TW-actress Barbie Hsu and Chinese Businessman Husband Wang Xiaofei Jointly Announce Divorce Capping Off Year Long Marital Trouble Rumors

Normally divorces with famous people have fans speculating with the usual cheating on the top of the rumor mill. With the case of TW-actress Barbie Hsu (Da S) and her tangentially famous on his own Chinese businessman husband Wang Xiaofei, best described as a male socialite in the rich Beijing circles, it feels like cultural, political, and socio-economic greater elements undid what was quite a whirlwind, romantic, and ultimately not very practical union. Barbie met Wang Xiaofei and the two were married 49 days after their first date. Barbie has admitted she’s impetuous and quite bullheaded and always goes with her heart, but she’s not just softly romantic in a relationship she’s the one in charge. The couple back from vastly different backgrounds, wealth not withstanding, so the union was always not seen to last by the tabloids and entertainment pundits. Earlier this year Barbie publicly announced a divorce but Wang Xiaofei flew to Taiwan to smooth things over as did both their mothers trying to calm her down. Sadly for their kids the marriage is no more as the two have already divorced but best wishes to adhere to their statement of planning a cordial friendship and co-parenting relationship going forward.


TW-actress Barbie Hsu and Chinese Businessman Husband Wang Xiaofei Jointly Announce Divorce Capping Off Year Long Marital Trouble Rumors — 4 Comments

  1. good for her tbh!

    koala i have to disagree with your “sadly for their children” wording, it’s better for kids to have divorced parents than married parents that dislike/hate/disrespect each other.

    and from what we heard, barbie seems to me doing the parenting most by herself for a while now anyways.

    • I have no comment regarding Barbie Hsu’s situation, but I find it ridiculous that people now get offended by the implication that divorce is “sad” for the children. Absent cheating or abuse in the marriage, I don’t see how children who are raised by both of their parents are not better off than children of divorced parents. Not to mention, “married parents that dislike/hate/disrespect each other” don’t necessarily stop doing that once they divorce, if that’s what it came down to, so how exactly would divorce be helping the children?

      • At least when they divorce, the constant hatred for each other, physical, emotional and verbal abuse will not be in the children’s face all the time. This will reduce the probability of the children growing up with emotional trauma and issues.

      • Because at least they aren’t stuck in a family where the hate and vitrol is 24/7. Everyone grows up dysfunctional is some way but they don’t need the additional toxic environment to mess them up further.

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