This Friday Netflix Premieres Revenge Thriller K-drama My Name with Han So Hee, Ahn Bo Hyun, and Park Hee Soon

The hype and runaway record breaking success of Netflix K-drama Squid Game hasn’t even died down yet and the streaming platform this Friday dropped the next of it’s original series produced dramas. My Name (Undercover or Nemesis) starring Han So Hee, Ahn Bo Hyun, and Park Hee Soon released all episodes on October 15th, and other than Jeon Ji Hyun in the prequel one-episode Kingdom: Ashin of the North, I believe Han So Hee is the first K-actress to headline a Netflix produced drama. That’s an amazing achievement and great timing also on her side with My Name releasing just after Squid Game, it can only buoy the interest what with SG elevating K-dramas as a whole with the broader International Audience. My Name is a gritty revenge thriller that’s if Infernal Affairs was not a mutual swap but just a one way swap, with Han So Hee playing a member of a crime organization who goes undercover as a cop to find her father’s killer. Ahn Bo Hyun will also join a small group of K-stars who have a currently airing K-drama on television at the same time as a Netflix premiere. I’m waiting to see what the reviews are but the drama looks great from all the previews if this genre if your cup of tea.


This Friday Netflix Premieres Revenge Thriller K-drama My Name with Han So Hee, Ahn Bo Hyun, and Park Hee Soon — 58 Comments

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  2. Watching this right now. It is GOOD. Stellar acting all around and great cinematography. I haven’t seen a Netflix Original yet that doesn’t deliver on those two fronts.

    I am mightily impressed by Han So Hee. Mad props to her for taking on this gritty and ugly role and challenging herself. The fight scenes are brutal and she must’ve trained hard because there is no stunt double and those scenes are one long take.

    HSH totally deserves her It Girl status. She has the acting chops, work ethic, and drive to experiment to back it up. Wish more actresses would go for these type of roles.

    • I just finished episode 1 and I’m hooked! Han So Hee is killing it, girl definitely has acting chops and the ability to carry a show (anyone who thinks her breakout in TWOTM was just because people liked her face is just wrong, like you said she has the chops to back it up).

      • @Royal We – Yay. Let me know what you think after finishing it. I don’t think HSH played the role perfectly (that would be Park Hee Soon), but she did a solid job and is stretching her abilities really quickly.

  3. Han So Hee is on fire. She is so good. Oh my goodness. She totally deserves all the hype, which will probably increase after this show. I am now convinced she’s one of the most promising actresses of her age group.

    Ahn Bo Hyun is also really impressive.

    Everyone in the cast is good. No weak link. I don’t know what magic Netflix is doing, but it’s working.

  4. Real reviews or the ones her sponsors pay for? 😛 Sorry, the obvious media play turned me off and it’s not like she’s a great actress. I just can’t stand staring at her face…something is off about it. She looks better in still photos with good angles and the right lighting. Those who like her and her dramas – more power to you. Different strokes for different folks. Enjoy.

    • Given that the Korean media ran many “Everything is fine! Move along!”- type of articles after the low ratings of Nevertheless, it’s obvious that HSH has some serious support in the industry. As far as I know Song Kang wasn’t defended in the same way. No hate, just an observation.

    • Yes, we can even see the fake posts at the top of the thread – Netflix originals always having good acting and cinematography? LOL. They need to try harder.

  5. I believe Kim So Hyun was first, but good for Han So Hee. I don’t think I’ll watch as noir crime genre is not my cup of tea and I’ve been turned off by all the mediaplay surrounding her. If you’re really the it girl, it doesn’t need to be shoved in people’s faces. Hoyeon Jung’s rise to true it girl status is the biggest example of organic success.

  6. this Kim Jin Min. Offcourse when the high budget given to someone like him, the cinematography and the scene will be top notch hehhehe. it reminds me abit of time between dog and wolf. Noir genre is really not that popular in Drama format. I’m happy HSH take the challenge.

  7. Umm..Kim So Hyun is the first actress to headline a Netflix original. She doesn’t deserve the blatant disregard especially considering how much hype Love Alarm have irrespective of the shipping disappointments. Han So Hwee and Jun Ji Hyun are the first actresses to headline a Netflix action drama. Give recognition where it’s due please. Stop turning a blind eye to hard work of others.

