Park Shin Hye Announces Jan 2022 Wedding to Longtime Boyfriend Choi Tae Joon and Shares the Couple is Expecting a Baby

OMO OMO OMO what a super soaker of an announcement! K-actress Park Shin Hye is getting married AND going to be a mom soon! I am so so happy for her, it’s like watching my own daughter get married is how it feels since I’ve watched her since she was a kid debuting in Stairway to Heaven and in the nearly two decades since watched her mature as an actress and grow up as person. Park Shin Hye wrote an announcement to her fans about the impending marriage to long time boyfriend actor Choi Tae Joon, and further added that a new life is growing inside her and she is so nervous and excited about it. The wedding is scheduled for January 22, 2022 and nothing more needs to be said then congrats to the happy couple and the growing family!


Park Shin Hye Announces Jan 2022 Wedding to Longtime Boyfriend Choi Tae Joon and Shares the Couple is Expecting a Baby — 78 Comments

  1. Full offence but I can’t be happy for them knowing that CTJ was involved in the molka chat mess from a couple of years ago. He might not have been officially indicted but he was still a part of that group and was best friends with those convicted. The fact that she still didn’t break up with him after the fact rankles me, sorry, it’s all too sus.

    • Get over it. People chat about crazy things. Who knows you have been talking about racy things about guys and how sexy they are with your girlfriends. That’s the same thing about bunch of guys talking about girls. FYI, CTJ was not involved in the scandal thing and so stop spreading malicious rumor. Do you know it’s a criminal offence?

    • No, CTJ wasnt involved in it. People bringing up his name just because he’s a close friend.
      I have experienced my best friend crying because he doesn’t know his other long time close friend doing crimes behind his back. CTJ name was cleared years ago, u need to get over it. There are indeed friends that keep u close with them because they like your accompany but never about whatever they’re doing. Btw the commentary section in knetizen site is a mess.

  2. Huge congrats to PSH and CTJ! I feel like a proud auntie. Almost want to cry. All the best to smooth wedding, blissful married life, safe pregnancy & delivery of baby.

  3. This comes as a shock to my system tbh. Yeah, I know they are dating but he’s only discharged in May this year from military. Lol. Anyways, congratulations to the happy couple and covid baby boom. Am expecting more bub + wedding news from unexpected couples soon.

  4. omg they beat hb and syj to it. it’s chen’s fault. he started the whole younger celebs greeting preggers and married with his 2nd baby already.

      • For giving birth esp to first child, 32 years old is old. Child-bearing will become more difficult as years go by for any woman after 30 years. That’s a reality.

      • 32 is not young? Wow for you any woman above 30 must be old. Your ageism is showing. Women can have children as late as their 50s so don’t talk nonsense. A woman in her 40s, 30s and 20s are all still young only difference is in maturity and life experiences.

      • Wow people are so quick to be offended. I think the poster is just trying to say she’s not that young to the extent that people would think they didn’t think it through before getting pregnant or something that they won’t mature enough to raise a child well. Not that she is OLD.

      • Agree. For those who have no idea, fertility decreases after 32 and after 35 you are known as a geriatric pregnancy. Yes, geriatric. Don’t buy into the women having babies in their 40/50s, these women don’t talk about IVF, egg donor, surrogate.

        Medical professional here so I do know what I am talking about.

  5. Welp. CTJ was in Suspicious Partners. He’s sure been very fast & diligent once out of army. Does this mean Ji Chang Wook gonna marry Nam Ji Hyun out of the blue? Their shippers been making yt vid every year saying they would marry. Suddenly, PSH came out to beat everyone at the finish line. Classic.

  6. I read some salty K-netz comment about being disappointed that Chen had sex again (what??? ?) when he announced his second baby on the way. Even him being married and all yet there was such a crazy comment. Maybe that was because of the ridiculous expectations imposed on idols but I hope they don’t try to rake Shin-Hye over the coals. Not that anyone should care what they think.

    Congratulations, love. Wish you all the best on these new journeys you’re about to embark on. ???

  7. Congraaaaats. So happy for them! Get the whole fam in return of superman. Who would have thought PSH become a mummy this early.

