Model Turned Meteoric Rising Rookie Actress Jung Ho Yeon Lands Cover of November 2021 Edition of Vogue Korea

My first thought was – did Vogue Korea scramble to shoot and re-shuffle the cover model for it’s November 2021 edition or was it just serendipitous timing that the cover star just had the fastest meteoric rise as a rookie actress I’ve ever seen in K-ent. Model and now actress Jung Ho Yeon is in three different and all striking looks for the cover of the most elite fashion magazine Vogue in its Korean edition. Getting a Vogue cover is the top of the female model and/or actress fashion dream and Jung Ho Yeon as a model has been in the elite ranks since she debuted but she’s clearly on a new level now thanks to Squid Game. I have no problems with her instant popularity but it will take more acting roles to see if she’s a one-hit wonder in SG or the real deal. As a model though, she’s versatile in both high fashion and mainstream pictorial looks.


Model Turned Meteoric Rising Rookie Actress Jung Ho Yeon Lands Cover of November 2021 Edition of Vogue Korea — 20 Comments

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  2. She really is a chameleon in her modeling. She manages to look like an entirely different person even within these covers.

  3. These covers are mediocre for a veteran model like her… but I suppose they are above average on actress category lol and they probably replaced another model for her considering what she is wearing are from Saint Laurent, not LV

  4. She is actually a true supermodel lol. Korean idol or idol actresses cant slay such pictorials and i am sure her cf rates will be high end more than local stars. And with netflix , she gonna get big projects which most korean celebs can dream of. Better than likes of woozie and iu type things

    • lmao
      her hype will pass someday and then what?
      just like most of actors of Netflix

      being IU and ‘Woozie’ and a stable career on Korea
      being there more than a decade (wheres came most of their cf is better)

    • LMAO Ady being obsessed with Queen Suzy, what’s new? Focus on your has-been flop fave who is a laughing stock for his lack of acting skill despite 2 decades as a PURE ACTOR. He’ll never be respected unlike his peers. Eternal Chaebol = 0 Baeksang Best Actor nominations. Park Seo Joon, Hyun Bin, Gong Yoo, Kim Soo Hyun, Song Joong Ki all surpassed him long ago. Only his thirsty fangirls care about this Kris Jenner visual.

      • My oppa haa 140 hillion won drama coming up which will make him more global and got oaid billion won per epi. Ur has been flowerpot will never get a showpiece role in such drama. Dont wotry about my oppa. He is global than ur woozie ever will be who is getting overahdowed by new actresses who has surpassed her globally. Woozie is finisheđ my oppas has offers linedup. U will see soon lmao. Woozie was and will never reach his status.

      • Eternal chaebol is only popular among international drama fans, general public don’t give af about him. True global stars are casts of Squid Game. Eternal Chaebol fans keep saying he is a global star, but how come his drama never reached the heights of Squid Game? lmao. Even Kim Soo Hyun’s drama is nominated for an Emmy, where is his flop drama? Suzy doesn’t need to be global because she is A-list in her country and has a stable career unlike your oppa who is a has-been trying to mooch off Squid Game hype by commenting on the true global star Lee Jung Jae’s instagram lmao.

      • Eternal chaebol will only play one kind of role: rich guy (no matter how handsome he is).And he has nothing or award to shout abt.

  5. She looks good despite the mediocre styling. Really curious what her next role will be considering she’s likely first in line for female lead among directors and scriptwriters.

  6. This is actually like her fifth or sixth Vogue Korea cover, she had multiple covers as a model and even solo just in July of this year but this is her first time as a celeb in her own right so it’s pretty major!

    And wow she really is a high fashion model and it shows in her posing, this isn’t one of those nepotism models who got high fashion jobs only for a social media follower count but can’t pose, form expressions or walk for toffee. The styling is distinctly meh but she elevates it as a model should.

  7. Almost 21M followers in IG. Good for her. Even if she bombs in her next acting project, 21M is a good clout for a model and she can cash in.

  8. How does she even surpass this huge hype she is getting LOL reminds me of those TV actors in the West who had no representative works other than the lone characters they played. Personally I thought her acting without speaking was quite natural, but when she does speak, it was very awkward. She needs to work on her diction and speech. And stick to OTT projects.

  9. She is very attractive I guess but … nothing in her acting made me understand why people started follow her in a matter of few weeks.Good luck to her.

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