  8. Kim Sohyun and Jung Yumi first headlined Netflix dramas before her…did you perhaps forget about the other 2 amazing ladies?

  9. The storyline is predictable but the acting and directing is top notch. I think this was a smart move by Han So-hee. It’s a 180 for her and shows her acting and action chops.

  10. From reviews I have seen: acting, action and cinematography is pretty good but the plot and drama is just mediocre, typical gritty cop drama. HSH transformation is impressive. Park Hee Soon steals the drama overall.

    • I meant to reply to you but i mistakenly commented above

      I’m amazed that more reviews and people are not taking about park hee soon. He was fabulous.. While the story was predictable, he was just brilliant.. I understand the hype around hsh, but lets give credit to the actor that outshone everyone

    • Park Hee Soon was great. Was so impressed I paused the show to Google him and see what else he’s been in. His character was despicable but sympathetic at the same time. Somehow he was attractive despite how despicable he was.

      • Park Hee Soon was great in this project. And you are correct, he is attractive – bad boy enigma 😉

  11. I believe Han SoHee must have certain kind of hate club. Any article about her coming out there are always some sort of negative comments regardless the quality of her work. You guys need to give a girl a break. Take time u dishing her to watch My Name. She deserves some recognition there!

  12. haven’t watched it yet. but this type of depressing and action role could land a baeksang best actress nominee if done right. btw. there’re sooo many knetflix leading ladies before han sohee. it’s not like netflix original series happened just recently. haha. we’ve the 1st korean original netflix series love alarm, then my 1st 1st love, my holo love, kingdom ashin, the school nurse file etc.

    well, the mistake might be intentional, but I’m happy to correct it

  13. Just because she dont have the looks of Kim So Hyun,Jun Ji Hyun, Suzy and IU, people here are attacking her left and right.At least this girl is trying her best to try a new genre.

    • To me she’s prettier than all the actresses you mentioned. Guess to each their own. The show was a tad too violent for my liking but she did an awesome job. Not easy to throw away visuals for the role but thats what she did. Nary an ounce of makeup, and definitely daring. Dun think any of the actresses mentioned above could pull off some of the M18 scenes either. Color me impressed

    • I don’t know why these kyj fans always try to throw shade on other actresses and then pretend to be fans of hsh when they themselves have criticized her for her “fake hype”. Do you really think nobody reads all your previous comments? Also ksh, jjh, Suzy and iu have all done action genres and stepped out of their comfort zones on various occasions. And people trying to say hah is better than so and so or more daring is such an obvious way to get her hate that you can’t possibly be a real fan. Stop trying to use her to shade other actresses.

      • @auriso Your hate towards kyj is so visible when she is not even related to the conversation here. Your saying they are her fans? Just because your fave is mentioned? LOL. Keep hating.

      • @auriso If you’re so much annoyed that your fave was disrespected, call out the writer of this blog herself. Not mention kyj fans or kyj herself because you obviously want her to be dragged in a mess she’s not part of. Stay triggered.

      • @auriso LOL have you seen that lai pe yee whatever’s past comments? she always shades both yoojung and kim so hyun as well as suzy. I agree, she disrespected ksh, suzy, etc. but seems like she just hates beautiful young actresses in general so no need to drag our fandom, thank you very much

    • From an objective POV (not a fan of any of the actresses mentioned except JJH), I find han so hee way prettier than IU and suzy (IU is only cute/pretty to me rather than beautiful/gorgeous, and suzy is not my cup of tea). Kim so hyun has top-tier visuals though, especially among early 20s actresses, and I do find her prettier than han so hee, but that doesn’t mean that han so hee isn’t pretty. True han so hee may not have the most perfect face, but she’s still really pleasing to the eyes and I find her stunning in WOTM so I’m surprised at some of the comments here about her looks. It’s very subjective though, so whatever.
      Anyway, pretty or not, it’s very impressive how willing she is to play a role like this, that is gritty/meaty and doesn’t rely on looks. Been impressed with her since 100 days my prince, but even more so now. She’s certainly someone to watch ?

    • Squabbling over visuals is meaningless. An actor should first and foremost be judged by their craft.

      My Name is the type of role that really stretches one’s abilities. Han So Hee is going to go very far if she’s taking this approach to her career and not coasting on her looks, popularity, CF deals, etc.

