Lovers of the Red Sky Episodes 11-12 Ratings Stay at 8.8% as the Plot Also Stagnates While the OTP is Kept Apart

Whoever in the plot department thought it was a good idea to put Ha Ram in a jail for the entirety of two full episodes and separated from Chun Gi deserves a spanking. They are the only interesting aspect of Lovers the Red Sky and without them together the entire drama devolves into (1) Chun Gi must restore the royal painting! and (2) HOMG the Demon (Mawang) is inside Ha Ram whatever that means for the various folks. There is nothing else going on, whether from Chun Gi growing as a painter organically or Ha Ram moving his revenge forward, though I guess what the drama will do is have it all dovetail in the end when Chun Gi is good enough to restore the painting and in getting rid of the Demon then Ha Ram also will get his revenge as a by product. It’s pretty lazy writing but the pretty is still enough to keep me interested. There was a good scene when Chun Gi and Ha Ram touched hands and got transported to the spirit realm and encountered the Demon together. I wish the Demon was scarier but he just seems douchey and all he does is yell “my eyes” and try to grab Chun Gi’s eyes, over and over. That’s the problem with the wafer thin plot now of this drama, it’s just the same main problem getting repackaged in different scenes without anything new in recent episodes.

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Lovers of the Red Sky Episodes 9-10 Get Back on Track as Everyone Knows About the Demon in Ha Ram But He Just IDGAF and Keeps On Spending Quality Time with Chun Gi

It’s week 5 of Lovers of the Red Sky and after last week’s relatively dull and plodding two episodes the drama resumed being a delicious slice of sageuk crack. Ha Ram activates his alter ego Demon Mode in the middle … Continue reading

Lovers of the Red Sky Episodes 7-8 Resumes with Similar Ratings of 9.3%, 8.9% as the Week Hiatus Slows the Momentum

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SBS Releases Eye-catching Pictures of Lovers of the Red Sky Leads Kim Yoo Jung, Ahn Hyo Seob, and Gong Myung During Chuseok Off Week

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SBS Preempts This Week of Lovers of the Red Sky Episodes 7-8 for Chuseok Festival, Will Air on September 27th

Grah, it’s the worst to be addicting to a K-drama when it airs over a holiday season, be it lunar new year or mid-autumn festival which is called Chuseok in Korea. It’s a big holiday as it is in Chinese-speaking … Continue reading

Lovers of the Red Sky Continues to be Lyrical Sageuk Drama Crack as Episode 5 Stays Solid at 9.7% Ratings

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Full Set of Character Posters for SBS Sageuk Red Sky Showcases Each Lead in a Different Genre of Story

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Twenty More Actors/Actresses Join the KOFIC Korean Actors 200 List in Second Release

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Gong Myung and Kwak Si Yang Confirmed to Join Sageuk Drama Hong Chun Gi with Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seob

I didn’t know the casting wasn’t “confirmed” confirmed until this week since the whole cast has been filming already. But here goes, alongside leads Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seob in sageuk romance Hong Chun Gi, the drama will … Continue reading