the second half being more focused on the politics and fantasy elements coming together for the big revenge.

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  6. @cari
    I think I m being misunderstood.
    All the artists are hardworking in the industry and the credit of their good work belongs to themselves.
    He is one of the co star i wanted yoojung to work with becoz i felt their chemistry would be too good.
    For me if I can’t feel the chemistry between the leads even if they are top notch actors i couldn’t see the drama(cwpfn)
    Both were good individually but together I just fast forwarded it and stopped watching the drama after a while.
    But in this drama I m waiting for their scenes to come faster

    So for me co star matters more and it is my personal opinion, it was not meant to unsee someone’s hardwork or to praise my bias.
    So dont misunderstand my words both are good individually but together they are electric(even bts of the drama)

    • @ana i get what you’re saying just be careful with your wording next time
      im loving yooj’s chemistry with ahs don’t want even that to get tainted with fanwars

  7. I like the fact that it’s a fantasy drama! Less old men in blue or red arguing in front of puppet King! The scenery is really beautiful and I love the first OST.

  8. Enjoying this drama immensely. The episode ends before I realize it. That’s the drawback to live-watching a show. The scenery is just breathtaking. And I am besotted with the OTP. Wonder what that goblin’s role in the story is. And it looks like Prince Juhyang needs the smoke demon to also cure the injury he got as a lad when it first entered him. So many questions! Impatiently awaiting the next episodes.

  9. I thought I was the only one enjoying the drama. Like everything is just so smooth(aside the terrible cgi).
    This drama is my new crack drama. Can’t wait for next week episodes

  10. Oh I love everything in this drama. The king not that puppet type one. Otp chemistry just smoking hot. Idk why but I can connect with ays’s acting here than his previous one. I like his portray as blind man here. And those eyes just absorb all my attention.

  11. the only thing that disturbing me is that their ages are 28 years old. Both leads’ looks, actings and auras look like someone in their youth (16 to 20 years old). I think it’s so unnecessary to write their age that old. it almost enter 30 series

    • @dawang
      I know my comment was misunderstood so I even replied to her but I dont know why comment has not yet appeared
      I meant no ill to AHS he is one of my favourite among male actors
      I dont know why but I found @galaktik comment instigating so I replied the way I did
      It was in no way to offend any Fandom or the actor , I just became defensive of my girl

      • @dawang
        I no way discredited his talent(good for you you could recognise his talent) was my first sentence to @galaktik words(boy can act)

    • The age thing bothers me too because neither the characters nor the actors and their acting is 28-29 years old. At most I would say they act and look like 20 year olds. Especially in that era an almost 30 year old would not have those mannerisms. This is obviously a youth drama why would they pretend to make the characters that old but then make them act like that.

      • ikr? it’s actually a youth drama. just like litm. the age of 28 years is a mismatch with the characters and actings. 19 years later is just too exaggerating and unnecessary.

    • and another thing that i found it odd that how come blind young hong chungi already know to kiss? ???? isn’t she’s blind from the beginning?

    • Korean 28 can be someone who’s actually 26 and 26 is actually still young so I don’t get your gripe at all tbh

      It’s not even that far off from their real ages – AHS is 26 years old (Korean 27) irl, Kim Yoojung is Korean 23. Or are you one of those people who think over 25 = “cannot be youthful”? This is better than those teen dramas casting 25+ year olds to play teenagers like Gossip Girl etc.

      • lol. we’re talking abt historical setting, not modern setting. yes. i imagined something josei and mature if the characters’ age almost reach 30 series, not something youthful like in this drama. both leads’ looks and acting look like in their youth (16-20). and the things what u talk abt is related to the modern korea, not old era like joseon. in many history, people with this age already even have a baby and looked way more matured. but on the other hand, this drama is full of youthfulness. that’s why i criticized the writer for making the unnecessary age.

  12. so happy for my girl! i hope her new agency will keep giving her projects like this in the future instead of those two duds
    yooj and red sky team fighting!

      • lmao i’m aware of that we’ve waited a long-ass time for this drama to be greenlit ffs
        i said i wish her agency continues to give her projects like this in the future, i wasn’t thanking them for this project lmao

        also bravo, you’ve managed to turn this supposed to be celebratory post into a fanwar post clap clap

  13. Personal Opinion: I know that Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun are seen by most as the Jun Ji Hyun or Song Hye Kyo of their age, but am I the one who feels differently? I see them more as the Han Hyo Joo and Moon Chae Won of their age. In the sense that both pairs of girls have strong sageuk images plus both pairs acted as rivals in a drama before.

    • Yoo-jung and So-hyun have been acting since they were babies for me to see them in other actors other than themselves.
      I see some similarities in younger child actors like Heo Jung-eun sometimes resembled Yoo-jung in sageuks, but Jung-eun also has her own style and vipe.

      • Yup. I actually also see them more as themselves. But a lot of people mention the likes of Jun Ji Hyun or Song Hye Kyo when thinking of much older actors to compare them to when I’m more reminded of Hyo Joo and Chae Won since they were the actresses who were doing great in historical productions in their early 20s around 10 years ago the same way Yoo Jung and So Hyun are today.
        I know the three pairs of actresses are all unique and have complete different vibes and acting styles from each other, it’s just that I feel if there are two older actresses to compare Yoo Jung and So Hyun with rheir career trajectories in their age today, it’s most probably Hyo Joo and Chae Won due to their strong image in historical dramas in early 20s. (except the difference is the fact that Yoo Jung and So Hyun have been acting since they were small children).

  14. Why can’t people just enjoy the drama or drop the drama? When discussing the three Kims, it always goes sideways. This is an enjoyable, well-paced drama. The leads have a solid chemistry, the humor is charming, the story is fun so far. If they can keep the 2nd half angst manageable, this could end up being a solid drama.

    After a dry spell with the historicals, there are 3 on my radar and this is one. I’m excited because I’ve missed them.

    • because trolls have boring lives so they have to create fanwars so they can have excitement in their lives.
      can’t really fault others for taking the bait i guess, it’s natural to want to defend your bias

      and yes i’m loving the drama so much! not usually into sageuks but watched this anyway for my girl and it’s so worth it ❤️

  15. koala’s first sentence perfectly describes what I feel too after watching each episode. just the right drama to watch after a stressful day. such a mood lifter. and a an OTP chemistry that truly sizzles!

  16. And am happily surprised how Ahn Hyo Seop can act. He’s really good! I’m also having fun watching their BTS videos… even behind camera, they have chemistry. Happy for KYJ. I hope she’ll also have a successful non-saeguk drama later on… Looking forward to her 20th century girl Netflix movie, I hope she brings a different character and a diff side of her acting skills!

  17. This drama had my attention the moment it started. I thought the production did really well and the cast worked hard to give us an entertaining performance. I am happy about the rating and liked the OTP’s screen chemistry.

    So far I am impressed with the male lead here, since I checked out Dr. Romantic season two and didn’t like him there.

    Somehow felt that the second male lead doesn’t have much screen presence based on what I’ve seen in episode four. He doesn’t have the countenance of a noble prince. Maybe a scholar or son of an official.

    A tad disappointed that the third male lead is the bad guy here because I like the actor. Hope his character gets fleshed out.

    About KYJ’s performance, this role seems like child’s play to her and I find myself looking for something. There is nothing wrong with her acting but it’s like there is something missing. Or maybe because her performance as the child lead in Moon embraces the Sun too deeply ingrained in my memory.

    But I watched Love in the Moonlight before and was impressed with her there. Oh well it’s just four episodes in. But so far that is how I feel.

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