Kim Yoo Jung and Lovers of the Red Sky Top the First Week of September 2021 Good Data Search Rankings

I’ve totally been revived after the lackluster summer 2021 with a sense of excitement headed into the last quarter of the year. The September 2021 start to the Good Data rankings are out and it’s a bunch of new names and new dramas so those bored from the summer can see what’s hot and buzzy in South Korea. For the actor/actress search terms, Kim Yoo Jung in Lovers of the Red Sky (Hong Chun Gi) tops the list and then it’s a swap a thon with the Hometown Cha Cha Cha crowd, second spot is Shin Mina, then Ahn Hyo Seob from Lovers in third, followed by Hometown’s Lee Sang Yi in fourth and Kim Sun Ho rounding out the 5th spot. For the drama search terms, it’s Lovers of the Red Sky with the most searches followed by Hometown Cha Cha Cha, I’m so glad the two are not in competition in either time slot or genre because I HATE the dumbass “my drama is more popular than your drama” bullshit. There is enough drama love in the world for every drama to get popular, peeps. After those two it’s Penthouse season 3 like that zombie which won’t die, then Hospital Playlist 2, and finally Revolutionary Sisters in the fifth slot. I’m just so glad the fall is here, summer was a freaking hot mess for me (personally and drama wise) so this is a breath of fresh air.


Kim Yoo Jung and Lovers of the Red Sky Top the First Week of September 2021 Good Data Search Rankings — 10 Comments

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  2. That’s the key word list not the real buzz rankings. KSH and SMA topped the list followed by AHS and then KYJ. Those two are not remotely the same thing.

    • Thank you for your clarifications that clear up my confusion (i am not well verse in korean language, had read soompi report earlier in the day).

      • Good data search is the one that issued out the buzz ranking list (as reported in soompi) and word list is also from good data but it is not about buzz ranking, just a word search.

        I am glad both red sky and homecha and the actors n actressess received much love and enjoyed watching them.

        Looking forward to watch homecha tomorrow.

  3. Just glad that LOTRS is getting interests from viewers or netizens. And that interests that both LOTRS and Hometown are getting is showing in their ratings. Good that most dramas are getting acceptable ratings, and we’re not getting articles of any drama competing for the lowest ratings or something to that effect.

  4. The story is interesting. From the moment the drama started I was hooked. Love watching it. I recommended it to my sister and she immediately liked it as well.

    The OTP chemistry is well beyond my expectations. I had wanted to see them together since they were cast as leads in Clean with Passion. They cast someone else for the male lead so now I guess this just the right project for them to work together.

    Though I was concerned because this is AHS’s first foray in sageuk. Whereas this is like child’s play for KYJ.

    I also like the actor playing the third lead. Hopefully his character will be more fleshed out since he doesn’t get a lot of screen time.

    So far I feel that the second lead doesn’t have much screen presence. He doesn’t have that noble look of a prince. Looks more like a son of a lower ranked official.

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