      It doesn’t matter if people think she overhyped or not pretty enough or getting mediaplayed. Her work can speak for itself (unlike some of her peers). Casting agents and directors must be lining up outside her door, and at the end of the day, they’re who matter.

    • It’s weird that some people here are talking about visuals when they are actresses who should be judged on their acting lol. So we should talk about Park Hee Seon’s visual even though he clearly stole the show with his acting ability? Kdrama stans can be as superficial as kpop stans even though they claim otherwise.

      • @auriso I don’t know why you mention kyj fans when they are not her fans. Hate her so much right? You dragged her any chance you get in an article she is not related with just to spread malicious comments for her. Try again girl.

    • @Lai Pei Yea This victim complex LMAO.. all four of those actresses you mentioned get dragged and hated on on this site, just check their articles..

    • i don’t know why you had to mention unrelated people to hype your mediaplay queen for trying out a new genre when all of those you named have done genres outside of romcom. kim sohyun has done romcom, action, historical, and melo. jun jihyun has done romcom, fantasy, comedy, and action. suzy has done romcom, action, and melo. iu has done romcom, melo, fantasy, and art house/indie films. you can praise sohee without shading others because i don’t see anyone talking about those ladies here other than you.

  14. Watched a couple of episodes and it seems well-directed and well-edited. HSH can act well if the role is full of angst. I wasn’t sold in her acting in Nevertheless but this type of role suits her.

    • Like I said before, her natural vibe is more bad girl ala Rihanna or early Angelina Jolie. Her team kept trying to force her into this girl-next-door box.

      I read that she accepted this role directly and didn’t go through her manager. If so, good for her. This is how you build out an interesting body of work.

  15. It definitely was good and binged it until wee this morning! Hate the gory and all the extra sound effect though
    LOVE Love the OST. The storyline was jammed pack, tight, and appears to tied up loose ends for me. I can’t believe the drama was shorter then it is.

    I really hope she wins award(s) for this role.

    Having a crush on her and her character. Having another crush on mafia boss too.l so gotta look him up. I am so glad they release all episodes!

  16. I initially thought she might be a miscast visually because of her body frame but her action stunts are believable from the clips i saw

    • Only people not familiar with actual violence would think that the stunts are believable. Does anyone really fall for the 100 pound woman taking down gang member shtick anymore? Any one of those guys would have snapped her neck in half in real life.

      • Have you seen how hard she trained for the role. It is easier to type at home while not knowing what she has to do in ordee to take up this role

      • @Lai Pei Yee – ladies and gentlemen, the every kid gets a medal generation in a nutshell. I’m actually criticizing filmmakers/writers who keep producing these unbelievable storylines and not the actress for taking an opportunity that was offered.

      • Believable in a sense that she didn’t look frail while doing the stunts and the action choreos are fluid enough, but I get what you’re saying

      • It is satisfying to see a woman ably defend herself against an assailant. But she is alone against so many men who are out for her blood. Nope not believable at all.

      • If we’re going to argue about believability, then no action scene in movies is believable. In real life, one or two hard hits to the head and it is over already. None of this multiple head hits, being thrown through windows, falling 10 stories, and still walking.

        I found it more unbelievable that the men in this show were getting gutted a dozen times, and their arms almost half amputated, and yet would be up and completely healed in a few days. Wolverine who?

  17. Hay, even if it was acting I was cheering for her all the way though the movie, I was very sad that Ahn Bo Hyu was killed off.

  18. Good bloody action kdrama. Not boring but i don’t like the ending as he got killed off. I was hoping a happy ending for a new couple.

  19. I didn’t like it. She had one single expression during the whole drama… The story wasn’t very original neither. PHS was very good.

    • I feel like she had one single expression in every drama she’s in. She might be playing different character in each of her dramas, but her expression is still the same.

  20. Well this drama needed an actress who can portray a cold, broken, almost lifeless woman out for revenge. The facial expression must be convincing enough, and I’d say Han So Hee, with her icy, steely expressions was the right fit. I feel like HSH is good casted as villain or cold unfeeling characters. The storyline is quite predictable. A lot of hard work & effort from actors and the crew.

  21. had finished watching all of its 8 episode and indeed an excellent movie portrayal was great of that Lady lead actor and that of the Organization Leader Kudos Kdrama makers you never cease to amaze your filipino viewers

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