Yumi’s Cells Finishes 14-episode Run with Thoughtful and Realistic Ending as tvN Confirms Production on Season 2 for 2022

Sorry this final wrap up of tvN romance and life drama Yumi’s Cells is two weeks late, October into November was a wild month for me with a two week quarantine in a hotel to go see my parents in Asia (you can guess which country lol) and then rushing back four days later so lots of loopy craziness. After settling back to my normal routine I rewatched the final four episodes of Yumi’s Cells and found myself so moved by the nuanced, mature, and sadly realistic development of the story and the central relationship between leads Yumi and Woong. That they broke up in the end is no surprise, but I was only sad and not heartbroken, because by the end both of them came to the realization they were still potentially right for each other but definitely not at that juncture of their lives. So the love was overtaken by the life and no one was to blame. That Bobby looms as a future love interest isn’t even pressing, the final episodes just took us into Yumi’s inner life even deeper than before so in the end we were all there as she made the decisions that hurt not but maybe not hurt later if it means not picking someone you love but isn’t right for you as a life partner. I really enjoyed this drama and it made me fall back in love with Kim Go Eun as an actress for her pure talent and Ahn Bo Hyun flexed his acting muscle flexibility to fully cement himself as a go-to male lead in a variety of genres. I did feel the story isn’t done because the webtoon continued on and thankfully tvN has greenlit the second season so yay!


Yumi’s Cells Finishes 14-episode Run with Thoughtful and Realistic Ending as tvN Confirms Production on Season 2 for 2022 — 16 Comments

  1. Yumi’s Cells is a very original drama. There is nothing special in the story just the evolution of the characters but with the cells, it became very funny to watch.

  2. Gosh that last scene of Yumi looking back was heartbreaking.

    I still miss this drama. I heard season 2 is supposed to be released in May 2022. I can’t wait that long šŸ™

  3. I loved Woong! I don’t know if I could watch a season 2 without him in the picture. I realized that the web toon broke them up but I was hoping that the writers did their own thing.

  4. I started liking the story the moment Woong entered the picture. ABH and KGE had amazing chemistry, who knew right?

    I think the reason I like Woong’s character so much as a male lead is that he is written differently from the usual Kdrama male lead. And the way the actor played the character, he gives off this vibe of being likeable and sincere.

    KGE is simply great here. And I think the short hair really suits her more than long hair actually.

    The ending was so sad because the two actors made me care deeply about their characters.

    I am glad that season two is greenlit despite the cable ratings not even reaching 3%. I guess more people are watching it on Tving.

  5. Song Hye Kyo needs to take acting lessons from Kim Go Eun. Go Eun can ACT and was so charming in this role with great screen presence, making Yumi likable and relatable. Kyo on the hand is a flower vase who can’t just coast on her looks now that she’s 40.

  6. I actually felt myself in yumi’s place even tho I’m a audience whenever she went thru hardships in her relationship I too experienced it with her don’t know why I got this much into this drama but I found something about myself here…..

  7. I accepted already that woong will not yumis happy ending.. what i am excited now is who will play the third male lead that will marry yumi..

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