  8. Enhorabuena! Sending lots of love to happy couple. Rooting for all my faves to get married early and have babies pronto. No time to waste.

  9. Congratulations! Not surprised by the marriage as it’s kind of an open secret they were already engaged but the pregnancy is surprising.

    I wonder when she is due if the ceremonial wedding is in January? She doesn’t seem like the type of woman who would want to go down the aisle with an obvious baby bump…maybe if she gets a really big, frou frou dress lol

      • The general rule is not to announce before the end of the 1st trimester so 3 months at most 4. She would be around 5-6 months by the time the wedding happens but she is skinny so she might not show.

  10. She said she will get public with her relationship only if he was the one. So I’m not surprised by the news. Happy for them 🙂

  11. They’ve known each other for a very long time already, even since they’re still kids I think so them getting married isn’t really surprising. Anyway happy for Shinhye, hoping for a healthy pregnancy

  12. My girl really said, “Not this time, Sh!tpatch! I’m gonna tell the world myself.” I love it!

    Sending felicitations to Park Shin-Hye on this delightful news! You deserve the best and more! I pray everything works out wonderfully for you. Congratulations, dear one!

  13. I am seeing quite some psh fans being not too happy with this news because of their dislike for this man. But I guess they will soon welcome it wholeheartedly.
    Anyways congratulations to the couple.
    As for knetz, majority of the comments are actually positive. They are happy for shin Hye. Interesting how the reception is so different when compared to idols. Makes me believe it is the kpop fans who are immature regarding dating and marriage news. Otherwise Gp doesn’t care as long as the partner doesn’t have any scandal.

    • Most of her longtime fans are extremely disappointed with her choice of partner and also how she hasn’t being focusing on her career in off late. Most of the fans congratulating her are casual fans or ones who used to be hardcore fans during her glory years before moving on or multi stans. I think most of her hardcore stans will now move onto other people. I’m not surprised at her marriage news but the baby news is unexpected but then again she has wanted to get married and become a mother since she was 22-23 so congratulations to her.

      • She lost her core fandom a while back which is why her career is on the decline plus her poor choice of dramas. Her breaks are going to be longer now but I’m sure she is happier being a wife and mother than an actress.

      • She hasn’t had a memorable role for years and her performances have been rather bland. I wonder if she just isn’t very passionate about acting anymore. A lot of child actors keep acting because they have never known anything else rather than because they enjoy acting.

        Will be interesting to see if she will make a comeback or maybe attempt one thing and retire like Han Ga In. A few actresses have talked about how difficult is is to get cast in K-dramas once you are married with children. You really have to have a lot of determination and drive as an actress to make a comeback after having kids and I wonder if she even has that fire anymore. She has made enough money to not have to work again and can just make easy money with a few CFs here and there.

      • @Sunny Her most memorable role seems to be Cha Eun Sang and before that Stairway to Heaven for the Korean public. I don’t think she has ever been a good enough actress to leave behind a nuanced impactful performance or character. I see her as more of a popular likeable celebrity than an actual actress. Kim Tae Ri and Park Shin Hye are same age celebrities but only one of them is an actress. Since many people started kdramas because of You’re Beautiful or Heirs Park Shin Hye is part of a nostalgia of the old days of kdrama. Same as Lee Min Ho but neither is known for their acting skills. They will always be Hallyu stars and Park Shin Hye will be more like Kim Tae Hee in terms of her acting career post marriage and baby.

      • @rueste: I agree with your assessment. She is famous as a Hallyu star and an attractive celebrity who a lot of people have a sentimental attachment to rather than for her acting. I think it says a lot that after 18 years acting when people talk about their fave role from her 9/10 times they mention The Heirs and-maybe-You’re Beautiful. Other than that I think most people would be hard-pressed to even remember any of her roles in the last 5 years.

        As I said in my previous post I think she seems burned out on acting anyway so even if she does decide to attempt to act again in the future it probably won’t be for quite a few years. I think the Kim Tae Hee comparison in terms of career post-marriage/baby is likely

    • “Makes me believe it is the kpop fans who are immature regarding dating and marriage news.”

