Squid Game Becomes Highest Rated Netflix K-drama Surpassing Sweet Home

I’m not surprised that worldwide audiences tuned in for this past weekend’s premiere of Squid Game on Netflix, it’s highly watchable and just that combination of action, thrillers, and terror perfect for binge watching. The highest ranked K-drama to premiere on Netflix thus far has remained Sweet Home which got as high as 4th worldwide ranking in December 2020 when it was released, and subsequently all the Netflix K-dramas have done well to varying degrees but a few didn’t even make the worldwide top 10. Squid Game is currently ranked 2nd worldwide in Netflix streaming and that’s amazingly high for a non-English speaking show. Congrats to the cast of Lee Jung Jae, Park Hae Soo, Wi Ha Joon, Jung Ho Yeon, and Heo Sung Tae, and this success will make season 2 all the more likely to get greenlit.


Squid Game Becomes Highest Rated Netflix K-drama Surpassing Sweet Home — 23 Comments

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  3. uoll can talk whatever negative things u want abt this drama. but this already became global favs. deserve baeksang best drama nominee

    • I get the show getting a 2nd season but now you think it should get a baeksang and other awards just because it was popular all over the world? you are swayed that easily by what other people think?

      • You many not know it but that is how Baeksang works. When a drama has big named stars like LJJ AND manages to get critical acclaim worldwide automatically Baeksang will hand out awards to it. The star factor matters to Baeksang they treat their S listers like royalty. Why else would a cheesy drama like DOTS win Daesang at the Baeksang? Worldwide public opinion matters to them. This is also why they started to include Netflix dramas in their award categories after saying they never would.

      • @masu you make a good point about the baeksang. In fact I was just thinking that between squid game, my name, hellbound and silent sea Netflix dramas might sweep all the awards at the next baeksang. If apple tv+ and disney+ plus dramas are also included in the nomination list it’ll be war. The best actor category is already packed and if han so hee delivers in my name she could potentially walk away with an award.

      • the fact that there’s minimal cgi with talented casts in addition to the global popularity already make this drama qualify to enter baeksang. i bet that even the casts in it will be nominated in baeksang

      • I will rather be swayed by international audience than knets who are mostly sadist anyway and always complain…

      • @bilal – Lol, talk about counting your chickens before they hatch. Except for Squid Game, none of the shows you named have teasers out yet and you are talking about winning baeksang awards. Not just nominations but sweeping awards, lmao. Baeksang is not about popularity, if you recall, all the best drama nominees this year did not have very high ratings, rating from below average to average. Also Han So Hee has yet to prove she can carry her own drama, what makes you think she’ll potentially walk away with an award? She didn’t even manage win the new actress award last year.

  4. This is definitely getting a second season, Netflix looks at numbers period. I was really hyped up for it but I thought it was just mediocre overall but definitely really happy for the cast and crew involved.

    Alot of people are staying with Netflix because of the shows and movies they offer from all over the world, it was a very smart move for them.

    • Netflix really was smart to invest in shows from all over the world. Some of their biggest hits have been non-English speaking shows. Now Disney+ and Apple TV have k-dramas in the works.

  5. Congrats. Much deserved. I didn’t know it was ranked 2nd worldwide, but I saw it at number 2 in the U.S. and was thrilled to see a k-drama that high. It’s obviously attracting people who have never watched k-dramas before, which can only be a good thing. A second season seems like a real possibility, but it would be so different. I don’t know that I want it, even though I very much enjoyed this one.

  6. For those who like this genre, Squid Game is a really good drama to watch. The first 6 episodes were very thrilling, engaging and riveting…everything one would ask for in a dramatic drama. Not to be missed.

  7. Netflix continues to be on a roll. The target audience for its Original series isn’t Korean viewers but global viewers, so what the domestic opinion is doesn’t matter too much.

    I think more likely than a Squid Game Season 2 is Netflix bankrolling more battle royale-style dramas from other countries. They have found an easy recipe for success with Alice in Borderland and Squid Game.

  8. Love Alarm season 2 debued 3rd on the worldwide rankings and Sweet Home was 4th so the ranking for Love Alarm was actually higher than Sweet Home.

  9. Both this show and Sweet Home’s content is more mainstream, so I’m not surprised. I found both mediocre but at least Squid Game still beats Sweet Home by a mile. The thing is I have seen so many shows or anime with almost the same storyline so they felt unoriginal and dull. I much prefer Kingdom which had a different take on a familiar genre.

  10. So stealing from the Japanese without referencing it and claiming its success unashamedly? Typical from those fermented cabbageheads. Cheaters in sports, but now also cheaters in life.

    • Are you Indonesian? The director had this script make in 2009 but no one want to produce it they said it’s too cruel but with Netflix start investing billions dollar to korean industry this series can finally be achieved

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