Veteran 71 Year Old HK-singer Alan Tam Accused of Sleeping with 23 Year Old Fan By Her Boyfriend With Picture Proof with Man Wearing the Same Shoes

Hahaha, what a way to get back in the news and create new memes for people. HK-singer Alan Tam, who I swear has been around for like 5 decades and I checked his age and yup he’s actually 71-years old now so my recollection isn’t that far off, went from semi-retirement and working when he feels like it to suddenly being THE man on the block. This week an anonymous poster went viral after posting online accusing Alan of being an old lech and sleeping with the poster’s 23-year old girlfriend. The poster chastised Alan for engaging in cheating and being so sleazy as to sleep with a girl 3 times younger than him just because she’s a moon eyed fan. He posted a picture he got from his girlfriend’s phone of a man putting his pants on (last picture after the jump below and the picture on the bottom right above) and said that was Alan after a tryst with his girlfriend who took the picture secretly. The poster found out about the sordid affair after going through his girlfriend’s phone to check her photo roll and see what things she’s been interested in lately to surprise her with a birthday present she would like. The C- and HK-netizens are lapping up this news because the man in the picture both resembles Alan from behind and more importantly is wearing the same black sneakers with a backward K logo with white soles that Alan loves and has been photographed wearing many times (pictures on the top after the jump and the picture on the left above). Alan’s agency has denied the allegations vehemently but netizens aren’t buying it and trending online are searches for the same K sneakers which are now called “Sneakers to turn back the time of male virility” since it made 71 year old Alan to have enough energy to hook up with a young lady. So much lulz and shaking my head here.


Veteran 71 Year Old HK-singer Alan Tam Accused of Sleeping with 23 Year Old Fan By Her Boyfriend With Picture Proof with Man Wearing the Same Shoes — 11 Comments

  1. Upon closer look I don’t think the body build is the same…photo’s legs look thicker, tam’s shoulders are more square, etc.

    • Hardly ”“poor Alan. I don’t understand why he’s even called Principal Tam 谭校长 since he’s really a 渣男 aka a ingrate douche cheater

      For someone who likes to think he’s “perpectually 25”, it’s would not be out of the norm

      His current partner was a former fan (Wendy). Their son recent graduated from Oxford. He started the affair and later cited justications that he needed a child

      He cheated on a stable partner (Shirley) who actually had abortions for him, to maintain the facade he was single. Shirley was a woman who dedicated her entire life to supporting him.
      From days when he was unknown to all sacrifices she made once he was famous. Including taking care of his parents, all aspects of his life and also making astute financial investments for him. She ended up in a nunnery.

  2. Even assuming this is true, I am not sure there is anything wrong on his part, because she is a consenting adult, though a cheater who invades the privacy of sexual partners.

  3. Why would this dude risk a lawsuit unless there were half-truths in his accusations.

    1) Alan’s current partner is a fan he had an affair with when she was 19. They have a grown son who graduated from Cambridge

    2) He lived with both women. One was his official wife Shirley (who sacrificed her entire life for him, including look after his parents, act as his manager-designer etc even when he was struggling as an unknown … made major profitable investments managing his money etc). Shirley ended up disillusioned, in a nunnery.

    3) Wendy is his current partner who was the fan.

    So it would NOT be out of norm if he did repeat the same.

  4. I dont think its Alan.

    His built is much shorter and Alan is more lanky… even the hair seems different. Definitely not him…

    Someone here is looking for 5 mins fame… ???

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