Lovers of the Red Sky Episode 6 Crosses 10% Ratings as Chun Gi Takes a Step Forward as a Painter and a Step Back in Her Childhood Love Reunion

Lovers of the Red Sky isn’t a great sageuk (so far) by any measure of a drama but it does two things exceptionally well – keep the narrative fast paced and interesting and the elements tightly meshed together. There is a coherence to this drama and that threads are all interconnected. Episode 6 got 10.2% ratings so a new high and also crossing into the two digit mark is no small feat these days. The painting competition comes to a close and I thoroughly enjoyed the poetic topics and how the different painters interpreted and conveyed the theme from their own skill and perspective. Prince Yangmyung finally felt like a fully rendered character and I’m going to enjoy seeing him stand up to power crazed hyung Prince Juhyang and fall for Chun Gi like he’s halfway there already. Unfortunately Ha Ram and Chun Gi are like 100% there in liking each other, those childhood flutters never went away and the reunion definitely lit the spark. Sadly the demon monster in Ha Ram means they can’t even KISS (da fuq) without him being triggered so Ha Ram goes from succumbing to his first genuine emotional attachment to running away as fast as his horse and his lies that he has no feelings for Chun Gi can take him. Which is like not far at all so Chun Gi better get her romantic gumption ready to start pursuing her man even if he keeps insisting he is like so not into her anymore.

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Ahn Hyo Seob Gets Closer to Kim Yoo Jung as She Advances Painting Aspirations in New Stills for Episode 5 of Lovers of the Red Sky

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SBS Romance Sageuk Lovers of the Red Sky Premieres with 6.6% Ratings and Audience Surprise to Strong Fantasy Element with Tons of CGI

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