      I suspect that the kpop fan crowd has a higher percentage of middle school and high school fans. It can be hard to really understand a 25-30YO wanting to get married if you are only 13. Whereas people of all ages watch dramas and movies and the adult portion of that fandom can understand why a normal human might want to form normal relationships like anyone else.

  14. Congrats to the beautiful couple. The baby will be super beautiful or handsome just like the parents. Wishing the couple happiness and everlasting love.

  15. Omg why park shin hye having sex without contraception with him?He was trash and D-lister actor without hit drama in his own.They will get divorced after in 2-3 year. He just another trash actor like lee dong gun and jang dong gun.

  16. Wow, for some reason my image of PSH is still a young girl in her early 20s. She’s one of those actresses where I’ve only seen a few of her works (not a fan of her mega-hits) but I’ve always had a good impression of her. Congrats!

  17. Not a fan of her acting but i like her as i saw her growing ( time sure flies) . I do like the fact that she showed always her trueself in a industry full of lies. I remember that once she said that she will get public if it was serious , it’s the case as she is getting married and enough confident to have a baby with the one she choose. So CONGRATS . I do admire you as a woman .

  18. I am happy for both of them! PSH was the first FL that I watched – You’re Beautiful, so yes, kinda feels like my little cousin is getting married. Hope the marriage lasts forever and that they’d still get roles that they like even after getting married and having babies.

  19. I think her career peaked a few years ago. Her relationship and choice of having a child would not have fitted in back when she was at her most popular. Good for her and understanding that the right time is now as her life now moves forward to a new chapter with acting now being put in the background for her choice of personal happiness.

  20. Clearly a shotgun wedding lol Of course she is going to say the baby came to then as they were preparing for marriage. What else are they going to say? Anyway they’ve been together a while so they were probably heading that way eventually. But most actors in Korea get married even later. He just got discharged from military so I’m fairly certain this baby was unplanned. Anyway congrats to them.

    • Oh just realised the groom’s close to those male celebrities with “special handphone” scandal…some already behind bars?
      I hope he is the right guy for Shin Hye.

  21. You know…the only thing actors owe to their fans is a good performance. They actually don’t need fans’ permission to have a relationship, choose who to marry, etc. These two have known each other a long time, dated since 2017, and been very open about being in this relationship. There may be fans who don’t like the guy, but guess what–they aren’t marrying him. PSH is. And hers is the only choice that matters in this equation.

    It kinda gets under my skin a bit when fans try to dictate whether or not and with whom a celebrity can date/marry (even moreso when they run around attacking other fans or other celebrities over the love life of someone they haven’t even met). Of course some people do meet their significant others while on set (just like at any other job), and sometimes you see people who really hit it off, it’s obvious, and so you just smile and quietly cheer them on. But there’s also a big difference between reel and real, and at the end of the day, all of these people take off their public hat/role and go home to their real lives, friends, lovers, etc. They’re neither gods nor toys. They’re REAL PEOPLE, who deserve the same amount of respect that you would like people to give to you.

    I hope the two of them have an incredibly happy future with their new little family, and I hope they are able to balance their personal and professional lives well. Lee Bo Young and Jun Ji Hyun both are married with children, and they seem to have figured it out (and are dang good actresses as well). So if that is what PSH wants, then I hope she gets it.

  22. OMO..Congratulations to my forever favorite Shin Hye. Been a fan since Stairway to Heaven and Tree of Heaven. I wish you love and happiness as you begin a new chapter in your life.

  23. Some fans are so delusional. You can imagine saying that they don’t approve of the guy getting married to PSH.Get over yourselves she doesn’t need your approval. Some saying that they never thought she will have a shot gun marriage but you criticize people that go for abortion. She’s an adult so let her live her life. Whether is shot gun, long gun or fat gun marriage just know that you will not be invited.

    • He was best friend with golden phone group.He just trash and they will get divorced in 2 year like song-song couple.Mark my work.

  24. Sorry to say I am shocked to read the news about Park Shin Hye getting married to Choi Tae Joon and pregnant too. I was always wishing and hoping PSH will end up marrying LMH. They look so good together. Im really sad and disappointed. ???

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