China Has Its Own You’re Beautiful Situation as 13-Year Old Male Idol Group Trainee Confesses to Being a Girl After Online Outing

Okay, my foremost concern is for the mental and emotional wellbeing of this young teen, and honestly it’s not a horrible situation to happen but still lots of scrutiny to endure. A 13-year old Chinese young teen male idol trainee has fallen into what the entertainment news reports are calling the country’s very own “You’re Beautiful” real life story. We all remember Park Shin Hye pretending to be her fraternal twin brother and joining an idol group as the fourth member, causing the other three male leads to suffer bouts of attraction and “am I gay” worries before realizing she was a wee lass. This situation came to as young Fu Jia Yuan had star dreams last year in 2020 and applied online for the YGN Youth Camp which is one of those big name male idol trainee agencies that’s looking for the next TF Boys. I’m still weird out by the debut of an idol boy group of 11-13 year olds which was TF Boys though all three have since grown up but still, not a trend I want to see replicated. With that said, a promising young trainee who was accepted to the training camp Fu Jia Yuan was forced to admit that he was in fact a she after being outed by online posters. She successfully pulled off the deception for a year and in fact none was the wiser it seems. Alas the requirement for a male idol training camp is that one must be a male and despite the fact that she may have talent and also pass the flower boy visual test, she didn’t past the born male requirement. Fu Jia Yuan has apologized for the deception and professed to never return to the public eye, while the trainee camp agency said the snafu was caused by COVID-19 leading to Zoom auditions hence wee Jia Yuan was able to pull off her deception, and vowed it will never happen again.


China Has Its Own You’re Beautiful Situation as 13-Year Old Male Idol Group Trainee Confesses to Being a Girl After Online Outing — 5 Comments

  1. She looks like a girl – one of her pics looks like Goo Hye Sun from her Geum Jandi days.

    No wonder the CCP is cracking down on the ‘flower boy’ nonsense.

    • At that age she’s still almost a child, boys and girls don’t always look that distinct from each other at 13 without the usual cues of hair, clothing etc.

      What are you even on about the “flower boy” thing, those are pretty men and older boys but it’s still obvious that they’re male whether it’s from the voice or body structure.

  2. wow! Really is like something from a manga. She is only 13 so she likely didn’t think this through until things had got this far.

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