Chinese Association of Performing Arts Issues 9th Decree List of Banned Stars for Bad Conduct and Extends Ban to All Online Presence and Activity

The 2021 year is winding down and I expect this may be the last or last few of the decrees coming out of the Chinese government in the attempt to re-organize it’s entertainment industry after a slew of scandals big and small. I do think it’s taking a sledge hammer to what should be cosmetic remodeling, some stars have scandals that shouldn’t get he or she cancelled permanently but in China it’s still a one-party Communist country where if you earn their money you follow their rules however authoritarian. The new 9th decree updates to 88 stars to be cancelled (some have been on earlier lists already) and also expands the control to all online activity. Not just airing of their shows or movies or dramas, this will also mean stars cannot one day try to return via small online toeholds such as SNS accounts, doing livestreams, etc. That’s a big one since online returns for disgraced stars has always been the preferred medium. The list also confirms the three big names that continue to be permanently cancelled: Wu Yi Fan, Zheng Shuang, and Zhang Zhe Han.


Chinese Association of Performing Arts Issues 9th Decree List of Banned Stars for Bad Conduct and Extends Ban to All Online Presence and Activity — 8 Comments

  1. this is so stupid. how do they group attending a japanese shrine with rape and tax fraud. meanwhile nothing is done about that chinese official who was messing around with the tennis player. china industry may pay well but I’d rather get paid less working elsewhere.

    • I wonder if ZZH offend a Chinese Official. Those pix were around for so many years and not a problem. It only became a problem right after he was rumored to work with Zhao Liying. I wonder if Zhao has connection with Chinese Official. Maybe she is even the president’s woman. Didn’t Zhao Wei wore Kimono and got blacklisted? Zhao Liying also wore Kimono for an ad but it isn’t a problem.
      Her marriage and divorce sounded fake too, but the media dares not to question it. There are rumors saying ZZH didn’t go inside the shrine but only on the outside, the media muted him and never gave him a single chance to clarify. A teacher is now daring them to prove ZZH went inside the shrine, but they keep getting muted. Zhao is the exact actress I feel that have very good control of the media. She can break Weibo unreasonably. If her man is not a government official, how could she possibly do those things? Also, how come it was a taboo for her to kneel when filming? During the shooting of Princess Agents, if the scene gets touchy she must use stunts. E.G. when the men are required to carry her, they’re all done by her stunts. The scene of massaging LGX, also done by stunt to avoid touching him. If those things were prohibited by her man, he must be very powerful. After Zhao worked with WYB who got so famous from a BL drama, she had dating rumors with him. Her next candidates were either Gong Jun or ZZH whom also done BL dramas. ZZH got picked, then suddenly he got in this mess. Is it a coincident?

      • ZLY takes a liking towards Hu Ge. He is the first actor ever to receive a Tourism award.
        To copy him, she wanted a Tourism award as well and received one.
        She wished to work with Hu Ge. He politely declined it, then he sort of had to quit and went abroad for a while. Was his decision to take a break coincident?

        ZLY did not build the road construction for her hometown but accepted the award for Hebei Tourism. The rural people complained the road was not fixed well, it was only a tiny bit better than before, but it is still not any better. They got ridiculed for being greedy and ungrateful for many months straight, ZLY continued to do nothing to make it look as if she was the one who built the road but the people were just being very ungrateful. She accepted the award for Hebei Tourism Ambassador. Then at the end, she finally said she did not build the road.
        Only government can build the road, if she built it, what is her connection with government? If she did not build it, she made it look like she did, but she bypassed punishment from the government.

        To copy Hu Ge, she shot in Daylight Production, they did not even audition her.
        The Government put a censor on Palace dramas.
        Only Minglan was unscathed and not taken down. Yanxi Palace (Yu Zheng Production) and Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace (Starred Zhou Xun and Wallace Huo) were taken down. The drama evolved Minglan’s family being court officials working for the Emperor, even Minglan herself who was a nobody saved the Emperor and China several times. They still argued it is not a Palace drama although it technically is extremely Palace affiliated. Only her dramas did not get censored but promoted further. Zhao Liying bypassed the government again.

        The famous Paparazzi Zhuo Wei blurted out the rumor of ZLY’s pregnancy. It was the last rumor he made, and was never seen again. Due to him revealing her pregnancy, she was forced to enter a marriage with anyone. Feng Shao Feng was that scapegoat. If he won’t marry her, the media will continue to call him irresponsible. When the real father wasn’t even disclosed, the media already said it was him. He had no other choice. To give the child a title, he married her but did not throw a wedding and quickly divorced her. It was not a cheap decision, anyone in China knows the divorce policy. Splitting properties must be equal, plus 20% income must go to the child. Who can force such a rich and powerful man like FSF do such a thing? Was their marriage certificate real? How come he can’t do anything with the media?
        After Zheng Shuang’s surrogacy scandal, famous people like Zhang Bichen turned herself in and revealed her pregnancy history and was heavily criticized. ZLY did nothing but nothing happened to her.
        After Kris Wu’s scandal, everyone learned that he tricked women to work on music collaboration but drugged them and violated them. ZLY worked on music collaboration with Kris Wu. They showed interest in each other everytime meeting one another. She even named her child after their music album. China decided not to pursue Kris Wu only because he is Canadian, although he layed his hands on so many Chinese citizens. The government never suspect she knew Kris Wu’s true color and hid it for him.

        After a rumor of working with ZZH, his photos from Japan suddenly turn into a problem.
        How else can ZZH offend a government official?

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