TVING Has Great 2022 Getting Slew of Hit K-dramas for Exclusive Streaming Including Reborn Rich, Under the Queen’s Umbrella, Twenty Five, Twenty One, and More

Cable network tvN still doesn’t do Year End Drama awards like the Big Three network does despite clamoring for it from viewers. A consolation is streaming network TVING which is a joint venture of a few media companies include jTBC is holding it’s TVING Awards for the popular shows (drama and variety) streamed exclusively on its platform for the South Korean market. The platform released it’s 9 more popular shows list today and some corresponds to the dramas that got high ratings if it also aired on a terrestrial channel. There is Work Later, Drink Now, Yumi’s Cells, Bargain, Twenty Five, Twenty One, Reborn Rich, Our Blues, Under the Queen’s Umbrella, Dr. Park’s Clinic, and Little Women. These 9 are definitely all recs and a great list for holiday time off catch up watching for anyone looking for solid 2022 K-drama suggestions.

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Shin Ye Eun to Guest Star in Yumi’s Cells Season 2 as a Quick to Love Part Timer Working for Jinyoung’s Yoo Babi Character in Cute Reunion From He is Psychometric

I love that Yumi’s Cells tells the story of Yumi first and foremost so that all the other leads are there to play the people in her lives without trying to claim the spotlight. Ahn Bo Hyun was amazing and … Continue reading

Squid Game and then D.P. Selected by Joynews Insider Poll of Best Streaming Shows of 2021

Looks like the Joynews Best Of insider poll this year has split the television programs with the streaming only programs. That’s fine though it would be interesting to see the same program stacking up against each other since where it … Continue reading

Yumi’s Cells Challenges Yumi to New Behaviors and Revives Old Dreams in Episodes 9-10 as the Relationship with Woong Balances Between Sweet and Precarious

When I watch Yumi’s Cells I enjoy nearly all of it, but when there are no new episodes I’m not anxiously waiting. I guess it mirrors Yumi’s overall mentality, she puts her all into her life (work, love) but with … Continue reading

K-netizens Enjoying the Arrival of Jinyoung as the Second Boyfriend Babi in Yumi’s Cells and Look Forward to the Casting of the Right Actor for the Third Boyfriend/Husband Character of Soonrok

I don’t know if its the webtoon for creating such a believable and workable romance journey (I read only the first twenty chapters) or the drama for hitting a home run on the casting and directing, but everything about Yumi’s … Continue reading