Lovers of the Red Sky Episodes 7-8 Resumes with Similar Ratings of 9.3%, 8.9% as the Week Hiatus Slows the Momentum

I was super excited on Monday for the resumption of Lovers of the Red Sky, with episode 7 picking up from the end of the painting competition and the arrival of Chun Gi’s mentally damaged dad to cause a ruckus. I don’t know if it’s mostly due to the Chuseok week preemption but the episode felt so slow and took the wind of this drama’s sails a bit. Episode 8 picked up back but that butterfly in my stomach vibes are no longer there (for now), and I spent this week’s episodes enjoying the story progress but wishing I still had that visceral emotional tug to the characters. Chun Gi is just too perfect and plucky, and played by Kim Yoo Jung perfectly endearing and not an ounce of annoying, but she’s more of a plot device due to everyone around her. She’s touched by the Demon since birth, lost her eyes, regained her right through Ha Ram’s eyes, and is fated to restore the damaged Royal Portrait in order to contain the Demon once again. And everyone around her adores her, takes care of her, and two guys love her. Between the two guys, Ha Ram remains more interesting but he’s too restrained probably because Ahn Hyo Seob can only portray stoic/calculating/tormented with one expression, and Prince Yangmyung is a good dude and all but goodness comes across as a wet blanket half the time and I don’t know if it’s Gong Myung‘s acting or the personality. Thank goodness for Kwak Si Yang’s Prince Joohyang to continue evil up the proceedings and keep it interesting. With that said, the end of episode 8 was a wild moment as Demon has emerged once again from Ha Ram at the most inopportune time, and I’m guessing he’s not there to throw a rave rager at the Palace with Chun Gi and Yangmyung.


Lovers of the Red Sky Episodes 7-8 Resumes with Similar Ratings of 9.3%, 8.9% as the Week Hiatus Slows the Momentum — 24 Comments

  1. Sadly, I have to agree with everything you wrote. Episode 7 especially was a drag and felt like nothing much happened. Cheon-Gi came off like a Joseon Candy. I really missed her spine from the earlier episodes. Not sure what the Samshin and Ho-Ryeong cameos were all about. Nothing is being explained. But the most annoying was Grand Prince Yangmyeong and his typical second male lead obsession with Cheon-Gi. Funny enough, the same annoyance I felt for Na In-Woo’s character in Mr. Queen. I find nothing appealing about him. His feelings are just so out of the blue to me. Juhyang is the interesting character. But again, he isn’t really doing much plot-wise. Episode 8 was a bit better. I hope next week’s episodes bring back the magic and more action.

  2. The forced piggy back ride, like the prince, was out of nowhere. She could walk just fine. Then he appeared, made her get on his back because supposedly she had a fever?? There’s some plot holes I could overlook but the episodes were full of them. The romance leaped w the kiss and then backtrack w the two of them acting around each other. Hope it’ll pick back up now that we are half way through the series.

  3. I’m more interested by the HCG’s journey as a painter than the demon part. So I prefer her relationship with the Prince and when they talk about paintings.

    AHS was pretty disapointing in the scene of the rain, it looked more like he ran a marathon and wasn’t capable to speak properly than emotion in his voice…

  4. Until now ep 3 and 4 are my favourite in this drama. I m really getting second lead syndrome as a predicted in the script reading, the bts scenes between these two is too toooooooo good,can’t get it out of my head. Not that leads chemistry (bts) is bad ,its just maybe AHS is too shy whereas these two dorks are same(happy vitamins).
    I know the future episodes are going to be too good

  5. I’ve found the story draggy and boring after ep 5. There doesn’t seem to be much going on in each episode. The characters also aren’t gripping. I like broody Haram but AHS portrays him in a very 2-D sort of way, whereas he could be alot more complex. Yangmyung is annoying – yes! just like NIW in Mr qUeen. And for now – I just cant really connect with CG. She seems to just exist as a plot device for all the other characters around her. Also – why are she/HR suddenly so weird around each other when they already kissed? The kiss which btw, I found really random and out of place. In fact, I find quite a number of scenes to be random and out of place (like YM carrying CG in the rain), it just exists to tell us that love is blossoming between the characters or sth but I don’t quite feel it. I’m glad I dropped this. Just reading recaps for now.

  6. well yeah a bit slow.. the second lead fascination with HCG is actually more believable than the lead at this stage. they share common interests, the prince definitely likes her visuals earlier but few episodes after, she grows on him for being just this honest, talented and lovely personality. whereas with the lead, they have this one day experience as a child that they hang on to. the hero is also so emo in these two episodes and quoting HCG, she also said his feelings are hard to understand LOL.. i’m still sticking to this drama because i adore KYJ and hopefully the story picks up.

  7. I was bored watching episode 7 and couldn’t bring myself to watch episode 8 right now. Hated the piggyback ride even though the third prince is cute but I just don’t understand why he needed to do that. It’s not like she seriously injured her leg or feet.

    I guess I’m more into the fantasy elements than the forced love triangle.

    And totally agree with one poster here who wrote episode three and four was the best episodes.

    The one week hiatus didn’t help and gave me the time to watch three new shows. The Veil which is great for a single watch, One The Woman for Honey Lee’s charms and my fave right now Yumi’s Cells.

  8. Awww. I find the new eps still entertaining and even applauded haram for being “possessive” of chun gi in the last ep. I seldom see lead men be as “selfish” as he is which for me is something new. Im not giving up on chun gi’s character. I think she will come out of this a fighter, esp now that she has seen that she has to protect her man against the demon. As her mentor said, she can be a hundred times stubborn if she wills it.

  9. Dropped after 6 episodes, not sure what the hype is about.
    Yoo Jung is charming if watching her for the first time, but that is nothing new for her.
    ML/character is really boring. The demon is far more interesting, and if story goes for a Jekyll/Hyde direction, it might turn interesting. Unfortunately it is taking the rather safe route making the demon some sort of a dormant possession.

  10. For me it is still so good in terms of pacing. It was promoted as fantasy romance, so we cannot always see painting scenes only or fantasy elements. I actually like that the Prince know already that the leada like each other. And now that he saw the demon from Haram’s body, he now gets more reason to meddle in their lovestory, as they are not yet official.

    • Yes, it is still very much interesting.
      The episode lulls you to think that this is about the heightening of the love triangle between Haram, Prince Yanmyeong and Cheon Gi. It is the foil for the bigger reveal.

      • Exactly! I was able to enjoy episodes 7 and 8. I think it’s understable for the Second lead to act this way. From the preview, the prince suspects that HR may have something to do with the death of the soldiers and after seeing him transform into Mawang, i think it’s become validated in his mind that CG may be in danger in the presence of HR. I also think if HR knew of the Mawang’s presence inside him, he would also want to distance himself from CG especially when he couldn’t really predict when Mawang would take over his body.
        And also, I like the scene where Chun Gi is excited to wear her uniform as an Official Painter in the Palace.

  11. In my opinion, the story is centered around romance, fantasy and painting. Romance is the core of the story and the drama has always advertised like that. It was never an action drama and the fantasy is still there and for me, it is one of the most unique sageuk with fast pacing. Again, this is just my view.

    • I think, I also have a very different opinion because I’m gushing over episode 7 and 8. Hahahahaha!
      I mean, after the intense Painting contest, we get to see her being the eye candy of the 2 male leads which is not cringey for me because she really is so beautiful and talented. Not to mention her lovely personality. Plus being a divine painter where you have the power to seal a demon is such a flex to me. LOL.

      • That is so right! I also love the romance and pacing of the drama here with good fantasy elements. The more you watch this drama, the more you’ll crave for every next episode. Like what is happening to me.

  12. Just finished watching eps 7 and 8 and I still find Lovers Of The Red Sky so interesting and engaging. I don’t know with others but as a sageuk drama, it actually has a fast pace plot, so it is not boring to watch. Eps 7 and 8 has straightforward delivery.

  13. 8 episodes in, and I can totally recommend this drama. For a sageuk fantasy romance, it really live up to my expecations and the story telling is very solid since day 1. And like others, for me, the transition is fast pace and I just love every episode.

    • I still love this drama. My mom watching it also but she’s watching in her room me watching on my fone. We love the trio. For me every episode is interesting

  14. i just wanna to talk abt the fans. i know joane is a troll in this site. but why there are so many another joanes in twitter? coz whenever i tried to to search for #loveroftheredsky, there are so many fans especially from the female lead saying something like best actress, best drama, etc.

    when i encoutered it first, it still ok. but after encountering it numerous times, i felt cringed, it reminds me of joane here. can they be more humble and not so overly confident when hyping? i like this drama due to the male lead actually. but the hyping abt the best actress is just too excessive which made it cringed. i know yj is a great actress. but her fans’ action is just too excessive. hope they can be more humbler. i didn’t find male lead fans doing something like this.

    • The thing about it is that it’s their opinion. If you don’t know, other fandoms do that too. We all have different best actress. And they’re a fan of Yoojung so that’s natural. They’re not degrading anyone so how come it’s bad. If you don’t like them just block them so you won’t be able to see their tweets. ?

  15. @loverhrm
    When u r a fan of an actor u participate in such a hype and if you are not ,u find it cringey(I understand this feeling).
    But r they hyping her on any other actors post?I think some fans tend to exaggerate and if you don’t like it ,ignore it2. As far as I know this fandom is not the only one which hype their idol , I have seen many doing it.
    Don’t they all need to be humbler?
    I might b sounding defensive but its just my opinion and don’t expect all fandoms to behave the same way(everyone is toxic in their own way but only the extremity level is different so we humble fans have two options ignore them or become like them)
    I prefer to ignore hope u do the same
    Request from a humble yoojung fan.

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